10 Great Choices When Shopping for The Best Digital Grand Piano in 2019

There’s no reason why you can’t have a show stopping digital piano. Rather than opting for a smaller keyboard that may not look as impressive or may have a lower quality sound, when you buy the best digital grand piano on the market, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a high-quality instrument. First, ask yourself, “what is the best digital grand piano?” and then you will be able to easily find the right one for you.

10 Options When Shopping for the Best Digital Grand Piano in 2019

1. Yamaha DGX-660– Best Digital Piano with Weighted Keys

Yamaha DGX-660 best digital grand pianoOne thing that really makes this piano great for musicians who want a lot of control over their sound is the fact that it has 88 keys. These keys are all weighted and designed to mimic the performance and sound quality of an acoustic piano.

Musicians love being able to choose from different acoustic and piano settings to create a personalized piano environment that is unique each time they turn on the instrument. This is great for musicians who are really creative and enjoy making new songs each time they play.

  • GHS weighted action is heavier in lower notes and lighter in higher notes
  • Score Display allows you to play along with MIDI songs
  • Six-track recorder is great for making original music
  • Stand is lower quality
  • Some keys are hard to press
  • Tone can vary

2. Casio PX-870 – Best Digital Grand Piano for Practice

Casio PX-870 Best Digital Grand PianoThis is a beautiful digital grand piano that offers immense sound making it great for practice, as well as for show-stopping performances. Thanks to the three pedals, musicians can easily coax out perfect sounds when playing, which allows them to really show off their talents.

Thanks to the MIDI and audio recording tools, pianists can record themselves to listen to their performance at a later time, which is great for working on improvements and is ideal for students who are practicing each week. The weighted hammer-action keys are high quality and have simulated ivory and ebony textures.

  • Features four-speaker system
  • Three-year manufacturer extended warranty
  • Detailed resonance and 18 additional tones
  • Keys are relatively noisy
  • Tends to develop mechanical squeaking sound
  • Some keys will jam and be difficult to press

3. Yamaha YDP184R Arius Series – Best Digital Piano with High-Quality Keys

Yamaha YDP184R Best Grand Digital PianoThe high-quality keys on this Yamaha digital piano are designed to resist moisture damage, which is great for musicians who live in humid areas and want to enjoy playing piano without worrying about the electronics or the keys being damaged. This also helps musicians play quickly without fear of their fingers slipping.

The full dot LCD screen makes it incredibly easy to navigate the functions and features included in this instrument, and thanks to the padded bench, power supply, music stand, and sheet music book, musicians can start playing right away. Since the LCD screen is so easy to read, it’s great for new musicians to use for practice.

  • Includes a number of high-quality accessories
  • Features Virtual Resonance Modeling
  • Graded hammer three action
  • Some units are shipped with defected pedals
  • Some keys don’t offer the same high-quality sound
  • Can be difficult to assemble

4. Artesia AG-28 – Best Micro Grand Digital Piano

Artesia AG-28 Best Micro Grand Digital PianoOne great feature about this durable digital piano is that it has a full 88 keys, which is something that you will want to look for when buying a new piano. Not only are the piano keys all there, which allows for great playing range, but they are relatively easy and comfortable to play on.

The natural balanced hammer action makes this electronic piano feel like an acoustic version, which is great as it promotes a clear and natural sound. It’s ideal not only for private practice, but also for performances and is sure to impress all listeners.

  • LCD display is clear and easy to read
  • Features 136 built-in tones
  • Three tough sensitivity levels
  • Keys tend to have varying volumes
  • Difficult to regulate sound
  • Not all keys are as tough-sensitive as others

5. Suzuki Touch Screen Baby Grand – Best Touch Screen Option

Suzuki Touch Screen Baby GrandThis is an incredibly impressive instrument that is not only easy to play and to navigate thanks to the large and user-friendly touch screen, but also offers a booming and powerful sound. The full keyboard offers incredible range and is fun and easy to play.

More advanced musicians will enjoy adjusting their sound and tone, which makes it possible to create new songs without any problem. Additionally, lifting the lid allows the sound to roll out of the piano, filling a room and sounding surprisingly similar to an acoustic piano.

  • Incredible depth, realism, and expression
  • 128-note polyphony for the best playing experience
  • 672 selectable voices, 17 drum kits, and 240 rhythm styles to choose from
  • Lid hinges tend to be loose
  • Centering bolt is not securely attached
  • Speakers tend to sound a little weak

6. Casio CGP-700BK – Best Starter Bundle for Beginners

Casio CGP-700BK Best Digital Grand PianoOne thing that you will find in electronic piano keyboard reviews is that beginning musicians want an instrument that is just as high quality as advanced musicians play on, and this is a great option for musicians of all skill levels. The great thing about this bundle is that it comes with everything that beginners need to get started playing the piano.

Not only does this Casio bundle come with the grand piano and additional accessories, but it features a clear and bright sound that is crisp and inviting.

  • 40W, six-speaker system is incorporated into the instrument for power and clarity
  • Touch screen is large and in full color
  • USB audio recording is great for adjusting and mixing sounds and music with a computer
  • Tends to ship without all additional components
  • Portability is an issue
  • Tends to have a bright and tinny sound

7. Williams Symphony – Best Elegant Grand Digital Piano

Williams Symphony Best Elegant Grand Digital PianoThere’s nothing clunky or unsightly about this elegant grand digital piano. Even when the lid is lifted to allow for a full and resonant sound, this piano looks amazing and will look perfect in any home. Not only does it look great, but it has been designed to last for a long time.

Thanks to the high-quality keys, this instrument offers great tone and playability. Additionally, it has an incredibly authentic response which means that more advanced musicians will be able to easily play the instrument without it lagging behind.

  • Hammer action keys allow for ease of play and an incredibly impressive sound
  • All sounds are taken from high-resolution instruments
  • Elegant ebony gloss finish improves the appearance of the piano
  • Assembly is very difficult
  • Some keys tend to droop
  • Hammers can break when the piano is played too hard

8. Suzuki MDG-300-BL – Best 128-Note Polyphony Instrument

Suzuki MDG-300-BL Best Digital Grand PianoThe full 128-note polyphony of this instrument makes it an ideal choice for advanced or professional musicians who don’t want to worry about their instrument holding them back or not allowing them to really express themselves.

Additionally, this digital piano has Bluetooth capabilities and can connect to certain tablets via a USB port to turn the tablet into a recording studio for recording and mixing. This is great for the inspired musician who wants to be able to push themselves musically.

  • Features digital signal processing
  • Split and layer piano functions allow for full sounding instrumentation
  • Multi-track recorder allows for fast progress monitoring
  • Can be difficult to connect to other electronics via Bluetooth
  • Lower keys can sound muddy

9. Schoenhut 3017W – Best Baby Piano for Musical Toddlers

Schoenhut 3017W digital pianoBudding mini-Mozarts will be able to really push themselves to play and improve on this affordable piano. It’s a great option for parents who want to give their child a digital piano, but don’t want it to detract from the beauty and décor of their home.

The small bench is surprisingly secure, which is great for children who tend to wiggle when practicing, and the music stand is durable and won’t allow music to drop or fall over, which can be very frustrating for younger children.

  • Features 30 full-width velocity touch keys
  • Opening the lid allows for a fuller and richer sound when playing
  • Does a great job mimicking a true piano sound
  • Piano can quickly go through batteries
  • Not ideal for older children
  • White surface can be marred

10. Kurzweil KAG100 – Best Slim Digital Grand Piano

Kurzweil KAG100 Digital Grand PianoThis is one of the best digital pianos for sale on the market today, and one of the reasons why it is such a great choice is because of its slim appearance and design. Since it doesn’t take up a lot of room, it’s perfect for most every home, but still produces an incredible sound and tone.

There are 100 styles of accompaniment for musicians to choose from, allowing pianists to enjoy fully orchestrated backing arrangements. Additionally, this digital keyboard has eight chorus types and eight reverb types to select, as well.

  • Slim design is great for smaller spaces
  • Adjustable touch sensitive keys
  • 200 factory presets to choose from
  • LCD screen is smaller and can be difficult to read
  • Not as sturdy as other options
  • Some keys may stick


There are some incredible options on this list if you are in the market for a durable, reliable, and attractive digital grand piano. Hopefully when you read this list you can ask yourself, ”what is the best digital grand piano 2019?” for you to find the right instrument for you.

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