Alpine SWS-12D4 Dual-Voice-Coil Subwoofer Review

Have you ever come across a pimped vehicle with the type of subwoofer that will shake the windows of another car and nearby building windows? Did you ever think of the kind of subwoofer that they install to bring in this effect?

Other than finding their use in home theatres and studios, most cars nowadays have an extra subwoofer to add some power to the bass that the pre-installed speakers provide.

Manufacturers always provide users with two options: either to buy a woofer with an enclosed woofer or one without a box. Your choice depends on what you prefer. Today, we are going to explore a great subwoofer in the market.

Here is the Alpine SWS-12D4 Dual-Voice-Coil Subwoofer review. We will provide all the reasons that make the sub a reputable speaker.

Design of The Alpine SWS-12D4 Subwoofer

Alpine SWS-12D4 SubwooferBy now, I know you understand that subwoofers come in many shapes. Today’s Alpine SWS-12D4 subwoofer is what we call a component sub.

It lacks all the qualities like an inbuilt amplifier ad no enclosure box. Therefore, it is a simple 12-inch cone, which features a six-layer dual coil surrounding. Consequently, you will have to purchase a separate enclosure box depending on your preference and space requirements.

The good thing about the woofer is that its material, Kevlar treated cone, offers the right stability to withstand pressure.

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Sound Aspects of Alpine SWS-12D4 Dual-Voice-Coil Subwoofer

Alpine SWS-12D4When buying the enclosure box, the coil can use both sealed and ported types. It works perfectly with all box types. Ensure, on the other hand, that you go for a durable kind.

It comes with a peak power of about 1550 watts, power handling that ranges between 150-500 watts and frequency response with 26-200Hz range. You are sure that you will be getting the right bass for your small space.

When selecting the right amplifier, be sure to go for a mono amp. It should also provide 375-750 watts of power.

Usability and flexibility

The good thing about the woofer is that it is flexible. Many people appreciate the fact that you can connect it to various sound systems without degrading the bass.

Note that the dual coils, which provide up to 4-ohms of power, can connect to other subwoofers as well. It comes with a rubber HAMRS surround allows the bass speaker to move in the right manner and course.

The manufacturer does not provide a grille, which means you also have to buy one separately. People who want to make their vehicle surround system impeccable. However, the subwoofer is also useful in small spaces.

  • Powerful and deep bass
  • Suitable for vehicle spaces
  • Wide frequency response
  • Can fit into any enclosure box
  • You have to purchase accessories separately

If you want to see the subwoofer in action, here is a detailed video of the Alpine SWS-12D4 Subwoofer.


The Alpine SWS-12D4 Subwoofer is a good and budget-friendly component sub that you can use both at home and in your vehicle. With it, you are sure that your road trips and your drive to work will no longer be boring.
It provides the right bass features for your movies and music as well.

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