Best Microphone Bags Review and Buying Guide in 2019

Whenever you are transporting musical equipment, you need something that guarantees their safety for more prolonged use. They are expensive pieces that you don’t buy frequently. That is where a microphone bag comes in handy. When you are searching for this type of casing, think about your microphone and everything else it uses to make your voice recording perfect or take it to the next level.

An advantage in investing bag cases from reliable brands is that you will not have to worry much about your microphones and included accessories once you store them for transportation. Here, we will review some of the microphone bags to check plus others to handle the wires and stands too.

Microphone Bags Comparison Table

Cable File Bag-Cable & Accessories Organizer Gig Bag
  • FEATURESMany slots in one bag
    Sturdy protective cover
    Side pockets for more things to carry
STUDIOCASE Wireless Microphone System Hard Case
  • FEATURES Hard protective casing
    Customizable foam interior
    Built-in handle for easy carrying
On Stage Microphone Stand Carry Bag
  • FEATURESGreat pockets
    Enough room
    The handles construction

Top 6 Microphone Bags Reviews

1.Cable File Bag-Cable & Accessories Organizer Gig Bag

Cable File Bag - Cable & Accessories Organizer Gig Bag / Soft Case

If you are always stressed about having to use different bags for different items, well, the first item on the list is a microphone cable bag that will carry your microphones and every other cable you need for your gig or recording sessions. The construction involves a strong PVC lined nylon with zippers at the top. In the bag, there 15 medium padded spaces to get hold of what you stuff in and have them securely placed.

To protect the microphones and cables when you place the bag on the floor or table among other places, the manufacturer includes a rigid fiberboard at the bottom of the bag. There are loop handles to help you carry the heavy luggage, and their wideness, which consists of a webbed design, is an assurance that your luggage is secure while on transit. There is also a shoulder strap which is padded to ease the stress on the shoulders in case you move a longer distance.

The outer covering also holds three large exterior pockets which can get hold of other accessories such as your phone and other portable gadgets. The slots in the inner side are of different sizes to hold large and smaller items that need a compact space. The overall weight of this bag is 18lbs when all the areas contain something to carry.

Some customers ask if this can be used to carry bulky cables. The bag allows you to take long wires, up to 50 inches long. Also, the inner compartments have fixed sizes which include ten one-inch slots, four two-inch slots, and one three-inch slot.

What customers say
“Being a musician with gigs to go to, you need a bag that can carry your possessions with care, and make it possible to carry one luggage. This Cable File Bag saved me from all the cable and microphone carrying nightmare. It works okay for everything it can handle, and I like the idea of side pockets for my CDs and flash disks. I sometimes insert my iPad in one of the inner compartments, and it stays secure and intact. That’s a plus for the manufacturer. One flaw with this bag is the included zipper.

It does not work well, and you need some little DIY repair to make it smooth while moving on the rail. I applied plain Chapstick on the zipper teeth then moved it a couple of times. It’s now good to go. The construction is also superb so, I have a feeling that it will be staying for long. If you have too many parts to carry for recording, this bag will be of great help.”

  • Many slots in one bag
  • Sturdy protective cover
  • Side pockets for more things to carry
  • Can carry microphones and cables combined
  • The zipper may not work well when new. It needs some repair work to make it work effectively

2.STUDIOCASE Wireless Microphone System Hard Case

STUDIOCASE Wireless Microphone System

Next one on the list is the STUDIOCASE Wireless Microphone System Hard Case which requires a little DIY for customization purposes. Made in the USA, this wireless microphone bag comes with a hard casing to enclose the inner compartments. It’s made of durable, low composite blow-mold plastic that makes it uncrushable. That means everything stays secure after closing and while on transit.

The inner material is composed of customization foam that you can cut precisely according to the measurements of your wireless microphone. All you have to do is remove the unneeded foam by carefully cutting it out to form the diced compartments to hold the microphones and any other equipment you wish to carry using the case.

While that allows you to cut out as desired depending on the size of your microphones or receiver, you need to not that there are specified microphones to use with it. The types include Shure, Sennheiser, FIFINE, Technica, Pyle, Archeer, Elegiant, Freeboss, GTD Audio and others that measure the same as the listed ones. With all devices and accessories in it, you should not go beyond 14 x 9 x 4 inches for the interior measurements.

The exterior includes a built-in travel handle to help you carry the case without too much thinking. One more thing, when picking and plucking out the inner foam material, it is advisable to go with ½-inch squares that are 2.5 inches deep. Overall, with the right care when customizing it, it is a useful hard case for your microphones and receivers.

What customers say
“This case arrived on time, and I was able to follow a few guidelines to customize it for my wireless microphones and a receiver with antennas. The casing now holds two microphones, the receiver, and backup wire. It looks official when stepping into offices and high-end concerts so, I’ll be using it for such occasions. I was scared on how to work on the foam but working on it was an educative and fun experience at the same time.”
  • Hard protective casing
  • Customizable foam interior
  • Can hold wireless microphones, receivers, and some wires
  • Built-in handle for easy carrying
  • You can only use it for a few items

3. On Stage Microphone Stand Carry Bag

On Stage Microphone Stand Carry BagOn Stage brand has been around for quite some time and their bags have seen the doors of various studios and concert performances. Here, they have a microphone stand bag that can be used to carry more than just the shafts and booms. The outer covering is made of heavy nylon which degrades when it comes to interior covering. To support and hold the load as you carry, there are two-hand straps that enable to balance everything and take it as one big load.

The 2-pull zipper goes all the way round to open the larger part of the bag and be able to access everything when you require to remove or load them back in the bag. To give it a rigid square shape whether it’s empty or full, there is a deluxe cord piping that is attached to the edges to secure the form.

The interior holds more than you think it can carry. On the opening flip, there are three large interior pockets to put the microphone bases for the stands. The lower part is suitable for booms and shafts. With every part being able to carry something, some customers have warned of the bag being more cumbersome than usual since the stands and metal bases give in much weight.

While the interior might make you worry of whether the bag will withstand heavy items for long, the outer cover has given service for over five years to those who have bought them in advance. That means it will resist little scratches but with all-around care and maintenance. The bag is 16 inches long which means you need shorter pieces of a stand collapsible to that level.

What customers say
“This bag gives you a chance to unscrew everything your microphone uses and put it in there. I was able to carry three bases, three microphone stands and wires with it. It, however, feels heavy, and I often have to use a taxi when traveling due to the weight. The zipper feels light when opening with the heavy load in it so, you have to be careful on that. Otherwise, with proper maintenance, it is worth the buying price. I recommend it to the younger generation which can carry a heavy load as opposed to the old.”
  • The pockets work great to hold the bases
  • Enough room to carry stands and other accessories
  • The handles construction make it possible to carry heavy luggage
  • The zippers feel light when opening and closing with heavy luggage
  • The interior material need proper care for long-term use

4.Gator GX-33 Lightweight Microphone Combo Carry Bag

Gator GX-33 Lightweight Microphone

Gator brand has made numerous electronic gadgets, and various mechanisms to handle them and ensure their safety. The gator gx 33 microphone and stand bag is one of the bag models they own, and this one is designed to carry more of what you require for your recording time or concert. The construction is composed of 600-Denier nylon which combines with the webbed handles to keep your luggage secure and easy to carry.

Now, to utilize this bag for better benefits, there is an outer section, at the top with thick foam to hold five microphones. Others have fitted in six of them with no problem. The microphone compartment is about eight inches long. Under it is a zipper that open to 40 inches long space with three equal areas for the shafts and booms that you microphones use. The compartment can fit up to three stands and some cables for the wired microphones. At the bottom, there is one more area to load in smaller objects, and it takes the space of the upper compartment once loaded.

Some of us are asking if you can detach the ends to make it a stands bag with no microphones. Well, that is possible if you have a tailor who knows what he or she is doing. You can decide to go down that road if you find the microphone compartment always flops whenever you are on the move. As for the length, you should not put anything that is beyond 48 inches long for comfortable carrying. One more thing, this bag is not suitable for carrying microphone stands with broad base areas. If this is the case, you need a bag that can handle the bases too such as the On Stage Microphone Stand carry Bag above.

What customers say

“The material I sturdy enough to hold the microphones securely and the stands too without any collision. The zippers do not disturb which is great and if you like separated compartments to handle different things, then here is the bag for microphones, stands and cables together. One flaw with this bag is the flopping microphone compartment that annoys me whenever I’m walking with the bag loaded. I heard that one could get rid of it but I still need somewhere to put the microphones so, I’ll be sticking to that despite the annoyance.”

  • Can carry stands and microphones together
  • Sturdy nylon cover construction
  • Webbed handles ensure comfortable carrying mechanism
  • Extendable on the ends
  • The microphone part tends to flop while on transit

5.Sennheiser CC3-EW Carrying Case

Sennheiser CC3-EW Carrying Case

This is a microphone casing that resembles the Studio Case we reviewed as the second item. However, there is no DIY here since everything has been done for you. The Sennheiser microphone bag contains a hard shell made of polymer to protect the devices after storage. Inside, you’ll see nothing else except the shaped thick foam material that aids in holding and protecting the microphone, receiver and other components.

The difference between Sennheiser and the STUDIO CASE model is that this one does not allow you to do it yourself. That means you have to get fitting wireless microphones, receivers and other items such as a lav transmitter as opposed to determining your measurements. On the other hand, if you have a Sennheiser wireless microphone system, then you are good to go since it’s suitable for a variety of their models.

The carrying handle is built on one of the sides which becomes the top as you carry. It provides easy portability by making it look like that business suitcase you walk in with during an interview. One of the flaws that most consumers find is the hard case opening while traveling. This can be fatal if you have an expensive microphone which could fall off if not fitted properly. You have to force it to shut to get a better closing contact. Otherwise, you will be cursing it every time it pulls an opening stunt.

What customers say
“This microphone casing is suitable for anyone with a Sennheiser wireless system. Otherwise, other systems might find a hard time to fit in since this does not permit any adjustments. I own a G3 IEM system with a microphone, a clip, the wireless unit, antenna, and a power cable and they all fit in without a problem. The only thing I find difficult is having to force it to shut so that it does not open up while I’m walking.”
  • Designed for all Sennheiser systems
  • Thick foam material
  • Hard outer casing with a built-in handle
  • The foam is not adjustable
  • You have to force it to shut down to prevent opening while on the move

6.Shure WA610 Hard Carrying Case

Shure WA610 Hard Carrying Case

The last one on the list is the Shure microphone casing that you can use to carry wireless systems. The outer cover is made of molded plastic that is hard enough to keep the devices secure. On the holding side is an attached swinging handle that resembles what a file casing has with clips that connect to the opening flip for proper closure. Here, you don’t have immediate opening up issues like the Sennheiser casing above.

The interior has all the protection that a wireless microphone and accompanying system require. It is already cut out as opposed to doing it yourself with enough fittings for the transmitter, power supply, receiver, antenna and lavalier microphone for those who own one. You need to take note of the wireless systems and receivers that this hard case can hold. Little adjustments are okay, but nothing should go beyond restructuring the initial shaping unless you know what you are doing.

What customers say
“It’s a well-built case that has ample storage for my SLX wireless system. It is among the compatible systems, so it’s advisable that you check on that before purchasing. The case appears large, but that is because of the extra protective form. For those of us with a Shure microphone and accompanying components, you can’t go wrong with this one. ”
  • Hard casing
  • Protective foam composes the interior
  • Compatible with a variety of wireless systems
  • It’s not easily adjustable when you have larger systems since the shapes are already made

Microphone Bags Buying Guide

After going through the bags and cases review above, here is a small guideline to give you the insights of other things to consider when picking the perfect choice for you.

Microphone Bags Characteristics

Always check your microphone, stands, and other accessories before choosing the suitable bag or case. If you have more things to carry, it is always advisable to go for the bigger ones.
There are bag and cases for everyone looking for something to transport their microphones, stands, and other items. However, the higher the price, the better the quality and longevity of use.

Transporting expensive microphones and systems need you to consider solid casings. On the other hand, there are nylon materials with padded compartments to carry the mics and cables. Here, it depends on the type of microphone you own.

You will be carrying the bag which can either be full or not. That means you have to consider the weight of the pack when empty and full to avoid loading more than you can carry.

Benefits of Having a Microphone Bag

Microphone Bags benefits

The primary objective of owning such an accessory is to protect the microphones and other things that accompany it from damages while on transit. They simplify the aspect of transporting everything you need to record at once. Bags and casings guarantee that your microphone is protected from the following:

  • Falling
  • Dust from the outside environment
  • Insects attack
  • Harsh weather conditions

Mics are not cheap, and you need to take care of them for the service they continue to offer us. When they are subjected to conditions such as humidity and dust, they become vulnerable to damage not to mention quality deterioration. If you are moving long distances with them, then a good bag or casing is inevitable.

Selecting the Right Pack for You

Now that we have seen the microphone bags and casings to look for, the remaining thing is for you to use this information in selecting the right pack for you. Our product review has encompassed a variety of products to check, and they all have different designs and functionality to cover the market expectation. If you have more to share or comment, we don’t mind sharing your view to the rest of the readers out there.

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