Best Karaoke Machine For The Money

Best Karaoke Machine For The Money

Karaoke is an interactive activity that can be played either alone or in a group, in private or in public. Karaoke is a very versatile game, and that is partially the reason for which karaoke has expanded into a 10 billion dollar market over the course of the past 40 years. Very few phenomena can match karaoke's meteoric rise and worldwide appeal.

Finding the top karaoke machines can be intimidating at first, as you do not want to accidentally purchase a cheap karaoke machine that will break after two uses. The best buy karaoke machines are the ones that combine a reasonable price point with good build quality and effective components, such as a microphone, screen, and speakers.

The Best Karaoke Machine: Different Types

There are many possible options to consider when you are searching for the best karaoke system, chief amongst these being: the best karaoke machine for tv, the best portable karaoke machine, the best karaoke machine for adults or simply the best karaoke machines for home use.

If none of these interest you, then perhaps you may be looking for a professional karaoke machine with a screen but these are slightly more elevated in terms of price point, and they are not for everyone unless you are quite serious about karaoke and you feel that you will get a large amount of use out of it.

Singing On Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke System

As you can see, there is a large number of subcategories of the best karaoke machines so choosing the right one is not always as open-and-shut as it might first appear. This guide exists to help you pick your way through the field of mediocre offerings and find the best karaoke systems 2017 style.

The large variety of options is not as difficult to navigate as it may seem once you have the proper guidance, the best buy karaoke systems which are available tend to mix reliability, intuitive user access (such as touchscreens and other interface options) and a reasonable price point so you can truly have the authentic karaoke experience without breaking the bank.

The Game Of Karaoke

In concept, playing karaoke is simple. You must sing along to an instrumental track of a popular song. This is facilitated by the karaoke machine which almost always has an attached screen or projector to display the lyrics of the song, along with a visual aid to allow you to keep pace with the music, such as a bouncing ball over the words or something of the like.

Karaoke Monitor

Choosing the right monitor when deciding on your karaoke setup is one of the easier parts of the process as all you need to ensure is that it fits within your budget and it is sufficiently large for your whole karaoke group to see it. Another bonus would be built-in speakers as they can augment the volume and add to any additional speakers you may wish to purchase.

Karaoke Microphone

Another one of the karaoke machine's most important parts besides the monitor is the microphone. Unless you are in a small room with very few friends, you will very likely need a microphone to enjoy karaoke to the fullest extent. Thankfully, microphones are not as expensive as they once were and you can easily pick up a USB microphone for a decent price.

Example Of a Karaoke Microphone

You will want to make sure that your microphone is still of good construction and sound quality even if it is inexpensive as a cheap microphone will distort your voice and detract from the overall experience.

On the flipside, you do not need a professional studio microphone either, as the qualitative difference usually isn't noticeable enough to justify the increased cost of the microphone.

Karaoke Speakers

The next component of your karaoke setup to consider and one of the more important parts of any setup are your speakers. Speakers can make or break the karaoke experience, as cheap speakers will distort the sound and just make the activity unbearable. Unfortunately, good sound systems can be very expensive.

Choosing the right speakers for your needs is not as difficult as it may seem at first, as the toughest part is deciding on a budget. As long as you aren't expecting to go out and buy a great set of speakers for $20, then you should be fine in making your selection. You can get a great set of stereo speakers and a subwoofer for around $100, and you can work your way up from there.

Karaoke System With Great Speakers

The best part about buying speakers is that they can be used for many other applications besides karaoke. For example, if you want to play some music off of your laptop or your phone, or if you want a movie to have that extra bit of punch in the sound department, a great set of speakers can revolutionize your entertainment experience.

This is certainly the main reason to invest in speakers as they will be useful in many other cases. Cheap speakers can also end up breaking relatively quickly so your moderate investment in bad speakers will end up doubling down since you may have to buy another sound system in order to replace them.

Where Can You Play Karaoke?

The setting of where you play karaoke can have a large effect on the experience. For example, if you would rather have a fun night at home with friends, you can just use a home karaoke machine so you never have to leave the house.

Playing karaoke at home is fun because you can just have a lazy night in and you don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of anyone but your friends. You can also have complete control over the music you hear, and you won't have to take turns with strangers who also want to have a go at their own songs.

On the other hand, if you want to have a fun night out, there are plenty of karaoke bars in almost every corner of the world. If you just want to sing and vent a little bit, there are even establishments which are known as karaoke boxes. Some of these karaoke boxes provide private karaoke rooms so you can sing or practice your karaoke skills without fear of embarrassing yourself in front of friends.

Group of Friends Singing Karaoke in a Bar

Karaoke bars and other such establishments are wildly popular worldwide, with some being open seven nights a week due to the high demand for karaoke establishments. The benefits to going out to a karaoke bar are somewhat obvious. Most of the time a karaoke bar will be more atmospheric than staying at home.

Karaoke bars are ideally set up for maximum enjoyment of the karaoke experience. This includes having multiple monitors positioned throughout the establishment so all the patrons can see the lyrics without having to crane their heads around to the main stage. Another great aspect of karaoke bars is that they almost always heavily invest in the sound system.

Unless you have a nightclub-quality sound system at home, it is usually tough to compete with the sound quality and sheer volume that can be achieved in a karaoke bar. It certainly improves the experience to be able to feel the booming bass and to hear your voice reverberating off of the walls through a high-quality sound system.

History Of Karaoke

Karaoke originated in Japan in the 1970s but started off as a bit of a niche activity, or one which was not taken seriously by the general populace. People used to see it as little more than a glorified arcade machine, a fad to die out within a few years, but the multi-billion dollar industry that Karaoke has evolved into has proved all of those detractors wrong.

The main problem with karaoke in the 1970s is that the technology to effectively play both the music and the lyrics on screen at the same time was rare if not non-existent. However, the early pioneers still managed to make due and persevere into the next decade, the 1980s.

Vintage Photo of a Woman Singing Karaoke


During the 1980s, the laserdisc revolutionized the karaoke industry, as it was the first medium on which the music and lyric videos could be played conveniently. While laserdiscs were indeed quite pricey when they were first released, they at least allowed establishments to invest in karaoke and let the public perception of karaoke improve into something to be taken a little more seriously than a fad.

The convenience of laserdiscs made it so you could have karaoke in your bar with little more than a karaoke machine, a television, a microphone and some speakers, and this has since formed the basis for most karaoke machines to this day.

This advancement also saw karaoke evolve from a mainly Japanese and east Asian phenomenon into something with the potential to expand on a worldwide scale.

Expand it did, by the end of the decade, karaoke had become quite popular throughout Europe and found a growing foothold in both the United States and Canada, two markets which were karaoke had never before seen very much success. This breakthrough was quite impressive considering the isolation to the Asian market that karaoke usually faced.


During the 1990s, karaoke was further revolutionized with interconnected karaoke machines that could play digital music tracks without the proprietor of the establishment needing to have the physical disk in possession to be able to play a song. This allowed a much larger musical library for karaoke machines than was previously considered practical.

Old Time Photo of Family Singing Karaoke

This step forward allowed karaoke to expand from an activity that was mostly composed of only the most popular songs, to an activity in which everyone could sing a song they enjoyed, regardless of genre or popularity.

Unfortunately, this also resulted in a lot of songs that aren't well received by a large number of patrons, but it also resulted in certain players managing to make previously unexpected songs work very well in the atmosphere of a karaoke bar. Generally, the switch to much larger musical libraries only further revitalized the genre and once again increased its popularity by a large margin.

Where Can I Buy A Karaok

e Machine?

The best selection of karaoke machines is undisputably online. Granted, certain electronics stores will carry a few, but not many models. Simply go to the karaoke machine Amazon category to find any and all karaoke machines you could hope for. Amazon karaoke machine offerings are some of the most varied on the market.

Our Top Recommendations

Now we will take a look at our karaoke machine reviews and our karaoke system reviews.

Singtrix SGTXPB1 Personal Bundle Home Karaoke System


  • Features "studio" voice morphing
  • Includes many sound effects
  • ​Includes 2 microphone inputs and 2 headphone outputs
  • Compatible with smart devices
Singtrix SGTXPB1 Personal Bundle Home Karaoke System With Accessories


The Singtrix Karaoke bundle is a great way to get right into karaoke at home without having to spend an exorbitant sum of money. As it can connect to any smart device, you don't need to have disks or anything cluttering up your home. You can even play karaoke tracks directly off of Youtube and they will work perfectly with this model.

The added sound effects are a good way for children to have some fun while singing karaoke but do not expect them to be professional-level sound effects or anything exceedingly impressive. In addition, the "studio" modulation and reverb which are offered will not greatly improve your singing voice.

If you are a singer who is slightly below average, these effects will help you sound a little better but they will not turn you into a Grammy award winner or anything quite so far-fetched. This model is ideal for those who do not want to spend a huge amount of money on a larger system and still benefit from increased portability and a large variety of sound effects.

Karaoke USA GF839 Portable Karaoke System


  • 7 inch color screen
  • Remote control included
  • Voice recorder
  • 300 included songs
Karaoke USA GF840 Portable System, Black Details


This machine is one of the less expensive offerings on this list, coming in at a reasonable price point of just under $60. The system is intuitive and the color screen is better than you would expect from a product at this price point.

The included 300 songs are quite disappointing as the vast majority are public domain works such as holiday music and nursery rhymes, so you should not expect a vast repertoire of music to come with this machine.

This is one of the best karaoke machines that you can find around the price level, as it plays both CD+G discs as well as connecting to your iPod or iPhone, allowing you to use karaoke tracks from Youtube or another video streaming service, allowing you free access to many popular karaoke tracks.

This ensures that you won't have to pay for CD+Gs that will clutter up your home and be unusable in anything but a karaoke machine, whereas on Youtube, you can just get your songs for free.

Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke System


  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Input for two microphones
  • Guitar and keyboard compatible
  • Compatible with speakers
Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke System Console


Memorex karaoke systems are some of the best karaoke machines on the market today due to their innovative designs and rugged build quality. This model of karaoke stand, the Memorex mks-ss3 singstand is another entry in their line of successful products and improves upon the previous Singstand and Singstand 2.

The tablet/smartphone holder on the stand is a nice touch as it allows you both hands free to dance and grip the microphone as you sing along.

The assembly process is very easy and the Memorex sing stand features both bluetooth and a universal line-in so it can connect to a large variety of devices. Once again, the most optimal choice is to use a tablet or smartphone on Youtube to find the ideal karaoke versions of songs for you to enjoy and sing along to.

The included AVC (Auto Voice Control) also ensures that the volume of your voice and the underlying track are well balanced with each other and one does not drown out the other.

Singing Machine iSM1030BT Bluetooth Karaoke Pedestal


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Accepts CD, CD+G, MP3 and MP3+G
  • iOS and Android cradle
  • 7 inch LCD display
  • 2 tower speakers included
Singing Machine iSM1030BT Bluetooth Karaoke Pedestal Console


This is one of the more expensive models of karaoke machine available in this review but it does certainly come with a large number of extra features. The build quality of this machine is also fantastic and certainly makes it a contender for the spot of the best karaoke machine.

It is very versatile being able to connect to a large number of devices through either Bluetooth or the attached universal cradle which works with both iOS and Android devices.

It also accepts a wide variety of disc and digital media, which further contributes to the machine's versatility. Unlike many newer models of karaoke machines, it still accepts CDs and CD+Gs so your old karaoke music collection is still usable on this model.

However, with its improved connectivity to digital devices, you would be better off using a video streaming service to find karaoke cuts of the songs you do not have as you will not have to pay for them. The speakers are also reasonably powerful, and can give you a great karaoke experience without having to purchase any additional sound system.

ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77)


  • 50 hour battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB bank to charge phones and devices
  • Includes microphone and auxiliary cable
ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) Controls


When coupled with a smartphone or tablet on a stand, this speaker makes for an excellent portable karaoke system, as the 50 hour battery allows you to jam out with your friends for a long period of time.

Better yet, it is also perfectly usable as a conventional speaker when situations require it. This is perhaps a more unorthodox entry on the list, but it certainly scores high in terms of versatility, as the included microphone and bluetooth allows you to easily play karaoke one moment and listen to tracks on your phone the next.

The best aspect of this speaker is the portability, coming in at only 16 lbs, this speaker is relatively lightweight and easy to bring with you whether you are tailgating, camping, or at a family picnic. Another great characteristic of this speaker is the durable construction. As a portable speaker, it will see some rough moments, but it will maintain its integrity.

Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker


  • CD, CD+G and MP3 compatible
  • Included auxiliary input
  • 2 microphone inputs
  • Voice enhancer effects
Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker Controls


The Electrohome karaoke machine speaker is another excellent karaoke speaker option. While it does not come with a built-in screen, it can be easily plugged into a monitor or a television so you can see the lyrics as your songs play. The disc compatibility is another aspect which we liked, as you aren't restricted to purely digital karaoke tracks.

Besides the microphone, the build quality of this karaoke machine is excellent, far beyond anything near it in terms of price so if you are looking for a robust and reliable speaker, this one will be ideal for you. If you have particularly rowdy children who tend to break a lot of things, this might be a good choice. The AVC backup in case you miss a lyric is also a nice touch.


Finding the right karaoke machine for your needs is not as difficult a task as first expected. It just takes a little bit of working knowledge on karaoke machines and the willingness to spend a healthy amount on a machine that will not immediately break on you. We hope these reviews for the best karaoke machine helped.

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