5 Best Guitar and Instrument Cables (2019)

Do you want to step-up your game with your personal guitar? Are you looking for an amazing rock-star vibe guitar cable? If yes, we are here to guide you through the best guitar cables available in the marketplace. These cables are best in quality and capacitance. The best guitar cables really do the magic by turning your acoustic into a professional instrument. It turns your guitar sound quality crystal clear, delivering the pristine music you actually want to produce. It is indeed an esoteric phenomenon. It could be a bonus touch up for your guitar to result in the best quality music.

Several best guitar cables may be offered in the market, but it is mandatory that you get your hands on a product which is worth your money. The market offers two set of cables; a good quality cable and a bad quality cable. Now here is the question that pops your mind while choosing between good and bad even when the prices can make it look different. Does the quality of the cable really affect the sound of your guitar? Does it really make a difference? The answer is definitely yes, it does make a difference. It could end up being an undesirable condition if you make the choice of buying a cable without reviewing the quality of it.

Top 5 Best Guitar Cables Review

The main specifications one should take care before buying one are the flexibility, the quality of the wires, jack, the capacitance it produces, the size of the jacks etc. These qualities of a cable can result in the best choice you make. For that, we have done the research part, sit back and see that yourself: 

GLS Audio Guitar Instrument Cable
  • FEATURESThey have low capacitance.
    No danger of them breaking.
    Made durable and flexible.
Donner Guitar Cable
  • FEATURES No chance of breaking.
    Can be used with different acoustics.
    The length of the cable is ideal.
Rig Ninja Instrument Cable
  • FEATURESThey have low capacitance.
    Perfect length of a cable.
    The size of the plugs is perfect.

1. GLS Audio Guitar Instrument Cable (20 Foot)

GLS audio, great with their products and here they are again with best guitar cables. The guitar cable 20 ft in length and covered with brown-yellow nice tweed cloth. The braided cloth is made of PVC and OFC in order to make the cable insulated and result in no hazards. Moreover, the cloth results in durability and produce flexibility such that the inside material is not damaged. They are made bearing low capacitance, which is the main characteristic one looks for in a good cable. The covering of conductor and insulating material have oxygen-free copper. It consists only 38 Pico farad rating resulting in smooth quality sound.

It supports ¼ inches jacks, which is ideal for every guitar and acoustics you want to pair it with. It is followed by external rubber strain relief properties saving the quality of the cable. It is the best quality in and out making sure you get the best audio.

  • They come up with two wire ties.
  • Long enough to work without disturbance.
  • They have low capacitance.
  • No danger of them breaking.
  • Made durable and flexible.
  • Covered with PVC and OFC as insulators.
  • They have external strain relief material.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Results in what you desire it to.
  • They have a very long lasting life.
  • Can result in a drawback if used roughly.

2. Donner Guitar Cable

Donner Guitar CableThis is a fine guitar cable, which comes in 10 and 18 ft length. It has a very flexible covering of PVC nylon tweed cloth, giving the choice of choosing between two combinations of colors that have black combined with blue or white cloth, the choice is yours. It has ¼ inches jacks which fit perfectly with other electrical equipment. The jacks, one straight and one right-angled, are designed for professional musicians.

These too, support the connection to be strong and do not come out resulting in the sudden mishap, which makes these astounding in terms of manufacturing. The jacks have an oxygen-free copper conductor, which gives a non-interfering audio. The jack cover is made of aluminum resulting in the best conductivity to prove its good sound quality. It is simply the best bass guitar cable one could own.

  • The material used for the cable is durable and flexible for rough use.
  • It gives good audio without interference.
  • No chance of breaking.
  • Can be used with different acoustics.
  • The length of the cable is ideal.
  • Available in two colors.
  • Great quality.
  • The material used as insulator works fine.
  • It is Well-designed.
  • It could lose its quality with time.
  • May interfere while bein​g used.

3. Rig Ninja Instrument Cable

RIG NINJA INSTRUMENT CABLERig ninja cable is carefully constructed and well-designed for music enthusiasts. It bears 27 Pico farads rating, giving out the best quality acoustic one could ever want. They support ¼ inches plugs enabling to plug in different instruments. It is finely covered with woven braided cloth, which makes the cloth durable.

They guarantee a pristine sound quality leaving no reason to hate them. These are the electric best guitar cables, constructed in such detail that they do not break when used roughly. The jack is made insulated and the center core of it is plated with gold to make it the best conductor without producing resistance. These best guitar cables can be bought in two different lengths, 10ft and 20ft, both being ideal for a musician.

  • They have low capacitance.
  • Perfect length of a cable.
  • The size of the plugs is perfect.
  • Good quality.
  • Gold plated core.
  • Nicely covered with woven cloth.
  • Have good length.
  • Produce high-quality sound.
  • Can end up tangled.
  • May produce a humming sound after regular and rough use.

4. Red Dragon Guitar Cable

Red Dragon Guitar CableThe red guitar cable can be the best acoustic guitar cable as it is great for amateurs and professionals. It comes in two lengths, 10ft and 20ft with the choice of having straight and angled jacks. It is made sturdy and strong with the material used to cover it. The core of the plugs is made of oxygen-free copper and gold plated conductor which results in good quality audio. It prevents noise with the copper plated material used resulting in no resistance.  

Furthermore, it could be the best choice for bass and electric guitar players. PVC insulator is used for preventing and shielding it from electromagnetic, radio frequency and electrostatic interferences. The plugs having ¼ inches size with one straight and the other right-angled to make the connection strong. Adding onto that, the jack is of a heavy duty metal plated with gold at the core making it corrosion resistant. These are great for different acoustic use. However, the capacitance of the cable is 40 Pico farads, and it is covered with a high standard copper shield in order to reject radio frequencies, electromagnetic and electrostatic waves. It results in good quality sound without distortion.

  • Great for electric and bass players.
  • High in conductivity.
  • Great inflexibility.
  • It is made strain relief from an internal metal clamp system.
  • It is made sturdy and strong.
  • It is coated with high standard copper shielding to protect it from different frequencies.
  • The bands support the cables for differentiating in between the jacks.
  • Jack is made of a high duty metal.​
  • It does not work with a guitar having stereo jack.
  • The quality may disappoint you after long-term usage.
  • It might produce sound when used while moving.

5. KLIQ Guitar Instrument Cable

KLIQ Guitar Instrument CableKLIQ music gear is a full music gear based selling the brand, which is providing good quality and professional cables for any acoustic you may like. The KLIQ guitar instrument cable consists of a good quality insulating material covering protecting it from corroding. The 24 AWG oxygen-free copper is used for pristine audio giving a good result in the output. The plugs are 24k gold plated guaranteeing protection from the toxic air. Moreover, it is constructed with strain relief material, which helps in flexibility and coiling. It is the best-coiled guitar cable despite the good amount of shielding and insulation did on it. Embraces low capacitance giving the output as you put in but is more clear and smooth.

  • The material used in construction is durable.
  • it is made ready to resist corrosion.
  • The length of the cable is good for stage use.
  • The plugs are gold plated resulting in good conductivity.
  • It has a 24AWG copper conductor.
  • It has 24K golden plated plugs.
  • It might produce a buzzing sound.
  • Can get tangled and get bends if folded intensely

Best Guitar Cables Buying Guide

Guitar Cables Buying Guide

Why Do You Need a Guitar Cable?
That is the first question that pops up while spending money for an extra touch. Best Guitar cables literally do the magic for your audio. The input you give results in a pristine output providing you the ability of listening clearly to the music you that is esoteric. A guitar cable reduces the resistance in the instrument and produces a sound that goes directly to the audio interference without making a stop or buzz.
Do a Good Quality and Bad Quality Cable Make a Big Difference?
Quality matters. Similarly, best guitar cables do give the results according to their quality. If you are ​looking for a sound that gives a vintage vibe and produces a wrecked rock star music then the bad quality may result in being the good choice of yours. It produces a great amount of resistance due to high capacitance, which may be more than 200 Pico Farads, resulting in a hammering audio.

However, a good quality guitar cable is the best for a smooth and sweet music you are willing to produce with your acoustic. A good quality guitar cable may be recognized by less capacitance, small length, great insulators and conductors and the plugs it supports.

Length of the Cables
You may have noticed professionals using short length cables. That is due to the amount of resistance produces in the cable. The longer the cable the more resistance it produces which can result in mishaps and tone changes of your music. That is why best guitar cables are those of short length where 10, 15, 20 are the ideal ones as they produce less resistance and on the other hand have low chances of getting tangled.

Conducting and Insulating Material Used
The construction of a cable is very important in different aspects like insulators and conductors. A good insulator shield can keep one safe from getting electric shocks and save the quality of the cable from burning. Where a good conductor eases the flow of frequency by producing low resistance. The conductor used also protects the plugs getting corroded due to regular use producing heat etc.

The conductors play a major role. Many best guitar cables offer gold-plated conductors due to its ability to protect itself from getting corroded and as we know that gold is a great conductor of electricity; it ensures the passage of the current smoothly. So most preferable are the gold plated ones.

Types of Jacks
Best Guitar cables may vary in different jacks/plugs they support. The jacks have the main role in the guitar cables as they are the key to the connection of your acoustic. One is straight to straight and the other is straight to angled jack. The difference between the two is that the angled lug helps the connectivity stay connected when one is playing moving to and fro, whereas, the straight jacks are perfect for musicians who like to stay still and play without any rough movements. But having an angled jack may be the best choice.
Shielding in a cable is done to protect it from noise interruptions, giving out balanced audio. There are different types of shielding done on guitar cables, the most common is the braided tweed cloth which protects it from radio frequencies, electromagnetic and electrostatic interferences. However, the braided tweed cloth is the most preferred shielding as it is economically low.
Choose the Best Guitar Cables

GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable

GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable

By the measures of each cable we have mentioned above bearing different qualities, we prefer GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable as the best guitar cables available on the market. It has a very durable construction and all the requirements for your guitar. It has the perfect length, and the material used as insulator and conductor may not disappoint you. This could result in a very good investment which will last longer and give great results. Have a great time playing the acoustics!  

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