10 Choices for Buying a Best Keyboard for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

If you have a child who is interested in learning how to play piano, then you may want to invest in the best keyboard for kids. A great kids keyboard will make it easy for them to practice and it will be packed with fun features that will ensure that your child actually wants to spend time practicing. If you’re wondering “which is the best keyboard for kids?” then this buyer’s guide will help you find the right one for your family.

10 Choices of the Best Keyboard for Kids That are Sure to Inspire a Love of Music – Buyer’s Guide

1. BAOLI Piano Toy Keyboard – Best for Young Budding Singers and Pianists

BAOLI Piano Toy Keyboard for KidsUnlike other musical keyboards that only play music, the included microphone on this keyboard makes it easy for young musicians to sing while they play. Thanks to the clearly labeled keys, this small digital keyboard is easy for even the youngest kids to play.

Parents can connect their mobile phone or MP3 player to the keyboard, allowing kids to sing along with their favorite songs. Additionally, this keyboard only requires four AA batteries, which means that it can be easily set up and used right away without a lot of effort or needing to plug it in.

  • Features volume control and microphone so the child can fully immerse themselves in music
  • Small size is great for tiny rooms
  • Lid of the piano lifts for better sound quality
  • Microphone cord can be dangerous
  • Tends to sound thin and tinny
  • Microphone doesn’t provide great sound

2. aPerfectLife Kids Piano – Best for Busy Toddlers

aPerfectLife best keyboard for kidsThis is a great music keyboard for toddlers who are busy, love to push buttons, and want to really interact with their music rather than just making it. Because this powerful keyboard has built-in songs, rhythms, tones, and beats, it’s easy for toddlers to enjoy making a new song full of interesting sounds.
Because some of the keys will play different sounds from other instruments, this keyboard offers a great introduction to many instruments. As children move between the different keys and buttons, they will gain confidence and improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • Features 32 keys, as well as multifunction buttons
  • Included microphone is small enough for kids to hold
  • Has 22 demonstration songs for kids to play along with
  • Smaller size isn’t ideal for older kids
  • Microphone can easily become unplugged from the keyboard

3. aPerfectLife Multi-Function Electronic Piano – Best for Pre-K Kids

aPerfectLife Kids KeyboardMany parents want to know “what’s the best piano keyboard to buy?” especially when they are shopping for Pre-K kids who want a little more power and control from their instrument, but aren’t ready for a full-size keyboard. This is a great option that is durable, offers great sound quality, and is easy to use.

The multi-function feature of this child’s digital piano lets kids play along with their favorite songs, making them feel like they are a part of the music and giving them a boost of confidence.

  • Has 47 keys, as well as multi-function buttons
  • Made from durable and strong eco-friendly plastic that won’t easily break
  • Kids can connect a smartphone or tablet to sing along with other songs
  • Small microphone is difficult for some kids to hold
  • Speakers aren’t very high quality
  • Keys are fragile and need to be used with care

4. aPerfectLife Multi-Function Electronic Organ Piano – Best 61-Key Piano for Budding Musicians

aPerfectLife Multi-Function Electronic Organ Piano for kidsThis is a slightly larger keyboard instrument that is a great option for older kids who are interested in learning how to play. Not only are the keys highly responsive, but they are comfortable for kids to press and won’t strain any muscles in the hand.
With 16 kinds of timbre, 8 kinds of percussion recordings, 10 rhythm choices and 6 demos, children will be able to get a lot of use out of this diverse and powerful electronic piano.
  • Features 61 keys so that kids will have a lot of range when playing
  • Ships with DC charger, but can run on batteries as well
  • Allows kids to record and play back the music they have played
  • Some buttons don’t quickly respond when pressed
  • At only 1” thick, this keyboard doesn’t always feel sturdy

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5. Lujex Foldable Piano – Best for Kids on the Move

Lujex Foldable Piano for kidsThis portable keyboard is wonderful for kids who are constantly on the move and want to take their digital keyboard with them. It’s perfect for setting up outside on the porch or for taking on a road trip to be used in a hotel room.
Thanks to the built-in stereo speakers, users never have to worry about whether or not they will be able to hear the music they’re making. It also features 40 demos and 100 rhythms for children to enjoy and to play with when they are practicing.
  • Easily rolls up to be taken on the go
  • MIDI output can connect to a computer for musicians to edit their music
  • Includes 61 keys that are easy for kids to identify and to press
  • Has slower keyboard action
  • Volume doesn’t go very loud
  • Keys aren’t sensitive

6. Melissa & Doug Classic Grand Piano – Best Keyboard That Is Just Like Mom’s

Melissa & Doug best keyboard for kidsParents who are musicians will appreciate how real this smaller keyboard is. Kids often want to be just like their parents, and this keyboard is a great substitute for children who want to play on the family piano.
Thanks to the safety-hinged lid on the piano, kids won’t ever have to worry about pinching their fingers. Since it ships with a book that matches the color coding on the keys, kids can start making music right away without worrying about how to find the right note or matching it to a book for a more advanced musician.
  • Includes 30 hand-tuned keys
  • Non-tipping bench is safe for kids of all ages to use
  • Attractive design looks great in the main area of a home
  • Some keys have dead spots
  • Doesn’t have a deep or resonant tone
  • Tends to sound out of tune

7. M Sanmersen Kids Piano Keyboard – Best Multi-Functional Keyboard for Making Custom Songs

M Sanmersen Kids Piano KeyboardThanks to the bright colors on this portable keyboard, kids will instantly be drawn to it and want to play a song. It’s a great gift for any child who is interested in music as it makes it fun and easy to play songs thanks to the demo songs, tones, and rhythms.
Due to its light weight and small size, younger children can easily carry this electronic keyboard around the home with them. It’s also the perfect size to bring in the car or take on a sleepover to share with friends.
  • Playback function allows kids to hear the music that they worked so hard to make
  • Features 37 mini-size keys
  • Includes 100 tones, as well as 100 rhythms
  • Smaller size isn’t ideal for older kids
  • Kids with larger hands will struggle to hit the correct notes

8. Battat Meowsic Keyboard – Best Fun Design for Silly Kids

Battat Meowsic Keyboard best for kidsThis is a very fun keyboard that is a great option for toddlers and Pre-K kids who are interested in music and want something fun and interactive. The retractable microphone makes it easy for kids to sing along with the songs that they have written.
Thanks to the record button, kids can easily record their favorite songs they’ve written and then play them back at a later time. It runs on just four AA batteries, making it easy to keep this keyboard sounding great at all times.
  • Cute cat design appeals to lots of kids
  • Includes microphone so that budding musicians can sing with their music
  • Kids can choose from five different sounds to play
  • Sound quality can distort over time
  • Keys don’t easily press
  • Not great for fast runs, as the keys are slower to respond

9. Tencoz Digital Music Piano Keyboard – Best for Teaching Serious Young Students

Tencoz Digital Piano best Keyboard for kidsIt can be difficult to find a kid’s digital keyboard that offers a greater number of keys, which is more enjoyable for older kids to play on and allows them to really learn and to push themselves. This great option not only features tons of rhymes, timbre, and percussion to choose from, but it also has 61 keys.
It is great for newer and more advanced musicians thanks to the recording and playback feature, as well as how easily the keys press. With great sounding demos, kids can learn to play along to songs, which is great for helping them hear the beat of their music and improve their performance.
  • Features 61 keys and multiple functions
  • Single speaker for a clear sound without static
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Microphone doesn’t offer any amplification
  • Sound quality isn’t great
  • Not good for kids with larger fingers

10. aPerfectLife Chargeable Piano Keyboard – Best for Excited Beginners

aPerfectLife Chargeable Piano KeyboardThis attractive chargeable keyboard is a great option for beginning musicians who have a lot of passion and will be playing the keyboard all day long. It’s easy to connect a smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player to the keyboard so that kids can play along with their favorite songs.
The lighting function allows kids to easily follow along when the keys are lit up, quickly learning songs. While some people worry about too many effects being overwhelming for young children, there are just the right amount included to keep kids interested and involved.
  • Has 49 keys
  • Charging function makes it great for taking on the go
  • Sleep function prevents the digital piano from running out of power too quickly
  • Miniature keys are smaller than some kids can easily press
  • Headphone jack doesn’t work
  • Very lightweight and can easily be damaged


Here are 10 wonderful choices when you want to buy a keyboard for your children. No matter which one you buy, you can rest easy knowing that you’re making a commitment in their musical future and giving them an amazing gift that can last a lifetime. A great digital piano for kids will be fun and easy to play, and all of the ones on this list fit the bill perfectly.

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