10 Best Karaoke Machines: Reviews and Comparisons 2019

Anyone who is planning a party needs a karaoke machine – it’s the perfect way to liven it up. There is nothing better than letting your guests live out their rock star fantasies and share plenty of memorable moments.

There are lots of different types of karaoke machines to choose from. Some feature thousands of songs already built in. While others connect to a Wi-Fi device to allow you to sing along to your favorite YouTube videos.

But, which is the best Karaoke machine for you?

Deciding can be difficult. But, it’s just got a lot easier because we’ve reviewed ten of the best. We’ll bring you all the info you could ever need about each one, including its Pros and Cons, to help you make your decision easier.

So, check out this comprehensive selection of the best karaoke machines currently on the market, to see which one is the right one for you…

Best Home Karaoke Machine 

ION Audio Block Rocker Professional Karaoke Machine

Boasting a compact and appealing design, this karaoke machine is the perfect party companion and one of the best home karaoke machines you can get. And, it’s loud! Delivering 100 watts of peak power from its 8” woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter.

One of the great things about this machine is that the fun can be taken outside, thanks to the telescopic handle and wheels. Plus, up to 50 hours of quality sound are delivered with a single battery charge. So, partying in the park has never been easier.

Bluetooth or cable connection…

A high-quality microphone and an aux cable come included. This allows users to plug the machine into their smartphone to instantly access their music collection. It also has full Bluetooth capability, so if you want a wireless existence, it’s easily sorted.

In terms of connectivity, there is a lot more than the XLR mic input, and the aux in. This includes RCA stereo jacks and a quarter-inch instrument jack for plugging in a keyboard or guitar.  

Still not convinced?

This karaoke machine comes with a built-in AM/FM radio with 20 presets and is powerful enough to be used as a stereo. What more could you possibly need?


  • Excellent built quality.
  • Large range of useful features.
  • Doubles as a decent stereo system.
  • Easy to use.


  • Audio quality is not the best.
  • The battery takes a while to charge.

Excellent Portable Karaoke Machine

Karaoke USA GF842 Singing Karaoke Machine

With its high-quality microphone, this karaoke machine is sure to make any warbler sound good. And, controlling the sound and other features is also easy thanks to the large controls, which are located right next to the main screen.

Are you stuck for words? Just use the screen…

No problem. With its large 7” TFT color screen, this karaoke machine makes it easy to follow the lyrics.

One of the things that sets the GF842 apart is its ability to record songs. People who are pleased with their performance can then play it back instantly. This adds a new fun element to parties and makes creating special soundtracks a breeze.

The machine comes complete with both SD card and USB slots. This makes it possible for users to download their favorite tunes and queue them up. There is even a convenient MP3 cradle where a device can be placed while it is charging.

Need a Lightshow…

The machine also comes with colorful LED lights that move in time with the music. 35 watts of peak power really pack a punch and will give the neighbors plenty to talk about. So, it might be a good idea to invite them to the party so that they won’t complain.


  • Comes with a high-quality microphone.
  • Easy to read 7-inch color screen.
  • Cool lighting effects.
  • Compatible with most music players.
  • Special MP3 cradle.


  • Not compatible with the iPhone 6.
  • The voice recognition is not always reliable.
  • Does not feature a portable handle.

Best Karaoke Machine for Adults

Singing Machine SML385BTW Karaoke Machine

Is it possible to get high quality at a budget rate? That is what the Singing Machine promises. Let’s take a closer look to see if they really deliver.

The machine comes with its very own CD player to make choosing tunes easy.

Don’t own CDs anymore?

No problem, it is also possible to load up tunes via the Bluetooth connection.

Although only one microphone is supplied, there is an extra jack. This is ideal for crooners who want to sing duets. Taking the party to the next level is now very easy and a whole lot of fun.

The headphone jack also serves as an easy way of connecting other devices. Simply plug in a Smartphone or tablet and share your top tunes. There are two vocal effects and playing with the echo can be a lot of fun.

The machine controls are easy to get to grips with, and there are plenty of play options. TV connection is possible thanks to the supplied RCA cable to make reading song lyrics effortless. The machine even projects disco lights so that party people can get their groove on.

Although the output is not too loud, this can be fixed by connecting it to a stereo system. People who are looking for a way to throw a cool party without breaking the bank should check this out. It’s an ar-around great karaoke machine to buy.


  • Cool built in party lights.
  • Features a CD player.
  • Comes with an RCA cable.
  • Multiple connection methods.


  • The AC port is not very stable.
  • Not especially loud.

Memorex MKS-SS2 Microphone SingStand System

With its unique minimalistic design, the SingStand System from Memorex is easy to neglect. However, it is worth a second look.

Here’s why…

Unlike most bulky and boxy karaoke machines, this model looks like a simple microphone with a full stand. This means it will fit easily into any room. Even people living in a tiny flat will find space for it.

The stand is completely self-contained and comes with a powerful speaker at the base. While people who are planning a large party may want extra volume, this is easy to sort out. Just hook up the stand to your stereo, and you’ll be good to go.

Remote control your party…

All of the controls for the Memorex Sing Stand can also be found on the base. Although this may be a little inconvenient, Memorex has come up with the perfect solution. This comes in the form of a remote control.

The universal audio jack provides a connection for any device that comes with a quarter inch jack. There is also a clip that securely holds tablets and phones. This allows singers to read the lyrics from the screen easily.

There are two microphones for those who want to sing duets. People who are looking for a traditional karaoke experience are sure to have hours of fun with the Memorex MKS-SS22.


  • Takes up minimal room space.
  • Easy handheld control.
  • A wide range of accessories.
  • Automatic Voice Control.
  • Connects to a Smartphone or television.


  • No light effects.
  • No monitor.

Best Portable Karaoke Machine

Electrohome Portable Karaoke System

Do you want to take the party with you wherever you go? Electrohome has created a karaoke machine that is easily portable and very compact. This makes it one of if not the best portable karaoke machine currently on the market.

Does size really matter?

If you think that top of the range karaoke machines need to be bulky, it might be time to reconsider. Ok, so the sound quality is not as high as with other models, but this can be enhanced by connecting it to a stereo system.

This compact karaoke machine is compatible with all types of audio inputs. The USB port supports flash drives, while there is a special CD input for those who still own and use CDs.

In addition to two speakers, the machine comes with a display screen. Singers will be able to read the karaoke machine lyrics from their favorite tunes very easily. The screen is 3.5-inches and if this isn’t enough, simply hook the machine up to a TV for a far bigger display.

Anyone who is not satisfied with their voice can enhance it by adding some cool effects. Adding a little echo, to give your voice that produced sound, can be done with the simple touch of a button.

People who are lost for words are sure to love the auto voice control system. This unique feature fills in gaps when the user stops singing. This is ideal for those who are feeling shy or forget the words.


  • Offers a wide range of voice enhancement options.
  • Automatic voice control.
  • Plenty of connection options.
  • 3.5-inch display screen.


  • Not especially durable.
  • The sound quality is not very high.

Best Cheap Karaoke Machine

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Sometimes, the best things come in small packages. This is a philosophy that the BONAIK team is here to prove. This karaoke machine consists of a single microphone that has a cool gold color for the full on superstar feel.

The microphone features a set of controls to allow singers to pump up the volume. The microphone also doubles as a recorder. Anyone who wants to be a star will be able to record themselves and play back their efforts afterward.

A great karaoke machine for kids…

The karaoke microphone allows users to stream their favorite songs from their Smartphone or tablet. This can be done from up to 10 meters away, which is fairly respectable. The microphone can also serve as an MP3 player for music listening on the go.

And, it’s very reasonably priced, so, if you’re on a tight budget, or you’re just looking for a fun party item for occasional use, then this is one of the best cheap karaoke machines around at the moment.


  • Very portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Uses Bluetooth technology.
  • Comes with a USB port.
  • MP3 player capabilities.
  • Very reasonably priced.


  • Not possible to sing duets.
  • Not many features.
  • Not especially durable.

Best Karaoke Machine for TV

Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0

Do you have trouble working out what to sing? This is no problem with the Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0. Because more than 5,000 tunes have already been programmed into the machine including a vast number of karaoke classics.

These tunes cover all genres, from Lady Gaga to Abba.

However, users will not have to spend hours sorting through song lists to find their favorite track. Because the voice command system makes this very easy. Simply state the name of a song, and it will be instantly queued up.

While people who want to sing their hearts out are sure to have hours of fun, there is a catch. Some of the most popular karaoke songs have not been included. In order to get these songs, you will have to pay out for separate song packs.

The full-on karaoke experience…

If you’re looking for the authentic karaoke experience, then you will love the HD picture backgrounds. Simply hook the karaoke machine up to any TV and feel like a star.

The machine comes with two very powerful microphones to make singing duets possible. These mics feature a huge number of buttons that can be a little overwhelming at first. However, they literally put the power into the hands of the singers.


  • Features thousands of pre-programmed songs.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Special voice command.
  • Cool HD picture backgrounds.


  • Additional song packs come at a high cost.
  • Controls can be overwhelming.  

Akai KS213 Portable Home CD&G Karaoke System

Are you ready to party? If so, then this cool karaoke machine is sure to put you in the mood. The LED lights that run along both sides will flash whenever a song is being sung.

The machine comes with many top karaoke tunes already programmed. Although the collection is rather small, this is a karaoke machine with CD, so you can always use that if you like. A number of devices can also be connected to allow singers to select their favorite tunes easily.

Want to take the party elsewhere?

This is no problem thanks to the very lightweight and portable design. The machine comes with two speakers that are powerful enough to be used alone, with no need to connect it to a stereo system or a PA.

Two jack inputs are supplied for duet lovers. There are also several special vocal effects to take advantage of. These include auto voice control, balancing and echo control.


  • Two powerful built-in speakers.
  • Secure iPad cradle.
  • Cool LED lights.
  • Comes with a built-in CD player.


  • Not many pre-programmed tunes.
  • Have to pay to download extra tunes.

Best Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

ION Audio Tailgater

Although not made specifically for karaoke lovers, this machine is more than up to the task. Simply plug in any device with a screen, and you are good to go.

The best sing-along fun…

The great thing about this karaoke machine is its long battery life. Fifty hours of sing-along fun can be enjoyed on the go. It is also possible to control the machine from an app on any Smartphone.

The main advantage of not having a dedicated karaoke machine is that it serves a range of other purposes. Music lovers can play their favorite tunes with ease. The Tailgater also comes with a radio.

It gives out 50 watts of power and comes with a high-quality woofer and wide dispersion tweeter. This delivers a clear, booming sound that audiophiles will love.


  • Special wireless control.
  • 50 hours of battery life.
  • Bluetooth works from up to a hundred feet.
  • Built-in radio.
  • High-quality sound.


  • No handle or wheels.


Are you looking for a portable karaoke machine that packs a punch?

The wireless Pyle PWMA930IBT may be the perfect solution. The device takes the form of a huge and powerful speaker with an attached microphone and a handle for easy portability.

With 500 watts of power, making yourself heard will never be a problem. This is delivered through the impressive 8-inch subwoofer combined with a 3-inch compression tweeter speaker. The special ported enclosure design also gives the bass plenty of extra punch.

The built-in iPod dock can be used to connect an iPod or iPhone to play your favorite songs while simultaneously charging. The four ¼-inch jack inputs make it possible to connect a CD or MP3 player. Musicians can also connect a keyboard or guitar.

A very versatile karaoke machine…

This all means that the machine is very versatile. Musicians can wow crowds in bars and pubs and even outdoor venues. The included wireless mic can be operated at a distance of up to 100 feet to allow performers a lot of freedom to move around.

There are two separate mic inputs, and each features an independent volume control. Anyone who has a song in their heart and the desire to share it is sure to love this versatile machine.


  • Very high-quality sound.
  • Cool LED lights.
  • Special echo adjustment.
  • Wireless audio streaming.


  • Only five hours of battery life.
  • LED lights quickly drain the battery.

A Buyer’s Guide to Karaoke Machines 2019

For the inexperienced, shopping for the best karaoke machine can be a bit daunting. There is a vast range of models on the market, and each looks distinctively different.

So, here are a few pointers to set you in the right direction…

First, it is important to consider what the karaoke machine will be used for. People who want to throw wild parties will need a machine with plenty of volume. Outdoor use not only needs a reasonable volume, but also requires the machine to be relatively compact and easily portable.

Use in the great outdoors also requires plenty of battery power. There is nothing worse than throwing a party in the garden or park only to have to cut it short.

People who want to be able to hook the machine up to their TV can route the audio through a sound system. If this seems like too much trouble, search for a machine with a large screen display built in.

Do you want to sing duets?

You will naturally need two microphones. If only one is supplied, make sure there is an extra input jack to plug another into.

Of course, the quality of the microphone is an important consideration. The whole point of karaoke is to make singers feel like superstars. Make sure that the microphone is up to the task.

Are you a technology novice?

Ease of use will be an important consideration. There is nothing worse than selecting a machine with lots of bells and whistles and being unable to use it.

So, how will you play your favorite tunes?

Whether you prefer CDs, MP3s or streaming, make sure that the machine offers the option you like the most. Bluetooth is also great for those who want to stream tunes from YouTube.

For the ultimate party companion, choose a machine with plenty of additional extras. LED lights will give the party a cool feel. Some machines even make it possible to program the lights to move in time with the music.

How important is sound quality?

Last but definitely not least is sound quality. Most traditional karaoke machines deliver pretty decent sound. However, some are most definitely better than others.

So, what’s the best karaoke machine to buy?

In terms of features, ease of use and general feel-good factor, the clear winner is the…

Singing Machine SML385BTW Karaoke Machine

It not only looks cool, but it is also fun to use. It’s suitable for home and outdoor use, meaning this compact machine really delivers.

There are numerous connection possibilities for all types of music lovers. Even those without a sound engineering degree will be able to achieve a reasonably crisp sound easily.

What makes this karaoke machine stand out?

Party people will love the cool LED lights. It’s perfect for letting your hair down and getting your groove on.

So, hopefully you’ve enjoyed our selection of Karaoke Machine reviews and that it has made your buying decision easier. We also hope you have as much fun with your system as we had testing these ones!

10 Best Karaoke Machines: Reviews and Comparisons 2019

Anyone who is planning a party needs a karaoke machine - it’s the perfect way to liven it up. There is nothing better than letting your guests live out the

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