10 Best Hello Kitty Karaoke Machines

Do you have this feeling that your kid has some musical blood flowing through their veins and hope to nurture it even more? Well, you are lucky to find a perfect companion in Hello Kitty karaoke machines to help you achieve just that.  While there are so many types and brands to choose from, selecting the most ideal can be a daunting task. This is why we compiled a list of the top 10 machines of 2019, so it is easier for you to choose.

The Hello Kitty animation character on these systems is wildly popular with girls. However, this is not to say that your son, nephew or grandson will not like these gadgets. In a short time, they will make their versions out of Elvis Presley’s albums.

 We have highlighted features, benefits and advantages to help you make a more informed choice. Look out for a few drawbacks of Hello Kitty karaoke machines as well. After considering all the options, it is only fair that you reward your little ones with the most functional Hello Kitty karaoke system.

Top 10 Hello Kitty Karaoke Machines: Compared

Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System
  • FEATURES2 microphones
    Hello Kitty characters more prominent
    More real output
Hello Kitty Sing-A-Long CD Karaoke System
  • FEATURES Double 3-inch speakers
    Can play CDs
    Random play button
SAKAR Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine
  • FEATURES2-digit LED display
    2 microphone inputs
    Easy-to-use volume control

1. Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System

The Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System is designed with older kids (8-12 years old) in mind because it needs you to stream songs from a separate device such as a music player. It includes a dock that your little music sensation holds.

The portable system is most popular with girls. You may find it more ideal to buy an authentic Hello Kitty Karaoke Microphone for durability. We cannot confirm the proper function (or lack of it) of other microphone brands of karaoke machines.

  • Two microphone inputs are provided for two kids to sing at the same time.
  • The features of the Hello Kitty character are more prominent on this karaoke system than you will see on most other karaoke machines.
  • It has boosted vocal effects so that the output is as real as that of the original maker of the song.
  • There is only one microphone. You will have to purchase another mic for duets to perform together.

2. Hello Kitty Sing-A-Long CD Karaoke System with Player

Let your kids entertain your family members and visitors in a concert-like atmosphere. This karaoke machine for kids comes with slashing disco lights to enhance the mood and ambience. We decided to include it here since it has two microphones for a duet performance.

There is a video camera attached to the body of the system. Let kids marvel at their life-like images. Just plug in a graphics cable to your TV and they will see themselves perform. It is the closest they will ever get to watching themselves perform on the big screen at the music concert.

  • It comes with double 3-inch speakers for powerful sound output.
  • This karaoke system plays CD complete with pause, play and repeat functions.
  • A random play button enables you to pause recording and play again seamlessly.

  •  Younger kids will find it a little bit intimidating to master all controls.

3. SAKAR Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine

Here is a Hello Kitty karaoke machine for the advanced performer. It plugs into your TV so that your kid can watch herself perform on telly. Thanks to echo control functionality, the performance is as natural as it comes out of her mouth.

The system has automatic voice control so you are never too loud and hoarse. The built in speakers of the karaoke machine are excellent for kids of various ages. If you need more sound output for a party, we recommend you to connect a subwoofer.

  • The machine has a 2-digit LED display for screening your performances.
  • There are two microphone inputs for a duet symphony.
  • Two built-in speakers blare sound, with easy-to-use volume control.
  • Only one microphone is provided.
  •  It is only compatible to MP3 and CD players.

4. Hello Kitty KT2003MBY Karaoke System & CD Player

If you are looking for a digital combination of karaoke system and CD player, this may be what you have been looking for. This is especially true if your kids are older. You can play, pause, repeat and stop recording at the touch of a button.

The machine comes with installation and function instructions. While the speakers of the system are enough to play the music, you can plug in additional speakers for a more profound sound output.

  • There are flashing disco lights to heighten the feel and touch of a real musical concert.
  • The double 3” speakers blurt out music so well it feels like you are in a real discotheque.
  • It is compatible with CD and r/rw.
  •  The wired microphone can trip the performer or other people around the karaoke system.

5. Hello Kitty Thomas & Friends Sing A Long Karaoke Machine

Here is a kid’s karaoke machine made in the shape of the most favorite locomotive –Thomas & Friends. It is therefore a great purchase for boys just as it is for girls. Let your loved ones practice and hone their vocal skills using the built-in radio system.

It is a small, lightweight and portable karaoke system for kids. You will carry it from home to a picnic location and back with ease. We selected it because of its vast selection of music. Most of the tracks here are well-known international chart toppers.

  • Easy to use user interface so your kids will learn playing and recording fast.
  • Expandable microphone slots for more than one performer.
  • The mic is kid friendly and has no known safety hazards.
  •  It only has one microphone. You will have to buy a second one separately.

6. Hello Kitty KT2007F CDG Karaoke System

Kids of the digital age deserve a karaoke machine with video camera so they can watch themselves perform and become their own fan of sort. This is exactly what the KT2007F CDG Karaoke System delivers. Take advantage of 3 viewing options – your images, color graphics and a combination of both.

What’s more, you can connect a second microphone to the extra mic jack. It employs vertical loading of CDG/CD playing system. You will learn the play, pause, forward, record, skip forward and back functions in just a few minutes.

  • Dedicated buttons control master volume, balance, echo and mic volume for a personalized performance.
  • The karaoke machine for kids is compatible with iPod, MP3 among a host of other digital audio devices.
  • An inbuilt video camera allows your kids to watch as they perform karaoke.
  •  It can be challenging for young kids to manage the controls without supervision.

7. Hello Kitty CD Karaoke System/CD Player

Have you been looking for a compact karaoke system for kids that is compatible with both CD-ROM and CD-Writable formats of audio disks.Well, you may have just landed on one with the  Hello Kitty CD Karaoke System/CD Player. Unlike most others herein, it comes with two microphones and two mic plugs for a duet performance.

While a double built-in 3-inch speaker provides ample sound quality and strength, you can plug in external speaker systems. Its compact design allows you to move it from one room to another with ease.

  • You can convert power input from AC into DC and vice versa. This allows your kids to perform their favorite karaoke songs while on the move and away from a main electricity supply.
  • A stereo headphone jack allows you to bring the sound closer to your ears for an uninterrupted singing and recording experience.
  • It has an AC adapter jack but the AC adapter itself is not provided.
  •  There are no batteries included.

8. Hello Kitty Flashing Lights Karaoke Machine, 66209

Do you want to read the lyrics of your song on the television? Take advantage of the 66209 model of Hello Kitty karaoke machine. This feature is enabled by its compatibility to CD-G function. Around the player is a tastefully designed LED light show.

We like the fact that you can easily use the battery-powered functionality when out in the yard or picnic. Switch to electricity power when in the house and conserve your batteries.

  • A built-in digital and radio input enhances playing options.
  • Enhances your ability to remember song lyrics, thanks to the CD-G compatibility.
  • Its ability to work on both batteries and electricity makes it an excellent power conserver
  •  Only older kids can perform all functions of the karaoke machine for kids.

9. Hello Kitty KT2003B CD Karaoke System and CD Player

9. Hello Kitty KT2003B CD Karaoke System and CD Player, Random Play Button, LCD Display - Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine

This KT2003B model from Hello Kitty has a large LCD Display, making it great for older kids. It is a compact digital audio system, meaning that it fits well even in small spaces of your living room.

  • Two 3-inch speakers provide ample sound output.
  • The unit comes with two karaoke microphones ready for plug and play.
  • Its compact design allows portability.
  •  The LCD display is not as clear as LED displays on other karaoke machines.

10. Hello Kitty Karaoke System With LED Light Show

Hello Kitty Karaoke System With LED Light ShowTake your karaoke experience to the next level with the machine that increases vigor in the crowds. This kid’s karaoke system can play music straight from a USB input, making it convenient and immediate.

  • Two 2.5inch stereo speakers provide excellent surround sound
  • The front loading CD+G player is compatible to external speakers.
  • Digital controls make the user experience fun, exhilarating and life-sized.
  • No light effects.

Hello Kitty Karaoke Machines Buying Guide 

How would a family karaoke night be without an amazing home karaoke system? Well, dull could be an understatement. This is the perfect time not only for family bonding  but musical practice. While kids exercise their vocal cords, adults can sing along, dance, laugh and inject carnival mood into an otherwise cold house.

Playing a karaoke machine occasionally increases the musical skills of your children. Therefore, buying the best Hello Kitty karaoke system should not be a challenge if you know what to look out for. You only need to make a number of considerations and your purchase decision will be hassle free.

The following are considerations that every parent should make when buying a Hello Kitty karaoke machine for your little one.

Audio QualityVoice EffectsAudio FormatsVideo CameraDurability
Audio rules the musical world, no doubt, and this is no exception when it comes to karaoke machines. Always go for a karaoke machine for your loved ones with crystal clear sound. Best Hello Kitty systems have sound enhancement features and excellent speaker outputs for an exciting, real-life experience. Examples are bass, mids and high sound equalizers.
The last thing you want is a distasteful echo or external sounds in your living room. Invest in any of the above units as they come with noise cancellation. They have pitch and echo equalizers for a near-perfect experience.
If you can, opt for a Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine with high audio compatibility. If you are on low budget, however, you can still make do with a CD+G machine. Otherwise, it is advisable to pick for a kid’s karaoke system with phone compatibility so you can play songs directly from YouTube. Remember, the more devices your karaoke machine is compatible with the better the playing and recording experience
It goes without saying that you need people to watch your kid perform. Whether at home or outdoor, the video camera should capture clear shots and record video performance for later viewing.
Kids may not be the best keepers of electronic devices. The Hello Kitty karaoke machine may take a few knocks here and there, especially during highly animated parties. Insist on durable Hello Kitty models as they come in tough exterior construction to sing your kid’s songs for many years.
Our Top Pick Best Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine

Hello Kitty KT2007F CDG Karaoke System

The Hello Kitty KT2007F CDG Karaoke System is a perfect match for the digital kid and we couldn’t resist its revolutionary features and convenient work ability. With three viewing choices, this karaoke machine offers versatility like no other. Its twin 2.25 inch audio speakers just the right audio for the delight of your kid. What’s more, its built-in color video camera is a feature that stands tall above the rest as it offers your kid to make clear videos of themselves performing. Considering its affordable price, this is the machine you may need to go for it you are looking for decency and modern technology at a good price.

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