Acoustic Audio PSW-8 Powered Subwoofer Review

Most home theatre systems are upgradable. You may notice that it is less of what you would want, especially when you want deep bass.

The bass effect is not only significant when listening to music. It can also provide a cinematic experience when watching a movie or your favorite TV shows. Thus, always purchase an upgradable sound system. If you find that it has an extra port to accommodate the bass speaker, why not get your feet wet and get a good subwoofer such as the Acoustic Audio PSW-8 Powered Subwoofer?

The woofer, which forms our discussion, comes with great characteristics that make it suitable to work with any home entertainment.

Here is a detailed review of the subwoofer.

Design of The Acoustic Audio PSW-8 Powered Subwoofer

Acoustic Audio PSW-8 SubwooferWe can appreciate the work done to bring all its elegant appearances into life. The enclosure box features a black wood finish that would match with any sound system. However, you can hide it behind your seat since it is small enough.

The front side features the eight-inch cone, which is PVA treated, remains rigid even at high pressures.

At the rear, you will find the multiple sound input channels, the volume control, the phase, and power switches, a fuse, and the bypass crossover.

Besides that, the grille adds to its elegance. You can choose to remove it, nevertheless.

Sound aspects of Acoustic Audio PSW-8

Acoustic Audio PSW-8 Powered SubwooferThe bottom part of the woofer is the down-firing port. It clears all the vibration that would reduce the cone from produce clean and crisp bass sounds.

Even at low volumes, you are sure that you can still feel the bass. With a frequency response of 26 Hz-250 Hz and a peak power of 300 watts, it ensures that you will be getting all these qualities. Since it is a powered woofer, the amplifier allows you to control the volume independently. That makes it an easy job if you want both the speakers and the woofer to blend.

The enclosure material also plays a significant role in ensuring that you hear no unnecessary noises and vibrations.
Connectivity and usability. Unlike other woofers of its kind, this one has more than enough inputs and output channels. That means that you can connect it to the speakers (output channels) and amplifier (through the input channels).

Be sure to set the frequency at low levels when you are using an amplifier. You should also switch the phase buttons.
Additionally, you can be sure that you can use it with any home theater, wall and surround sound systems. If you leave the speaker on lying idle, you can be sure that the auto on feature will turn the bass system off within a few minutes.

  • Loud enough at low volumes
  • Ideal for various home entertainment systems
  • Ports enhance a clean, booming sound from the cone
  • Enclosure comes with RFL bass reflex design
  • The external fuse protects the unit from short circuits

In addition to the information above, here is a video review of the Acoustic Audio PSW-8.


Due to its capability to match up with various speakers and sound systems, the Acoustic Audio PSW-8 would be the best subwoofer for someone with any kind of home entertainment system including a multiple-room system.
With up to 96 dB efficiency, you can be sure that you will be feeling the bass even at low sounds, for instance, at night when you want to enjoy your bass without bothering your neighbors.

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