10 Best Piano Keyboard for Beginners in 2019 Buyer’s Guide

It doesn’t matter how old you are – if you want to learn how to play piano, then you will want to invest in the best piano keyboard for beginners. While there are some keyboards on the market that are geared towards younger musicians, there are also great options available for the adult student.

10 Incredible Choices for the Best Piano Keyboard for Beginners: Reviews and Comparisons

1. RockJam Electronic Keyboard – Best Electronic Keyboard for Beginners

RockJam Electronic Keyboard for BeginnersOne thing that really sets this apart as the best digital piano for beginners is that it includes one month of free membership to the iOS and Android Simply Piano app. This makes it easy for true beginners to get the support and lessons that they need to succeed.

It includes a power supply, stool, and high-quality headphones so that you can start playing and listening to yourself right away. The headphones make it possible for musicians to practice on their own without feeling the stress of others hearing them perform, which is a great way to build confidence in musical abilities.

  • Features a 61-key keyboard
  • Includes powerful LCD screen that is easy to read
  • Features 50 demo songs, 100 keyboard sounds, and 100 rhythms
  • LCD screen can start to fail
  • Very heavy and difficult to move
  • Power button doesn’t push easily

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2. RockJam Portable Electronic Keyboard – Perfect for the Musician on the Go

RockJam best piano Keyboard for beginnersWhile in the past, it may have been very difficult to find a high-quality portable digital keyboard that was great for beginners to practice and play on, RockJam has created the perfect instrument for musicians on the go. Not only does it have a surprising 54 keys, which allows for easy practice of many songs, but it’s lightweight and incredibly durable.

This is a really good choice for younger musicians due to the smaller scale of the instrument. Additionally, children will love experimenting with the 100 keyboard sounds and may even be inspired to practice more due to the ability to change their tone and sound so quickly and easily.

  • Features eight demo songs
  • Offers recording and playback functionality
  • Interactive LCD screen makes it easy for beginners to practice certain notes
  • Lower notes seem quieter than higher notes
  • Headphone jack doesn’t mute the speaker
  • Sheet music stand is a little flimsy

3. Casio SA76 – Best for Young Children

Casio SA76 Best Piano Keyboard for BeginnersThere are a lot of practice piano keyboards on the market that are geared specifically for children and don’t offer the power and control that digital keyboards for adults do. While this is a smaller option than other digital pianos on the market, it is still surprisingly powerful and is great for children to learn on and get inspired by.

This is a great option that is not only portable, but small enough to be pushed out of the way when practice time is over. Kids love the clear and bright sound that it produces, and parents love the lower price point.

  • 50 rhythm patterns and 100 sounds keep children interested
  • LCD display is easy for kids to read
  • Tone selection is easy
  • Not large enough for adults to easily use
  • Can tend to get hot during use
  • Lower keys sometimes get stuck

4. Alesis Recital Beginner Piano – Best Keyboard for Piano Lessons

Alesis Recital digital PianoThe first thing that musicians notice about this powerful piano is that it offers a full 88 key range. This means that it is great for older beginners who are going to quickly advance through their books and will want to improve their abilities and range quickly.

There are great built-in educational features with this digital piano, it also includes lesson modes and three months of premium subscription to online piano lessons. This makes it easy for true beginners to get the feel for the instrument and to take lessons on their own time without having to find an expensive teacher.

  • Semi-weighted keys feel like an acoustic piano
  • Adjustable touch response
  • Powerful 20W speakers provide great sound
  • Weight on the keys isn’t comfortable for some users
  • Volume button can fail
  • High volume is very quiet

5. Alesis Melody 61 MKII – Best Overall Bundle for Newbies

Alesis Melody 61 MKII Piano KeyboardBeginning pianists will enjoy that they get everything they need with this bundle. Thanks to the keyboard, the bench, stand, microphone, headphones, music rest, and power adapter, you can easily set up your new keyboard and not have to worry about missing any important components.

The song mode has 300 built-in tones that make it easy for beginners to practice their rhythm and play along with music. This is a great option for pianists who have the ultimate goal of being in a band and need to make sure that they can play with others.

  • Play with 40 demo songs or write your own
  • 61 keys are highly responsive
  • Built-in speakers are great for putting on a concert for family and friends
  • Notes tend to sound weak
  • Some notes are distorted, especially when held down
  • The speakers can easily fail

6. Yamaha PSR-E264 – Best Keyboard for Learning Correct Fingering and Technique

Yamaha PSR-E264 Piano Keyboard for BeginnersWhen you are asking yourself “what is the best piano keyboard for beginners?” then you will definitely want to consider this option from Yamaha. It is not only portable, but also a decent price, two things that beginners will want to consider when shopping for a new instrument.

This Yamaha piano may be smaller than other options on the list, but Yamaha is known for being one of the best piano keyboard brands, and their commitment to quality shines here. It’s perfect for beginners, thanks to the Yamaha Education Suite and the ability to listen to yourself play through headphones.

  • 61 full sized keys are designed for perfect practice
  • Has more than 100 preset songs
  • Aux line input allows users to connect any music device that has a headphone output
  • Power adapter is sold separately
  • Tends to go through batteries quickly
  • Not all functions are easy to understand

7. Joy Simulation Piano Keyboard Kit – Best for Loud Sound in Small Spaces

Joy Simulation Piano Keyboard KitThis great digital keyboard is easy to set up in a corner of the room, and while it doesn’t take up a lot of floorspace, the included speakers are loud and powerful. It has keys that are specially designed to perfectly match the shape of keys on an acoustic piano, which is great for practice.

With the LED display and sensitive functions and effects to choose from, it’s easy for beginners to practice and to play with their sound using the 128 rhythms, 128 timbres, 12 demonstration songs, and 8 percussions to spice up their music.

  • Produces rich and full tones
  • Demonstration songs help beginners imitate playing and learn faster
  • Features multiple patterns and functions for practice and performance
  • Speakers tend to hum
  • Some lower keys will stick, sometimes
  • Bench is not easy to assemble

8. GreenPro 61 – Best Keyboard with a Large and Bright LED Screen

GreenPro 61 Key Portable Electronic Piano KeyboardThe USB port on this instrument makes it easy to connect it to a computer, and the headphone and microphone jacks are secure and tight. Since this digital keyboard can be powered by either six D batteries or the included plugin adapter, it’s great for taking on the road.

The LCD screen is one of the best features of this digital piano and makes it very easy for users to see and change their settings at will. Not only can users easily read the screen in the dark, but it is designed to be just as visible and easy to read in lighter conditions, as well.

  • 61 full sized keys
  • Adjustable stand is easy to use
  • Has three teaching modes with 60 demos, 300 timbres and 300 rhythms
  • Some keys will fail when being used
  • Charging cord isn’t reliable or durable
  • Stand tends to fall backwards

9. The ONE Music Group Smart Piano Keyboard – Best Option with Lighted Keys

The ONE Smart Piano KeyboardWhat really makes this electronic keyboard stand out from others is the fact that the keys light up and help new musicians follow along when playing. This means that both children and older beginners will be able to easily start playing piano without a lot of delay.

With MIDI output, as well as recording, it’s easy to listen to what you played and even edit it with music software on a computer. Thanks to the simple design of this keyboard, it looks great in most any home. The keys only light up during songs, which means that more advanced musicians can play on it, as well.

  • LED lighted keys are easy to follow
  • Free app includes unlimited music content
  • Has 128-note polyphony
  • Keys aren’t weighted
  • Some keys stick when played
  • App isn’t compatible with all devices

10. Yamaha EZ-220 – Best Premium Bundle with Multiple Voices

Yamaha EZ-220 piano keyboardWhen you are looking for the best keyboard for kids, you will want to consider this option from Yamaha. While it is a little more expensive than other options for digital pianos geared towards children, it offers light-up keys that make it easy for beginners to follow along when playing.

The 32-note polyphony makes this ideal for new musicians, rather than for more advanced pianists. There are 100 accompaniment styles to choose from, which children will really love to experiment with when playing. Additionally, this Yamaha digital piano ships with a power cord, stand, and headphones, so users can start playing right away.

  • 392 high-quality instrument voices
  • 100 built-in songs
  • Yamaha Education Suite
  • Loud background in the pre-loaded songs can be distracting
  • On/off button sometimes fails
  • Headphones aren’t very high quality


As you can see, there are a lot of incredible options on the market for new musicians who are looking for the best keyboard for learning piano. If you are wondering which one you should choose, then you have probably asked yourself, “which best piano keyboard is right for me?” Any of the options on this list are a great choice, as included are the best piano keyboard brands on the market today.

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