10 Best Digital Pianos Under $1000 and $2000

Are you looking for a digital piano? Are you wondering whether you can get the best digital piano under 1000? Well, chill out since we have you covered.

A digital keyboard is an enormous investment whether it costs $100, $500, $1000, or $10,000. Pianos play an essential part in many genres. Musical geniuses say that it is the king of all instruments. In any band set up, the pianists need to be alert at all times because he is the one that gives the other members a melody, an idea of the arrangement, and the progression that the composition needs to have.

Have you ever gone to a live performance and wondered why the pianist had like four keyboards surrounding them?
Well, it is simple. Different keyboards and pianos (whether acoustic or digital) have distinct inbuilt features and sounds that musicians require at different stages of their performance.

Note that usage depends on creativity and arrangement.

Today, we are going to explore the five best electric pianos under $1000 and five of the best digital pianos under $2,000.

Best keyboard under
Keys Weight(lbs) Brand Weighted Action No. of Polyphony voices Pedal System Rating
Yamaha DGX660 88 85 Yamaha Yes 192 1 4.9
LAGRIMA 88 Key Digital Piano 88 81.6 Lagrima No 64 3 4.8
Casio CTK-3500 Portable Keyboard 61 7.5 Casio Yes 48 1 4.8
Korg B1SP 88 Digital Piano 88 70.8 Korg Yes 120 3 4.7
Best keyboard under
No. of Key Weight(lbs) Brand Weighted action No. of Polyphony voices Pedal System Rating
The ONE Smart Piano 88 117 The One Smart Group Yes N/A 3 4.9
Yamaha CP40 Stage
88 27.6 Yamaha Yes 297 1 4.8
Roland Compact Digital Piano 88 93 Roland Yes 305 1 4.7
Yamaha Arius YDP-181 88 149 Yamaha Yes 128 3 4.8
Yamaha YDP-143R Arius Console Digital Piano 88 111.2 Yamaha Yes 192 3 4.9

LAGRIMA 88 Key Digital Piano
  • FEATURESLighter keys at the high octaves
    Fit for two players
Yamaha DGX660 - Best keyboard Workstation Under $1000
  • FEATURES It comes with a sustain pedal
    Simple to use and install
    Features standard weighted keys
The ONE Smart Piano- Best sythesizer under $2000
  • FEATURESExcellent sound alternatives
    Produces stereo sound
    Suitable for all level of players

Buyer’s Guide- 5 Factors to consider when buying a digital keyboard under 1000 and 2000

It takes a lot of research to combine such a list. You have to look at different sources so that you can find the best products and those keyboards that people appreciate the most.

From our findings combined with a level of experience, the following helped us find the best digital piano between the price range of under 1, 000 dollars and between 1000-2000 dollars.

Its use, musically speaking

People buy digital piano versions for many reasons. For instance, you can buy for business, home entertainment, live performances, recording, among many other reasons.

Since they have various functions, it is essential to know whether the instrument can do its intended purpose.

The number of keys and their size

Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, it is always advisable that you learn using a weighted 88 key. Weighted versions are vital. Most professionals prefer them since they have more octaves to explore.

Additionally, the more significant number of keys is suitable for a student-teacher situation. You can split it using the twin function.


One reason people dislike the acoustic pianos is that they are heavy. It requires a lot of labor to transport it from one place to another.

Besides that, you can also find digital pianos that are almost immovable. For that reason, if you are a person that keeps traveling, it is appropriate that you look for a version that can fit your car, and easy to set up.

Sound quality

Most people complain that most keyboards have poor sound quality. With the enormous investment that comes with it, it is better that you test it yourself before you buy it.

If you know little about pianos and keyboards, then it should not be shameful to bring an expert into the store to test it for you. You can also check online to see demos and reviews of the same brand.

Check the brand

Have a habit of purchasing from reputable brands. We are not degrading the smaller brands; however, large brands like Yamaha and Korg receive too many shout outs on a global scale.

You should not neglect smaller brands, nevertheless. It is possible to find something that suits your style and pocket.

10 Best Digital Pianos Under $1000 and $2000 Review

1. Yamaha DGX660- Best keyboard workstation under 1000

Who can use it?

If you have children that desire to learn the keyboard, then this polyphonic synth under 1000 is suitable for them. As you advance from one stage of playing to another, you will still enjoy its services.

The good thing about the DGX 660 is that it is easy to use. In my experience using it, I can say that it is easy to navigate through the menu, does not take time to boot up, and adapting to the keys is not that of a problem.

By the way, with the weighted action option, you can change it from a soft, medium, and hard response. All these depend on the genre I am playing.

Yamaha DGX660 Best Digital PianoWhat is its usage?

To me, this is the best stage piano under 1000 dollars. Apart from using it at home, the keyboard, which sounds exactly like the acoustic one, has various features that facilitate its usage on stage.

You can use the dual function where you can play two voices consecutively. For instance, you could play the grand piano and the organ voice in an arrangement.

Additionally, it is appropriate for studio functions since it has memory functions where you can record up to six tracks.


The display is phenomenal. You can change the brightness and lower it depending on how you prefer.

Note that it has inbuilt speakers, which you can use as monitors in case you are in a huge hall or when you do not want to be too noisy while at home. The extra pair of headphone accessories makes it appropriate for personal practice whenever necessary.

Installation and adapting to it

The digital keyboard comes with an extra stand that matches its color. You should not have any problem mounting the piano to it. Since it needs proper handling, it is better to use an extra pair of hands if it is too heavy for you. If it is your first time using it, use the manual to learn the ins and outs of this workstation.

Other output options include the ease to configure the microphone, you can connect a flash disk to it, and a laptop if you want to use software to amplify and add effects to the sounds that you select.

Comes with:

  • Microphone
  • Headphone
  • Sustain pedal
  • Stand
  • Suitable for stage and home performances
  • It comes with a sustain pedal
  • Simple to use and install
  • Features standard weighted keys
  • Heavy and needs extra space for storage
  • Sustain pedal is too small

2. LAGRIMA 88 Key Digital Piano- Best Digital Piano under 1000


LAGRIMA 88 Key Digital Piano under 1000The best digital keyboard workstations under 1000 will try to emulate the acoustic piano. I think that is what the manufacturers of this piano were trying to do when inventing this one.

It looks exactly like an acoustic version. Besides that, it emulates the sounds of a traditional piano, and that is what most professional players want to hear.

Note that the wooden console gives your room an excellent vintage look; therefore, while considering its purchase, designate enough space for it.

The sliding cover

Just like the acoustic version, the sliding cover protects the whole unit from damage. Once you finish using it, you can cover it. The cover also slides over the controls dashboard.

How it functions

The keyboard has 88 keys, which are of standard size. You will enjoy the feel and response that comes with it.

Users can enjoy its recording abilities, the 80 demo songs that you can use for practicing, rhythms, polyphonies, and tones including the GM tones. We can consider the Lagrima piano as one of the best keyboards under 1000 dollars because you can play it regardless of your level of piano knowledge.

You will find the headphone port under the keyboard; hence, you will not be making any noise while doing your practice. Besides, MIDI ports allow you to connect your laptop or mobile devices for extra sound amplification. Other notable functionalities include the transpose function, metronome, the drum, touch response, tempo, fill in, split role, volume adjustments, and inbuilt speakers.

The three-pedal system

At the bottom part of the stand, you will find the three pedals. It takes away the option of buying your sustain pedal. The three perform distinct functions including making the tone soft, sustaining notes, and providing a damper effect.

Comes with:

  • Instructional manual
  • Power adapter
  • Stand
  • Headphone jack
  • Lighter keys at the high octaves
  • Fit for two players
  • Suitable for both advanced and beginner players
  • Aesthetic since it has the vintage style
  • Has five octaves and heavy weighted as well
  • Designated to stay on one spot

3. Casio CTK-3500 Portable Keyboard- Best Keyboard under 1000


The digital keyboard is suitabCasio CTK-3500 Portable digital piano keyboardle for people who are on their initial steps in learning the piano. It has touch sensitive keys. Your intensity in pressing will determine how high the volume will be.

As you advance to other levels, you can use it as a stage keyboard since it has up to 400 digital tones, which you can use during a live performance.

Touch sensitive keys

With touch sensitive keys, it means that the learner can practice the different dynamics of pressing the keys. If you give it a soft feel, its response will be the same.


If you want to add an extra oomph to your music production, you can connect your tablet, laptop or any mobile device through the MIDI terminal.

Learners will also get a crash course straight from the manufacturer as part of the package.

The screen is easily readable and will show you all the notes you are playing during your lesson. If you are into dance music, you can make your own; alternatively, you can use the inbuilt ones to learn how you customize your personal compositions.

Comes with:

  • Headphones
  • Stand
  • Portable
  • Standard size keys
  • Best for beginners
  • Touch sensitive keys
  • Menu is user-friendly
  • Not heavy weighted
  • A fewer number of keys

4. Korg B1SP 88 Digital Piano- Best Electric Piano Under 1000

The Korg B1SP is one of Korg’s popular products that stand out for beginners and advanced players as well.

Why will you be keeping this keyboard for a while?

Korg B1SP 88 keys Best Electric Piano Under 1000One, its appearance is superb. It comes with its stand and tries to emulate the acoustic piano not only in that(looks) but also in the way this best digital keyboard produces its sound.

Two, it has 88 weighted keys, which will become lighter as you go to the upper octaves. You are also free to split it to allow two players at the same time, which is crucial when you have a student or for duet instances.

Pianists who read sheet music can also do so quickly with the sheet stand, which the manufacturer provides in the package.

Number of sounds

The B1SP is a version that both learners and beginners will appreciate since it comes with sound alternatives that you can enjoy. Note that the grand piano sounds exactly like that of a natural keyboard.

You can explore the 120 voices to fit the genre that you want to play. For instance, you can customize the voices to play traditional jazz, modern jazz, and the organ for gospel genres.

It has inbuilt internal stereo speakers, which are loud enough. If you wish to keep the practice sessions all by yourself- since some of us can be shy- do not hesitate to connect it to the headphones.

Three pedal system

You will find the three pedals connected to the stand, just below them. They are useful in sustaining, providing a damper effect, and softening your melody as you play.

Comes with:

  • Stand
  • Piano bench
  • Furniture stand
  • Emulates a typical acoustic piano
  • Weighted keys, which makes it suitable for the advanced player
  • Simple to use user interface
  • Ideal for all types of genres
  • Perfect for duets
  • One output jack
  • May not be as loud as an acoustic piano

5. Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano- Best digital Piano under 1000

To conclude the list of best pianos under 1000 dollars, we have the Casio Privia PX-160. It is a great invention with the capability of sounding like a natural piano.

When searching, you want something that is worth your money. Therefore, the electric piano has many functions with an easy to use user interface. The manufacturer indicates all the features on the dashboard.

A unit for the learners

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital PianoOne of the features that make the digital keyboard unique is that it is fit for learners and teachers as well. During a lesson, you and your teacher can connect personal headphones on the two ports located on the left side of the unit.

Additionally, you can divide the piano into two to facilitate natural learning of a scale or a progression. You can also refer to a list of classical pieces within the musical library and practice using them.

With the tempo function, you are free to lower the pace or quicken the learning piece depending on the speed you want to learn.

Audio quality

Other than having two ports for silent practicing, Casio did a lot in improving the electric keyboard sound wise. It has four speakers, which enhance the sound quality.

Optional stand

Most people are comfortable using their instruments, especially during a live performance. If that is you, then you can opt to carry it. The stand will not limit you since you can buy a separate stand for it.

When it comes to the pedal, you also have two options. You can go for a separate sustain pad or decide to use the attached pedal board at the bottom of the stand.

It comes with:

  • Polishing cloth
  • Pedal system and stand
  • Piano bench
  • Online lessons
  • Perfect for home use and live performance
  • Grand piano voice emulates that of the acoustic piano
  • 88 weighted key
  • Cool audio system
  • Portable
  • The user interface can be confusing

6. The ONE Smart Piano- Best sythesizer under 2000

The One Smart piano is an excellent tool for both advanced and new players. It comes with various characteristics, which includes the use of a laptop or tablet for customizing controls.

The ONE Smart Piano Weighted 88-Key Digital Piano under 2000One feature that makes this electric keyboard suitable for learners is the light up feature, which are crucial practice. The thing is, it will light up during lessons. You have to watch the lights to know which keys to press, and that is how you will be able to play your first song after a few minutes.

Why do players love the keyboard?

It is a weighted key with a constant weight as you rise along the octaves. You will not feel any different when you touch the lower keys and the higher keys.

Learning sheet music using technology makes it easy even for children alike to learn various classical pieces. Note that you have to use the manual on the iPad or Android tablet to know how to use the software.
You can learn sheet music using games, crash courses, and videos.

Its similarity to the acoustic piano

The One Smart digital keyboard takes the appearance of a typical piano in sound and appearance. It has various sounds to choose from and the stand, which is wooden, provides equal similarity.

At the bottom, you will find three-foot pedals for the softening, sustaining, and damper.

Comes with:

  • Three cables: for an iPad, laptop and android tablet
  • Furniture stand
  • User manual
  • Excellent sound alternatives
  • Easy for practicing, especially when using LCD lighting
  • Produces stereo sound
  • Gives the room a classic look
  • Suitable for all level of players
  • Controls are within the ONE app only

7. Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano- Best Stage Piano Under 2000

You will want to go for this model since it is just a refurbishment of the CP 4. The difference between the two is that the CP40 goes below the 2000-dollar price tag.

Yamaha CP300 Digital Piano under 2000Despite a lower price, it does not compromise on vital qualities such as its sound.

Why is it good for live performance?

As you play on stage, you want a versatile instrument with various voice modes. In short, it comes with a variety of voices including that of the grand piano. You can layer and split sound easily, which means that you do not have to wait for it to load especially in quick transitions.

With the quality of sound, you are sure that you can play a variety of genres. It has 88-weighted keys. Their heaviness continues to decrease as you transit to the high-end part of the keyboard.

Going through the user interface is also easy. In case the stage is dim, you can still see what you are pressing since the buttons contain a light underneath.

Can it do anything else?

Understand that you can also access a variety of instruments with this best digital keyboard under 1000. Some of them include the guitar, bass, the best synthesizer, drums, and the metronome.

For that reason, you can record and use it at home for practice purposes. It will also emulate the acoustic piano, including 35 vintage voices, without compromising on sound quality.

Other effects within it include flanger, reverb, and compressor.

  • Elegant design fit for stage performances
  • Portable
  • Has a lot of effects
  • Consists of illuminated buttons
  • Has over247 voices
  • Does not have inbuilt speakers
  • Sensitive to temperature changes

8. Roland Compact F 140R Digital Piano- Best keyboard workstation Under 2000

Experts recommend this best electric keyboard for people with small spaces. It emulates the natural acoustic piano and features a sleek design; hence, if you have a small living room, it will fit without having to consume all the space.

Roland Compact 88-key Digital Piano under 2000Who can use the Roland Compact Keyboard?

The digital workstation is perfect for learners and seasoned pro players. It consists of various features, which allow you to learn multiple techniques of music. For instance, for fast finger training, various metronome speeds can be of help.

In addition to that, one can use the 72 rhythms to practice various genres.

Sound quality

The Roland F140R falls under the category of the best pianos since it does not compromise on sound quality. You can find various sound options including strings, grand piano, the drum kit, the organ, and the list is endless.

An extra feature that will fascinate you is the ambiance that comes with it. That means you can customize the sound to make it feel like you are in a big hall, a small one, or a studio. Note that you can experience the same effect with your headphones.


The piano has a streamlined and thin appearance. Other than the wooden stand, it also contains the three-pedal system just like the acoustic piano. Additionally, the stylish colors on the bench and the stand ensure that it matches with all your furniture.

  • 88 weighted key
  • Suitable for recording
  • Large internal memory
  • You can save tracks on a flash disk
  • Connect tablets and laptops via Bluetooth technology
  • Considered as the best electric keyboard to use with headphones
  • Impossible to connect via cables

9. Yamaha Arius YDP-181- Best Digital Piano under 2000 Dollars

The Arius YDP-181 is an excellent keyboard for people who love to create their practice area at home. It comes with its stand and bench, which also makes it a little bit challenging for portability purposes.

Why we consider it suitable for practicing?

Yamaha Arius YDP-181- Best Digital Piano under 2000 DollarsAlong with the stand and the bench, the keyboard comes with a practice book for classical pieces. You can also find the same songs as demos in the console so that you can practice as you play.

For those learners who want to perfect both hands, you can enhance dexterity through the recording option. By pressing a single button, it kicks off the recording process. You can choose options to record the left or the right hand alone, or both at the same time.

If you wish to practice silently, you can wear headphones. Locate the headphones ports on the front part of the panel. It has two ports; therefore, you can practice with a friend or tutor.

Headphones experience

Since the unit mimics the acoustic version, you can wear the headphones to have a different kind of experience. It has a stereophonic optimizer, which enhances the stereo sound and gives the listener a more realistic effect.

  • Compatible with iOS
  • Three-pedal system enhances the sound quality
  • Graded hammer effect makes it appropriate for pros
  • Songbook makes practice sessions easier to perform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Not portable

10. Yamaha YDP-143R Arius Console Digital Piano- Best Polyphonic Synths under 2000 Dollars

Yamaha YDP-143R Arius Console Digital PianoIf you want to experience excellent sound quality within the confines of your home, then you better pick this console right here. It is user-friendly, stylish- which means that it matches with the aesthetic features of your living room, and it is suitable for all kinds of players.

As it is a product of Yamaha, the YDP 143R was in the process of mimicking the acoustic piano, in essence, the Yamaha CF 3S.

Touch response

Any player can adapt to the weighted keys, which have a graded hammer. Additionally, the touch response feature, which you can customize to your liking, communicates your emotions accurately.

The control panel

You do not need to maneuver through long list menus to transpose or record.

Other than that, you can connect your iPad via USB output or through the Bluetooth technology. The app contains all the controls within the control panel, which is an exceptional alternative since you can also save your favorite customizations through the app.

  • The stereophonic optimizer enhance headphones experience
  • Comes with a list of classical pieces both for listening and practicing
  • An easy to use user interface
  • Three-pedal system improve music produced by the piano
  • Comes with instructional DVDs; hence, easy to put together and maintain
  • Not portable
  • Lacks a screen for visual direction


Our best digital piano under 1000 dollars is the Yamaha DGX660. It comes with many features, reviews, and is usable in any environment and with anyone.

Always carry out extensive research before you decide on picking any of the brands. Some are competitive. Nonetheless, follow the piano that fits your playing style and usability.

Once you buy the piano or keyboard, remember that practice is vital. You should note that most of the instruments we reviewed have the 88 key features. That is because people throw away smaller key sized keyboards as they advance to higher levels of music.

It could also save some money for you if you adapt to the 88 key in your early stages of learning the piano.

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