Fantastic Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano Review

Nothing is as good as when a beginner sounds like an expert. It motivates them and makes them want to stay on the piano for extended periods. He or she will only get that experience if they have an outstanding keyboard.

One such digital piano is the Alesis Recital Pro, which according to me, is an upgrade of the semi-weighted Alesis Recital Digital Piano. It comes with great capabilities that both professional and beginner pianists can appreciate.

If you want to learn about the instrument, here is a detailed review (an unbiased one for that matter) that proves it to be a great workstation.

Appearance of Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano

Alesis Recital ProAlesis Recital Pro comes with a unique appearance suitable for class performance, home practice, and a studio set up.

The 20-watt speakers rest on top of the device. A player is confident that they will be loud enough when playing in a class or a small room.

It also comes with standard size full-weighted 88 keys with the graded hammer action. That way, you are confident that in case you find an acoustic piano, you will still perform because the classified hammer standard ensures that you have strengthened fingers.

You will also find an X-type stand, which you can adjust according to the height that you prefer.

Connectivity of Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano

Alesis Recital ProA professional player wants a keyboard that has various ports to ascertain flexibility, especially when performing for a larger crowd.

The user can connect his or her laptop, tablet, and other devices. At the back of the keyboard, the invention features a USB port, a ¼ inch headphone port for silent practicing, MIDI ports if the performance requires you to perform in a large hall, and a sustain pedal port.

Note that you will require to purchase a sustain pedal since the manufacturer does not include one in the package.

Sound quality of Alesis Recital Pro

With such a piano, you are sure that you can find 12 voices including the grand piano, synth, and the organ. You will access them on the dashboard. Changing from one sound to another requires that you press a single button only.
Other effects found in the keyboard include:

  • The layer function where you can layer two voices like the piano and the strings
  • The split function- suitable for a teacher-student lesson
  • Reverb and chorus
  • 128-note polyphony

Education features of Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano

Besides the split function, which is the perfect way for a teacher and student to practice, the electric piano features a recording option, which you can use to criticize yourself, and learn
specific melodies.

Alesis’s manufacturers provide lesson modes and a three-month Skoove subscription. The website offers online piano lessons; hence, suitable for the beginner to adapt to his or her preferred playing style early enough.

  • Excellent sound quality from the speakers
  • Sleek design with a professional look
  • Alternative power option in case you forget the power adapter
  • The graded hammer action is suitable for strengthening your fingers
  • Features a sheet music rest
  • No sustain pedal included

Watch the following YouTube video for a visual and descriptive overview of the Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano.


The Alesis Recital Pro Digital electric piano is the best keyboard for anyone that wants to become a professional pianist within no time.

Aside from the premium sound that it produces, you can use it in your home, class, or a performance hall. In case you forget the power adapter at home, the user can purchase 6D battery cells for alternative power supply.

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