Best Computer Speakers for Your Choice in 2019

Enjoying life as you work through involves good music to keep yourself going. With such a perspective, the main question is, do you want an output that will sound as good as the music? If you are relying on laptop and TV speakers, then you are missing a whole world out there. You need the support of the sounding best computer speakers to amplify the tiny ones in the sources. You can always go for the top-notch brands, but there are budget-friendly best computer speakers that can improve what you get from the media.

This article is for anyone looking for best computer speakers for budget available in 2019. After reading through, you will have a clear idea of what will make the sound better even though it will not produce a fanfare experience.

Top 3 Best Computer Speakers

Klipsch ProMedia
  • FEATURESQuality sound system
    Accommodates more inputs
    Customizable playing experience
Bose Companion 2 Series
  • FEATURES Sound is clear at high volume
    Easy to set up and use
    Well-positioned volume knob
Creative Labs GigaWorks
  • FEATURESQuality build
    More controls on the sound
    Good value for money

Top 7 Best Computer Speakers on Amazon Reviews

1. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP Speaker Sound System

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP Speaker Sound System

We start with the Cyber Acoustics that features a 2.1 system enough to fill your room with sound. With a subwoofer output of 62 watts peak power and 30 watts RMS, it is our best computer speakers for budget that will go with you for quite a considerable amount of time. How they work depends on whether you are good at sound experience or you are looking for something that will be upgradable later.

While they fill the room with sound, setting the satellites requires care since they have a heavy head. With more weight at the top, it is easy for them to topple so get a good space that is free of interruption. The pod gives you full control over what you require which means putting the system on or off, controlling the bass and master, accessing the headphone output, an aux for the phones and tablets and an LED power indicator.

The heavy-headed satellite speakers deliver via the 2-inch drivers, and they give you a clear and crisp sound at lower levels. We, however, detected some distortion when you go above 60 on the volume. The subwoofer, which stands at 5.25 inches delivers deep bass in a bid to amplify the sound. The good thing about the weight of the satellites is that the manufacturer includes long cables so you can secure it in a safe, distant position.

The design is modern which represents the shiny black finishing on the satellites sitting on a silver-coated frame. The subwoofer unit looks great when sitting beside your pc or gaming console. While gamers can enjoy what the CA-3602 models can deliver, music enthusiasts may find the mids a bit off. Competitors such as Klipsch Promedia will make you think otherwise if you are looking for a better music output, but you will have to cough more.

Modifications on the system may include making the system wireless. The creativity involves purchasing an external Bluetooth adapter that you can plug in the speaker where the RCA jack is located. You can then go ahead to access it via Bluetooth enabled devices, and the set up will work with any powered set of speakers. For guaranteed quality, the manufacturer issues a one year warranty with no questions asked.

Overall, it delivers the right output under average volume, and if that is what you want, you will forget how massive the overall system is and how it is vulnerable to dust when exposed.

What customers say

“While I got to enjoy the output of Cyber Acoustics, I had a problem with the speakers being heavy at the top. Even with a stand, you cannot rely on how they sit, so you have to get them somewhere safe and out of traffic. Also, you have to dust them after a short time if you live in a crowded area. I love the controls on pod since it sets you apart from the system. If you don’t need much to do with output, this is a system that will handle the job perfectly.”

  • Type: 2.1 speaker system with powerful bass performance
  • Power output: 62 watts peak power, 30 watts RMS
  • Inputs: 3.5mm aux via the desktop control pod
  • Input voltage: 110V
  • Drivers: Twin 2”
  • Weight: 9lb
  • Dimensions: 12 x 11.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Good bass output
  • Pod control
  • Modern design looks cool
  • The speakers are heavy at the top
  • They accumulate dust easily

2.Logitech Z313 Speaker System

Logitech Z313 Speaker System

Logitech is a brand that had the best computer speakers 2019 had to offer, and they are not resting until they get your audio experience to the desired level. Here we picked the Z313 speaker system model who’s 2.1 specification makes it a competitor to the Acoustic version above. How it sounds makes us place it as the best computer speakers under 50 dollars since you don’t get distortion regardless of the volume level and the price is pocket-friendly.

With an RMS of 25 watts, it could be lower, but that is enough to fill a small spaced room. The design furthermore is specially made to fit in tight spaces such as under your working table or somewhere on a shelf if you want to have a bookshelf system. The bass delivered is not the booming one is that is what you want. It’s just loud and clear with considerable punches.

For the controls, you have a pod like the Acoustic, but it has only one knob to control the volume. You don’t have an option to control the bass too, and some customers consider this as a flaw. On our side, it solely depends on experience. The control pod is wired to the system, so it has a fixed length of separation from the system – about 6 feet.

The satellite speakers are small and corded too which so, you can space them from the system to an independent position. Their shortness and a wide base area provide stability so they’ll stay firmly in place after placement.

For the inputs. There is a 3.5mm aux cable that you can connect all the available compatible devices, your computer being one of them. Since it powered via a USB connection, you only need the laptop or pc to load it up and connect the small satellites, that’s all. Most customers consider this connection simple especially after finding what you get after that. For the headphone jack, you can connect the headphones there for the private listening moments, but it does not amplify the sound. To us, it was the same as connecting to the computer and lowering the volume.

What customers say

“I got the Logitech version after having the Acoustic for the last six years. I love how it works under low-end bass, and the control module is great. The only difference between this one and the Acoustic is that the pod only has a volume knob and that’s all. Nothing for the bass which is quite sad but I can work with that. Later, I downloaded an equalizer app for Windows 7 and 8 so that I can customize the EQ for better performance depending on the occasion.

That is how I was able to regulate the bass. If you are on a budget, these are good speakers under $50, and they don’t thumb much to disturb the neighbors. It can also fit under tight spaces, and that’s great because my office space is small.”

  • Type: 2.1 speaker system with big-balanced sound
  • Power output: 50 watts peak power, 25 watts RMS
  • Inputs: 3.5mm aux via the desktop control pod
  • Input voltage: via USB connection
  • Weight: 7.1lbs
  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 9 x 5.9 inches, satellites 3.2 x 5.75 x 3.5 inches
  • The sound clarity is excellent
  • Control pod makes it convenient
  • They don’t occupy much space
  • Easy powering setup
  • The control pod has no bass control

3.Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

They are simple speakers with an understated design and an angled positioning while upright. The Bose Companion 2 Series III model, is one of the small and best computer speakers that deliver an adorable audio performance at any volume. There is, however, some distortion if you go to the extreme highs.

Connecting this pair is the easiest part. One of the speakers supplies power to the other, so it has the USB powering cable. The second speaker is connected to the powering one via a cable. Since they are long, you can position the speaker on the monitor sides which presents the arrangement that most customers look for. After connecting the USB to your computer, you only need the 3.5mm jack at the front of the right speaker to source the music or sounds. It is compatible with multiple devices which is great.

As for the listening experience, the sound is clear, and it has a thumping bass, but it’s not deep considering that it is a 2.0 model. You will, however, get the right output if what you are listening does not require bass output. R n B and Jazz are great music genres to listen using this speaker set. For hip-hop, the kicks are unoriginal despite the effort given. The volume control knob is at the front, and that creates an easy access point that you can even guess if it’s already dark at your station.

If you want a punching bass sound, you need a subwoofer connection. Otherwise, these will not deliver that. At a price below $100, they are budget friendly to those looking for speakers that magnify the sound beyond what the computer provides. Overall, they are easy to use, and the black color is excellent if it rhymes with your computer color. You can connect multiple sources, and that’s a suitable specification for those of us looking for a versatile product.

What customers say

“When I plugged in these speakers, it was surprising to me that they are silent even at 50% volume. You don’t hear that ‘hissing’ sound that most speakers produce after powering, and that is adorable. The music is crystal clear as Bose promises but the bass is off, and you don’t get much out of it. Connection to devices is at the front which is very convenient for me and powering requires the USB.

If you want a bass output, pick a speaker with a 2.1 specification since this one does not kick as needed. On the bright side, they are simple to use, and they don’t demand too much space apart from their sitting position on the desk.”

  • Type: 2.0 with clear sound
  • Inputs: 3.5mm aux connection
  • Input voltage: via USB on one of the speakers
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.1 x 7.5 inches
  • The sound is clear at high volume
  • No sound feedback
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Well-positioned volume knob and aux port
  • No quality bass output
  • The sound appears somehow muffled


4.Klipsch ProMedia Computer Speaker System

Klipsch ProMedia Computer Speaker SystemThe Klipsch Promedia model represents the best computer speakers under 200. It is a 2.1 model which means the bass is available and in control to give you clear audio output. From the looks, it appears as a music box, and the dark color is great for the display. As the small speakers produce 35 watts of power, the subwoofer will include 130 watts more which is enough for a considerable amount of office space.

What makes the satellites successful at what they produce is the Klipsch Microtractrix horn that puts clarity at the front line when streaming music from MP3s, CDs, and even radio programs. Whatever you are listening, it’s all covered here. To feed the outputs, the 2.1 Promedia computer speaker system incorporates a headphone jack and a miniplug input for the MP3 players and minidisc recorders among other compatible devices. Using both options will see you utilizing almost every other audio source available.

The speaker comes with a removable outer cover, and the weight is bearable. If you are looking for a high resolution, this one will give that and more to improve your listening experience. The THX certification means that the speaker has undergone rigorous testing methods that deem it as durable and able to serve its purpose.

What customers say

“This is the 2.1 best computer speakers set that I have purchased and didn’t disappoint. The system feels light, and the sound is excellent. The bass is much better when compared to most of the 2.1 systems out there, and lower ends were not distorted. I have had them for two years, and every input I use takes less than a minute to set up and settle. The last Klipsch model I had lasted for ten years before the subwoofer speaker failed. I will continue watching this one see how long it lasts.”

  • Type: 2.1 THX certified
  • Power output: 130watts peak power, 35-watts satellite speakers
  • Inputs: 3.5mm headphone jack and miniplug input
  • Weight: 2.09 pounds
  • Dimensions: 0.4 x 0.8 x 0.6 inches
  • Quality sound system
  • Accommodates more inputs
  • Less time is taken to set it up
  • Powerful satellite speakers
  • The speaker starts to distort after continued use

5.Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

If you want to crack up the volume and stay there for some time, the Edifier R1280T Bookshelf speakers will give you the output you need with the 2.0 speaker system specification. While such is not good for the bass, the quality of sound that this duo produces cannot be ignored – a reason why DJs utilize them to amplify sound on the decks.

The modern design is one of the best computer speakers under 100 dollars featuring a wooden finish which is great for styling the living room or using them for the computer output among other sources. At the front is a removable plate that you can pull out and back in when cleaning them. They look adorable when opened. With a 4-inch bass driver, you have the chance to listen to a rich bass source that is clear to the ear and full of depth. Modern day technology has improved things and sound from this pair is another of the many modifications.

The speakers give you precise control via the control panel one of the speakers. You have the volume, bass and treble control knobs to get every output clear. Since you can balance everything using the control area, they provide a convenient way of using them, whether they are on the shelf or beside your computer.

They come with a dual RCA input specification at the back of one of the speakers which connect with other RCA connections or to an auxiliary source. Since one of the speakers only has pairing ports, the other one acts as the power unit which goes ahead to activate the passive speaker. The RCA connections make the speakers compatible with pcs, laptops, smartphones and even record players. Most customers use them on their TVs after realizing how powerful they can be.

For guaranteed high-quality speakers and longevity of use, the manufacturer issues a 2-year warranty with all parts available if you are living in the US or Canada.

What customers say

“I’m an old DJ who has been enjoying music since the 80’s and technology has improved to give us more reliable music sources and reproduction mechanisms. I used the Edifier R1280T on my decks, and they kick to the best level. At under $100, they are quite affordable, and they are not heavy to move. I later decided to station them in my gym that also has a TV since I like viewing the workouts as I trudge on.

After adding up the volume to almost full, then working on the treble and bass, the psyche was all over, and I wasn’t worried about if they would melt at some point. If you want to enjoy the output out of the speakers, wire them accordingly and pop up the volume. You will see what I’m talking about.”

  • Type: 2.0 bookshelf model
  • Inputs: Dual RCA input
  • Drivers: 4-inch bass driver and 13mm silk dome tweeter
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.9 x 9.5 x 5.8 inches
  • Powerful audio from a 2.0 system
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Precise control via the control panel
  • Classy wooden finish
  • Full volume will provide distortion after a short period of use
  • No wireless capabilities

6.Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II Speaker System

Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II Speaker System

Another one that gives you control on the sounds apart from compatibility with multiple playing devices is the Creative GigaWorks T20 Series. So far, they are our inexpensive and best computer speakers that maximize their output through 14-watt speakers to give a total output of 28 watts. What the speakers utilize is the woven glass fiber cone driver and the cloth dome tweeter to deliver a kicking sound. They, however, do not deliver the deep bass described since they are 2.0 specified, and such small speakers do not act like a subwoofer.

Using them to play movies and games requires the BasXPort technology for somewhat deeper tunes which is great if you don’t want too much noise. What the speakers do is to push the sound waves from the inside chamber to go up and escape through an opening on top of each of them.

Connecting them to various compatible devices makes use of the auxiliary input that will go even to the TVs. Once connected, there are controls on one of the speakers for the bass, treble, and volume. That means having a control panel to style what you want to listen to. Since they have a power supply adapter, you don’t have much to worry if they sit beside your computer the whole time. Furthermore, they don’t consume much space, so they become convenient even in limited office spaces.

Apart from the speakers themselves, they also come with the stereo-to-stereo audio cable which is 6 feet long, an RCA-to-stereo audio TV adapter, and of course, a guideline for you to get started. If you want simple 2.0 best computer speakers that give you more control other than the volume, here is something to serve your tunes.

One of the flaws that the manufacturers need to address is the issue of not-returnable goods. If you receive a faulty product, which happens once in a while, having such a specification limit you to call for a replacement. On the other hand, there is the T40 series to look for which delivers more powerful sounds than the T20 series but at a higher price.

What customers say
“If you are looking for a quality midbass delivery, this is the speaker for you. However, it does not deliver the powerful bass that the 2.1 counterparts possess. For about $70, you get a sound that is crystal clear, warm mids, smoothened highs, and good looks with easy controls. I like them in my office since they don’t boom so, they have the sound favored in an office workspace. I’ll be keeping them since they meet all my expectations.”

  • Type: 2.0 dual speaker unit
  • Power output: 28 watts RMS
  • Inputs: Stereo-to-stereo audio cable, Dual RCA-to-stereo adapter
  • Charge: Power supply adapter
  • Drivers: Woven glass fiber cone drivers and cloth dome tweeters
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3.3 x 9 x 5.6 inches
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Quality build
  • More controls on the sound
  • Good value for money
  • They don’t have a powerful deep bass as advertised
  • Item not returnable

7. Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speakers

audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speakers

The last one on our list is the Audio Engine A5+ that delivers outstanding bookshelf performance through the built-in amplifiers that give you 50 watts RMS per channel output. First, since they are 2.0 specified, they deliver more than the A2+ substitutes which you get at a lower price, but there is no powerful bass. Since it doesn’t promise you the boomy sound, you have to get a subwoofer connected for that. As for them, the low-end bass is clear which nears the original record. Also, you don’t get distortion regardless of the volume level.

What delivers the sound consists of Kevlar woofers together with silk tweeters that are housed by a sturdy wooden cabinet, fit for sound reproduction. Feeding the audio source requires the RCA or a mini-jack that is compatible with your PC or smartphone among other devices having the same connection. The RCA gives you the power to take it to the TV or record players.

The price for this set of speakers is quite high, especially considering that they are 2.0 type but the high-end output makes them the best computer speakers for desktop . We say best for the desktop since they are large and desktops require an ample amount of space so, the working table can be a large one to accommodate for more. Some 2.1 speakers may do better than this duo and at half or even third the price so, we leave that to preference.

Since they consume too much space, they are best suited for bookshelves and not beside the computer if your space is limited. Due to their size, some customers wish they could be mounted so that they can deliver what they are meant for at one position. If you see the price as too high, you can try the AudioEngine A2+ which has the same features but not as powerful as the A5+ version.

Overall, they are potent speakers that many customers have not regretted after buying.

What customers say

“I used this set for a few months before reviewing and here is what I witnessed. First, they perform great if they are standing on bookshelves or an isolated place other than beside your computer. If you have limited space, this ones will give you a headache when choosing the best position. Another thing, the sound is excellent, but the bass is lacking.

That means adding something that will take of that if you want the deep reproduction part. Otherwise, the wooden housing is great for my living room, and they are top-notch when put into use. These are speakers I would advise other prospective buyers to buy with confidence despite what the substitutes boast of doing.”

  • Type: 2.0 bookshelf style
  • Power output: 150watts peak power, 50 watts RMS
  • Inputs: 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, USB and RCA L/R
  • Input voltage: 115/240V,
  • Drivers: 5-inch Kevlar woofers, ¾-inch silk dome tweeters
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 7 x 9 inches
  • Quality award-winning sound
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Beautiful and sturdy housing
  • No big bass
  • Quite expensive

Best Computer Speakers Buying Guide

After reading the reviews about our best computer speakers for buying, there are a few things we would like to explain so that you have more information and understand what you are looking for. First, here is how we came up with the seven best speakers to pair with your computer.

How we selected the best computer speakers for sound
The primary reason why you are buying best computer speakers is to amplify the voice of the tiny ones in the devices. So, the sound quality is an essential specification here. We had products on our end to test plus various options major e-commerce sites such as Amazon had to offer. We also got more information from the best computers Reddit has to provide among other reviewers.

Another aspect we looked at is the versatility of connectivity to other devices. Apart from the computer, customers also liked it if they can go bookshelf. With that being said, customers favor bookshelf options since they will go to the TV or the phone when needed to do so. Our selection takes care of that.

Pricing is always another issue. You want good value for money so, cheap does not have to mean bad quality and the same goes to the higher priced ones. So, it is wiser to pay more for many features rather than from a favorite brand. What we selected was not only determined by price but also what it delivered later.

One more thing, we like good looking speakers that can match our monitors, so we welcomed all the innovative designs. Sometimes size becomes an issue if you are using them under tight spaces. If the speaker can deliver quality sound and functionalities, we can sacrifice the space, but we have reviewed small types to cover for confined environments.

Best Computer speakers vs. built-in speakers
After buying your computer or monitor, you may be contented with the small speakers playing in the background. If you purchased a gaming monitor, for example, the speakers are made to make the sound better, but not enough.

These days, almost every electronic device is getting a slimmer version that is also cheaper. To make them cost effective and affordable to consumers, the speaker drivers installed are pretty small to deliver the sound given by dedicated speakers. So, you will buy them cheaply but in the end, require a sound amplifier.

While it is okay to use the inner speakers, it is true that you will not get the experience that your neighbor or friend is having after installing theirs. In our review we have considered the best speakers under 50 dollars so, you can get something cheap but works amazingly. You don’t have to spend much for a suitable pair of speakers to use beside your monitor.

What about bookshelf speakers?

best Computer Speakers There is nothing wrong with going for such versions. If you have these and mechanism to connect them, they become better suitors than best computer speakers. You, however, need to note that they are not suited to accompany your PC or laptop.

Bookshelf speakers are made to be passive which means you need an external power to make the noise – a stereo amplifier. This will increase the total cost, and the amount of equipment required not to mention the wiring on and under the tables.

What we have here are speakers that come with their amplifiers if they are to be suited for computer use among other connections. Our selection involves a USB connection which makes it compatible with computers, and that is a significant advantage in boosting the computer audio system.

Once they are plugged in, you can control the rest via the available panel and leave the computer alone which is another convenience.

Difference between 2.1 and 2.0 best computer speakers
When you see these numbers in the reviews, they merely imply how the speaker works when delivering the sound. 2.0 refers to only the right and left channels working while 2.1 goes for both channels plus the presence of a subwoofer. To signify their existence, the subwoofer offloads the heavy audio parts from the satellite speakers and takes them to a dedicated driver in the separated unit.

While they do some incredible work in making everything clear, getting a floor-based sub in an area where noise disturbance is prohibited is not a good idea. The benefits of getting a 2.1 type include the bass response while the satellites work on the mids and highs. What you get is clear and crisp sound that is free of distortion.

If you listen to music with blasting sounds, then go for the 2.1 models. On the other hand, listening to podcasts and smooth sounds may not need a subwoofer, so the 2.0s are fine. Some of the 2.0 types have a significant bass response that can be overwhelming, bringing the need of 2.1 substitutes to a halt. If that is what you need, then prepare to spend more since they are not cheap.

The speaker connections featured
Connecting the best computer speakers to a variety of devices is an essential consideration during purchase. One of the standard inputs that we have talked about in every speaker is the 3.5mm jack. It is the same connection we use when connecting the headphones to our tablets and smartphones. Every computer has one as long as it was manufactured in this millennium.

It is an excellent way to source out music since you have more than a broad choice of sources to connect. The downside is that it operates the analog way which means you are vulnerable to getting feedback coming from background distortion, commonly referred to as white noise when the connection is not properly fitting. Apple has tried to evade this connection with their new releases, but the jack will stick around for quite a long time.

We also featured many USB connections which serve the computers right. They are tree plug and play types that the computer recognizes as a digital connection. Being digital also implies that you are free of distortion. While it is automatically identified, Windows users may be required to update with additional drivers to cover for the new connection.

We also had a couple of RCA connections which were mostly coupled with the 3.5mm jack. Such allows for RCA-to-jack and RCA-to-RCA connections, so it depends on what the source is using. Other speakers can even utilize Bluetooth connections by either coming with the specifications, or you can use some ingenuity by connecting the external Bluetooth devices if it allows.

Overall, you need best computer speakers with a variety of connections so that you are not limited. On the other hand, it is not awful to have a speaker with limited connections as long as you can use them with the available resources

What is RMS wattage?
One of the specifications that we have talked about but can be confusing to many is the RMS wattage. If you are not familiar with sound and electronics in general, then pay attention to this if you want to make an educated guess on what is suitable for you.

Wattage represents how power is measured. You can picture it as how we can measure the loudness of a speaker. More wattage implies more volume and vice versa is also true. While most speakers are designed to go all the way loud, that cannot happen for a long time before burning the drivers. So, regardless of the high values, using them every day does not make sense.

What the manufacturers are referring to is continuous wattage. RMS is an abbreviation for Root Mean Squared, and it represents some complex mathematics to arrive at the total average. It simply means the power driven after an extended period at a considerable volume.

When it comes to best computer speakers, RMS refers to the total wattage given by every channel. With that in mind, it is essential to look at the space you will be using them in before making the final decision. If you are in quiet areas or small spaces, it wise to consider an RMS of about 30 watts as opposed to 73 watts which may be better in larger environments where noise can be freed at will.

Our Top Pick of the Best Computer Speaker

Klipsch Promedia speakers

Now that you have the best computer speakers to look for when you need to pop up the volume beside your work desk, you may be asking which our favorites are. After some consideration, we favoured the Klipsch Promedia speakers if you want a good 2.1 design.

It delivers the right output, and you have connections for a wider variety of devices not forgetting that it has been tested for better performance using THX specifications.

For the 2.0 models, Bose Companion and Creative Labs delivered high-pitched sounds, better bass, and no distortion. We also loved the control options that each offer and the Creative Labs won on that aspect since there are more controls on it than Bose.

We cannot necessitate enough the importance of reading our guide after checking the products. It will give you information that paves the way for informed decisions on the kind of speaker that you will have for the next seven years or so. – Best Computer Speakers

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