20 Best Beach Music Selection for 2019

Summer is well known for being a season of ‘good vibes only’. All kinds of fun activities pop into your head from surfing, swimming, basking in the sun, fishing, downing your favorite drinks at the beach and lots more. The best beach songs soundtrack can help get your groove on whether you are in the office thinking of summer or vacationing. So, let loose with these great beach songs selection, crank up the volume, let the windows down and have the time of your life.

Best Beach Songs of All-Time

These songs are all-time classics that are the life of the summer. They will keep bringing you back to the warm sunshine at the beaches, the high and low ocean tides and the relaxing mood that is summertime.


Boys of the summer

Boys of the summer start of the list. Don Henley topped the charts with this song. Not only is it one of the best stalker songs because of one of its verses (I’m driving by your house, though I know that you’re not home), it is also the best beach song selection. This is one of Henley’s best song that he sang without his very competent team. Besides it being a fantastic beach song, it tells us a story of lost love which most of us can relate to.



Summertime is a ‘90’s song that had many talking. Even if you aren’t a ‘90’s kid, this song will be music to your eyes. Will Smith had to save the world from an alien invasion first when he was a lead actor in Independence Day before he could release this great jam. Summertime by Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff is an easy song that creates an atmosphere of lightheartedness which is best suit for the summer. Here Will Smith is no longer the World’s hero rather he is a carefree, jovial rapper cruising around with his convertible.



Just like the name ‘Margaritaville’ margaritas are for the summer while hot beverages like hot chocolate are for the winter. Margaritaville is the ultimate beach song why? You may ask, well, whether you are on the balcony of an apartment, a restaurant deck, by the beach, by yourself or with friends Margaritaville is the ‘IT’ song. Although the singer, Jimmy Buffet is totally wasted, lets’ hope that you will not be too wasted to enjoy this jam. Therefore, don’t forget to eat lots of bread.


Playing with the boys

The ladies are likely to equate, Playing with the boys with the scene from Top Gun where they played volleyball (swim trunks: 8 dollars, volleyball: 20 dollars, Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise shirtless: priceless). On the other hand, the guys can also appreciate this summertime jam by Kenny Loggin’s. Playing with the Boys is a beach song favorite because it is like the fountain of youth it takes us back to that time. Also, it is a reminder that the beach is life but then Goose dies. All in all, this song will appease your ears.


I am the summertime

This song may not be popular nor the band—Bachelor Number One that sung it. However, ‘I am the Summertime’ has a catch to it that you will find to be intriguing. How about a little of pop and add some reggae to it that makes it exotic. Well, ‘I am the Summertime’ is made of this and it was played in the American Pie soundtrack. It is a tune that literally brings the summer alive in you. Therefore, it is a melody you don’t want to miss out on.

Best Beach Rock Songs

Rock songs have a psyche-filled vibe to them which is similar to the summertime feeling. So without further ado, here are the most rocking beach tunes for any adventure that you pursue.


Beach Boys Surfin’ U.S.A

The Beach Boys are the perfect representation of music that best fits the summer months. With a full catalog evoking such vibes they are definitely pleasant for summer tunes. ‘Surfin’ U.S.A is a major summer hit because it brings a relaxing laid-back mood. It is best for the surfing fans as it feeds on the surfer mentality which will have you psyched up to hit the beach and surf like “California”.


David Lee Roth—California Girls

California Girls is Roth’s first debut as a solo artist back in 1985. It is a fun summer song that provides a clear imagery of semi-nude women wearing bikinis and the famous California coast that is a favorite vacation destination in the summer. Roth is excellent when it comes to setting the summer mentality. Therefore enjoy this great 80’s twist on its 60’s Beach Boys classic.


Canned Heat—‘Going Up the Country’

‘Going Up the Country’ is the excellent summer song that will introduce you to “where the water tastes like wine”. This is a hippy anthem that you may find yourself putting on replay during the summer. It starts with an amazing flute tune that will have your face light up. It also evokes feelings of the ancient pilgrimage taken by thousands of children to the Woodstock Music and Arts festival at Max Yasgur’s farm. Canned Heat will uplift your spirit with its upbeat soundtrack and you should let it carry you away.


Alice Cooper—School’s Out

There is no better way to start summertime than with singing along to School’s Out by Alice Cooper. It’s a song that the teenage kids and adult’s alike can freely sing “out for summer, out till fall, [they] might not come back at all!” when Schools are almost closing. It is the teenage anthem that goes hand in hand as a beach song. In appreciation of the love of the summer, shout-along this song and let loose. It’s all worth it.


Guns N Roses – Paradise City

Guns N Roses is the perfect song for a majority of us who wish to go home to the ‘paradise city’ that has beautiful girls and green grass. It is a hard rock jam that the guns first debuted in 1987 and ever since it has been a classic. Axl Rose’s amazing vocals along with the other Guns’ catchy and hard-hitting tunes will have you planning a road trip to seek this paradise that you always dream of.

Summer Beach Songs


Miley Cyrus—Malibu

Malibu”, is a fun loving tune dedicated to Liam Hemsworth, Cyrus’ fiancé which is a breath of fresh air when compared to her other bizarre albums. Miley Cyrus who also sang “Can’t Be Tamed” sings this song while expressing both awe-filled and shocking antics. Malibu is a beautiful acoustic tune with some lyrics that stem from the heart. For instance the line “Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning and you’re there to save me,” is a lyric that one can identify with. But Malibu has a very catchy 60 seconds after the song starts making it the best song selection for a beach party.


Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller

This is a feel-good summer beach song why? Because Rihanna and her crew definitely killed it in the lyrics. The song puts into action the Santana guitar line which you may find weird considering DJ Khaled is in the song. However, it is best if you listen to it by watching its video if it’s your first time.


The Sun ft Graham Candy (Klingande Remix)

Klingande is a great choice considering this hearted remix of Parov Stellar. It the kind of song to play at a beach party. This remix is deadly that will have you and your friends jumping up and down so you will need to make room for this kind of dancing.


Jai Wolf—Indian Summer

The first 30 seconds of this song by Jai wolf captures those moments when you stare at the vast horizon and stand there in awe feeling tiny and your trials evaporate into nothing. It’s refreshingly intoxicating as it pulls you in and relaxes you.

Best Beach Wedding Songs

Weddings on the beach are to die for. Therefore, the wedding songs playlist should also be top-notch for the perfect blend. Also considering that in beach weddings anything goes, it is great if the playlist speaks of the carefree, laidback nature of summertime. However, the song should go well with how you plan to use them. Slow songs are best for the grand entrance down the aisle as well as for the first dance while upbeat songs can be for the after party. Here are the best beach wedding songs:


Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

The “I’m Yours and I Won’t Give Up singer, Jason Mraz, could not miss a spot as a candidate for the best beach wedding song. He is well known for his romantic heartfelt lyrics that can melt your heart. However, “Lucky”, his duet with Colbie Caillat still does it for an upbeat song.


Wouldn’t it Be Nice by the Beach Boys

Almost everything summer related has to have the Beach Boys included. For a classic romantic love song, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” brings about a happy mood that best suits the occasion.


Better Together by Jack Johnson

Besides Better Together, Jack Johnson is famous for his great beach wedding tunes like Bubble Toes and Angel. All are perfect choices but Better Together has a versatile feel to it. It oozes off romance and it is still an upbeat soundtrack. It also offers other versions like Cuban one or the duet one with Paula Fuga if you feel like the original one is a little bit overused.

Best Beach Boy Songs

Beach boys set the theme summer songs for many generations. Their input into summer songs led to more creativity in the latest summer songs that we enjoy today. Therefore, they are iconic artists in summer songs. Here are fun-loving songs that they graced us with.


Barbara Ann

Barbara Ann was a hit in the ‘60s because of its clean and catchy tune along with its progressive vocal arrangement. The perfect vocals in this song can be accredited to the 3 Wilson brothers, friend (Al Jardine), and their cousin (Mike Love). The Regents are the owners of Barbara Ann’s original version which they released in 1961. The Beach Boys Barbara Ann’s version features in their album (The Beach Boys Party) that was released in 1965. It got the 2nd place on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1965.


California Girls

Based on California being well known for Surfing, Brian Wilson wrote “California Girls” in 1965. The song features an orchestra in its introduction and the verse and chorus can be successfully sung to different music. The verse and chorus form then became a common practice for pop music. The song also made it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s list for being the foundation of Surf Rock and California Sound. It has also inspired several covers and movies

Best Beach House Songs

Beach house is a game changer in the music industry with a successful run the in last few years. The band consists of the singer cum keyboardist Victoria Legrand, Alex Scally who plays multiple instruments and Dan Franz their touring drummer.

Their remarkable guitar playful, pleasant drum beats and their vintage synths that are gauzy could be the reason they have a wide fan base.



The first song in their self-titled debut paves the way for what is to come. Saltwater has a murky and musty feel to it. Legrand’s incredible vocals with a catchy melody and the drum machines are very pleasurable to listen to. Saltwater captures the mood of being very cozy yet cold at the same time. Its cozy nature makes it a favorite summer song.


Master of None

Master of None is a very catchy tune that for a beach soundtrack. Scally is great on the instruments as he finds his way to solidify the sounds like he does in Beach House’s other records.


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