Top 5 Best Karaoke CDs You Will Like

When it comes to buying karaoke CDs, there is no shortage of options. You might think it’s as simple as ordering a CD online or picking one up at your local department store, but if you do your homework, and know what to look for, you won’t be buying CDs that leave you feeling lackluster on stage.

If you are buying karaoke CDs for a business or establishment, you’ll want to consider buying CDs with various music types. Whatever your needs, there’s a karaoke CD for you. In this review of the best karaoke CDs, we’ll tell you what to watch out for when buying them, and what ones are the best for your needs.

Karaoke CDs Review

In this review, we’ll look at the best karaoke CDs for country fans, R&B fans, as well as the best boxed set and best set for women.

Party Tyme Super Hits 23
  • Songs All About That Bass 
    Uptown Funk
    Shake It Off
Party Tyme Country Hits
  • FEATURES Body Like a Back Road.
    Dirty on my Boots
    The Fighter
    Hometown Girl
100 Hits Presents: R&B Karaoke
  • Songs​​​​​California Gurls
    Gold Digger
    Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Best Karaoke CDs

1. Party Tyme Super Hits 23

best karaoke cds

When it comes to choosing a great karaoke cd, you want a collection that showcases a variety of songs, artists, and genres. Party tyme karaoke is a best selling brand of karaoke CD and they offer the best sound for your money.

This karaoke CD features 16 number 1 hits from the last several years. This CD is a CD+G which means it has graphics which allows karaoke goers to read the lyrics on a display or television screen. This CD+G package also comes with the lyric booklet so guests can flip through options before choosing their song while a performer is on stage. This is a great CD for home or business use.

The songs that are featured on this karaoke CD include:
  • All About That Bass 
  • Uptown Funk
  • Shake It Off
  • Animals
  • Blank Space
  • Pompeii
  • Centuries
  • Love Me Harder
  • Me And My Broken Heart
  • Bang Bang
  • Best Day Of My Life
  • This Is How We Do
  • Maps
  • Try
  • Classic
  • Birthday

Best Country Karaoke CD

2. Party Tyme Country Hits 20 16-song G

Party Tyme Country Hits 20 16-song G

​Another great karaoke CD from Party Tyme is this country collection featuring new and old favorites from the country genre. Country has changed a lot over the years and many songs appear on the pop charts as well as the country charts.

This CD features 16 number 1 country songs from the last few years, and some of the biggest artists from the country scene. Whether you like a ballad or a backroad country sound, this country karaoke CD has got something for everyone. This is a CD+G so the lyrics can be displayed on a screen or television so karaoke fans can read lyrics and get the words just right! You’ll have hours of enjoyment singing country karaoke with friends and audiences alike.

The songs that are featured on the karaoke CD include:
  • Body Like a Back Road
  • Dirty on my Boots
  • The Fighter
  • Hometown Girl
  • God, Your Mama and Me
  • Craving You
  • Wanna be that Song
  • Tin Man
  • If I told You
  • You Look Good
  • Drinkin’ Problem
  • Road Less Traveled
  • My Girl
  • Every Little Thing
  • Middle of a Memory
  • Legends

Best R&B Karaoke CD

3. 100 Hits Presents: R&B Karaoke

100 Hits Presents: R&B Karaoke

This huge R&B karaoke collection features 5 CD+G discs with 100 songs to keep you grooving on stage all night long. One thing to keep in mind is that some of the songs featured on this disc have explicit language and might not be appropriate for child​​​​ren. Because this is a CD+G, the lyrics will appear on on a display or television screen so you never miss a beat.

This is a giant collection of great songs from the last few years and features some of the biggest songs in the R&B genre. With a great selection of songs, the ability to see the lyrics, and the chance to bust a move on stage, this is a great option for your karaoke collection. This collection is great for just listening to in the car and hanging out with friends, in addition to karaoke fun.

Some of the songs that are featured on this karaoke CD include:
  • ​​​​​California Gurls
  • Billionaire
  • Gold Digger
  • Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
  • Hey Ya!
  • Milkshake
  • Umbrella
  • Bootylicious
  • Yeah
  • Dirrty
  • In Da Club
  • Just Dance
  • ​I Believe I Can Fly
  • Crazy In Love
  • I Gotta Feeling
  • Promiscuous
  • Take A Bow
  • A Woman’s Worth
  • End Of The Road
  • Empire State Of Mind
  • Crank That (Soulja Boy)
  • In Da Club
  • Beautiful Girl
  • Hips Don’t Lie
  • Ignition Remix
  • Hot In Herre
  • Let Me Blow Ya Mind
  • Ms. Jackson
  • Where Is The Love?
  • Don’t Cha,
  • Independent Women Part 1
  • American Boy,

Best Karaoke Boxed Set 

4. Billboard Top 40 Vol. 5 G 40+40-Song Party Pack 

best karaoke boxed set

If you are looking to build your karaoke collection fast, the Billboard Top 40 boxed set is the right choice for you. There are 80 songs featured on 5 CDs. The only downfall of this collection is that the songs aren’t by the original artists, but it still makes the cut because karaoke is about hearing your voice, and not the artist’s voice anyway!

These boxed set features hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. It’s a comprehensive collection for any karaoke lover to add to their lineup. This karaoke collection is great for professional use too because the discs are CD+G and feature lyrics that can be displayed on screens and more. This is a great way to build your collection in one purchase.

Some of the songs featured in this boxed set include:
  • She Loves You
  • Blowin In The Wind
  • I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
  • Get Together
  • Sugar Sugar
  • Love Child
  • Lay Lady Lay
  • Groovin
  • Hooked On A Feeling
  • Go All The Way
  • Alone Again (Naturally)
  • I Feel The Earth Move
  • Crocodile Rock
  • Ain’t No Sunshine
  • For All We Know
  • Mandy
  • Sister Golden Hair
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  • Uptown Girl
  • Alone
  • Hello
  • Straight Up
  • I Want To Know What Love Is
  • Take On Me
  • True Colors
  • Down Under
  • Dress You Up
  • Don’t Turn Around
  • More Than Words
  • Roam
  • Achy Breaky Heart
  • Angel
  • How I Am Supposed To Live Without You
  • Loser
  • I Have Nothing
  • Jump
  • My Eyes Adored You

Best Karaoke CD for Women

5. 100 Hits Presents: Karaoke Girls Night Box set

100 Hits Presents: Karaoke Girls Night Box set

When it comes to finding the perfect karaoke CD for a ladies’ night, the 100 Hits Presents Karaoke Girls’ Night Box Set is for you. It has all of the greatest songs sung by women, about women, and for w​​​​omen! This box set features 5 cds with graphics so you can pop it in the karaoke machine and read the lyrics on a display screen.

With many solos, group songs, duets, and more, this karaoke collection is perfect for any girls’ night, karaoke bar, or special event. With 100 songs, you are sure to find something to sing along to! This is a great collection for younger singers as well because the songs featured in this collection don’t have explicit language.

Some of the songs featured in this karaoke collection include:

  • Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
  • That’s Not My Name
  • Umbrella
  • The Fear
  • Poker Face
  • I Kissed A Girl
  • Chasing Pavements
  • Foundation
  • Dip It Low
  • Mercy
  • Sweet About Me
  • The Promise
  • Better In Time
  • Sweet Escape
  • Candyman
  • Boyfriend
  • Wannabe
  • Dancing Queen
  • 9 To 5
  • Love Machine
  • Since U Been Gone
  • Maneater
  • Toxic
  • Ain’t It Funny
  • Train On A Track
  • Love Song
  • Don’t Need A Man
  • Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex
  • This Time I Know It’s For Real
  • Can’t Fight The Moonlight
  • How Do I Live
  • Hero
  • Show Me Heaven
  • I Will Always Love You
  • T-Shirt

Types of Karaoke CDs


Source:Karaoke CDs come in a variety of formats, as we have seen, but they also come in a variety of collections. These collections include singles, artists, and more.

Collection of Singles

These karaoke CDs feature the best songs of an era or in a specific genre. They are usually chart topping hits and you’ll know them well when you hear them.

Collection of Artists

Some karaoke CDs are available by artist, so this is a great option if you have a favorite artists you like to sing along with.

Collection of Albums

Sometimes an entire album is available for karaoke use. These are released in conjunction with record labels and are less popular than collaboration collections or mixed CDs.


Whether you like country, hip hop, classic or pop, you can find a karaoke CD to suit your tastes and the tastes of your karaoke friends.

Decade Collections

Some of the best karaoke CDs are the ones that focus on a specific era. These are usually done by decade and often focus on 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

Movie Collection

Some of your favorite songs might be from movie soundtracks and karaoke CDs come in various collections featuring some of the biggest songs from movies.

Karaoke CD Buying Guide

Did you know that karaoke CDs come in a variety of formats and options? Here’s everything you need to know to choose the right karaoke CDs for you and your karaoke posse.

Karaoke CD Formats

CD (Compact Disc)

Types of Karaoke CDsThis is the most popular format for karaoke CDs and they are the most economical. CDs store data and music, as well as other file formats, but for karaoke CDs they store songs! Standard cds can be used for karaoke, but they make it difficult to get the full effect because unless you have a sound synthesizer, it is hard to remove the artist’s voice. Some karaoke CDs come with two versions of songs: one with the artist and the original song, and one with the artist’s voice removed. These discs are best for traditional karaoke machines that don’t require data for lyrics.

CD+G (Compact Disc plus Graphics)
This is the more well known format for karaoke CDs. Because most karaoke experiences include reading lyrics from a display or television screen, karaoke CDs come with optional graphics embedded on the disc. While digital options for karaoke are pretty popular these days, many karaoke venues still rely on CD+G to get the job done. Some CD+G products have fun backgrounds or other graphics that are entertaining and fun to watch.

CD+EG/ CD+XG (Compact Disc plus Extended Graphics)

Don’t let the two versions of this karaoke cd confuse you, they are basically the same idea. They offer extra features that create more colorful and detailed lyric display screens. Some karaoke machines won’t be able to play this type of CD, but most newer models will accommodate this type of enhanced compact disc.VCD (Video CD)This is a type of CD that is used to house videos, which are great for karaoke songs and performances.

These have been mostly replaced by DVD, but the idea is the same, and many karaoke CDs still come in this format. They have the ability to store mono tracks and instrumental tracks so that karaoke singers can use the original tracks or the songs without the words in them.

So whether you are starting a karaoke business or you are looking to add to your collection, these 5 best karaoke CDs are a great way to build out your collection and make sure you have something for every one of your karaoke friends, or clients.

Karaoke is fun for everyone and offers a great excuse to get the gang together on a Friday night. Find your favorites in these best karaoke CDs, and don’t shy away from the mic. The world loves karaoke and the most important part of getting up on stage to sing karaoke is having fun!

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