Best Portable Computer Keyboards to Check in 2019

Best Portable Computer Keyboards: Computers have gone a long way from the days of the universal machine to now when we can carry them in our pockets (the smartphones). As they continue to advance in making life easier for us, the input options have also found a way to keep up to include a portable computer keyboard. The touch screens offer a solution when it comes to keying in something to display on the monitor, but serious work like writing this guideline for you to read needs a suitable keyboard to do the job.

Some of us will like the big ones that are still portable or the mechanical types that give you the haptic experience. Others are always on the move, and when they require a monitor and keyboard, they need something to throw in the bag, with or without the connecting cable. This guide has a mixture of everything for the products and a guideline to help in selecting the best in addition to more information about portable keyboards in general.

Once your fingers land on the best keyboard for your assignment or whatever you are doing, there are speed and reliability benefits to be enjoyed. Technology has simplified everything complicated, and the keyboards are getting better and better. Are you programming, writing or playing games? We got you covered with the portable keyboards in our selection to check the next time you need one, and Black Friday is just around the corner among other crazy offers in your region.

Best Portable Computer Keyboards to Check in 2019

JETech 2160 Ultra-Slim Wireless Keyboard
  • FEATURESLow profile keys
    Wireless connection
    All keyboard functions included
HP Wireless Eli​​​​​te Keyboard
  • FEATURES Ultra-slim design
    Fully sized and portable
    Long battery life
Fosmon Portable Bluetooth Keyboard
  • FEATURESSmall, compact and portable
    ully QWERTY
    asyE to see the keys

Portable Computer Keyboard Reviews

1. JETech 2160 Ultra-Slim Wireless Keyboard

JETech Ultra-Slim 2.4G Wireless Keyboard for Windows(Black)

We start with the JETech Ultra-Slim Wireless Keyboard that you can enjoy using after connecting it via the receiver that comes with it. This small portable computer keyboard instantly becomes useful the moment you plug in the nano USB receiver into one of your computer’s ports. Depending on the size of your screen, you have a connection range of up to 33 feet from the 2.4GHz frequency.

The construction utilizes a slim design that is compact, unlike the traditional chunky types that took so much room. It functions as a standard laptop keyboard with all the functions included.

Everything that you do on the laptop is doable with the JETech keyboard which means you are sorted out for all alphanumeric applications and shortcuts. The keys obtain a low profile feature just like the small computers which implies that even your typing will be silent all through.

To give you long-term use, it comes with an extended battery life specification that goes for three months per a pack of two AAA batteries. The batteries are however not included, so you have to purchase them separately. It’s possible to order them both if you want your package to arrive in full with no battery hustle after it comes. In case of anything, the package includes an instructional manual and a lifetime warranty card!

A couple of issues with this keyboard would include compatibility. It works with all Windows OS versions, but XP users have complained of it not working on that end. For Mac users, if your device has a USB port, then you are good to go. It also works on the previous and latter consoles so, for the PS4 lovers, you are sorted out here if you still don’t have that gaming keyboard. At times, when you get functionality issues such as typing delays or errors, then you need to remove the batteries and insert them again to reset the keyboard. After that, it should be back to normal or as per the original settings.

What customers say
This keyboard does everything I require, and the first thing I adored is how it resembles the laptop keyboard. The keys are low and soft to the touch. I don’t have to lift my fingers too high and strike harder as I do on my desktop. Setting up only requires you to get it out of the box, plug in the USB receiver and have the batteries inserted. That’s all. At times, I get delays on it, and during then, the NumLock key is always lit up until the issue ends. Otherwise, everything else is great.
  • Low profile keys
  • Wireless connection gets rid of cables
  • The slim design makes it easily portable as it takes less space
  • All keyboard functions included
  • Some users have complained of delays after continued use
  • It might not work in previous operating systems since it’s a recent model


2. HP Wireless Eli​​​​​te Keyboard

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2

For all typists out there, here is a portable full size computer keyboard that has everything the earlier keyboard forms possessed. The HP Wireless Elite Keyboard comes in a sleek ultra-slim design that makes it moveable. It is alphanumeric with all the hot and function keys included which means you can do anything that the integrated keyboard does on your computer.

On the right side is a number dial pad that resembles the traditional keyboard and you only need the num lock key to keep it functional or locked. If you are worried about compatibility issues, this keyboard is compatible with Windows XP upwards and Mac users.

If you were earlier experiencing noise as you type, this one has low profile seated keys that need a little press to strike the letters or commands to your PC. Apart from the tactile experience, the flat design makes the keyboard resistant to dirt not to mention the easy cleaning mechanism. Since it comes wireless, there is a USB receiver just like the keyboard we have reviewed above to connect it to the computer using a 2.4 GHz frequency.

Now, the good thing about the receiver is that it will enable you to operate up to five wireless devices using a single connector. The freedom can be as far as 30 feet which is equal to 10 meters away. The manufacturer calls it the HP Link-5 technology.

The slim design includes small stands that make it height adjustable. That means you can operate it when it is flat on the table surface or inclined at an angle, whichever suits you. It comes with 2 AAA batteries that you need to replace once after some years, and their power indicator is available to notify you whenever they need changing.

Overall, it is a keyboard that will handle all the work needed to be done on the computer while it stays intact for years, giving you the same experience all through.

What customers say
I work in an IT Tech Company, and there are many keyboards on trial now and then. That went on until I landed on the HP Wireless Elite. The experience not only made it necessary to replace what we use in the offices but I did the changes at home too to own three of them.

Everyone in the house loves them to the point that my wife now doesn’t use her mini-portable keyboard anymore. They are compact and slim which you can feel while carrying and using. I have heard them for three years now, and I have only replaced the batteries on all of them twice. I have no problem with compatibility issues, and the USB receiver enables me to use the keyboard and a wireless mouse together which is great.

  • Ultra-slim design
  • Fully sized and portable
  • Low profile keys that are easy to clean
  • Long battery life
  • HP Link-5 technology allows you to connect other wireless devices
  • It is big so portability could be an issue for those without a proper bag or casing
  • No backlight


3. Fosmon Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Fosmon Portable Lightweight Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

For those who are looking for a portable mini computer keyboard to use on their phones, HTPC (Home Theater PC) or consoles, the Fosmon Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth keyboard sorts everything out. It uses V3.0 Bluetooth technology that is compatible with the PC, iPad, TV Box, Android PS4 and Xbox 360.

On it is an included touchpad that goes hand in hand with the full QWERTY keyboard which comprises of all the keyboard functionalities. Another adorable feature is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that excludes the need to replace every time the power drops.

Although it will prove to be hard when typing a long assignment or doing some serious coding work, gamers, HTPC users and texting are some of the uses that you can find this keyboard best on. Are you using it in a dark environment, don’t worry since there is a backlighting mechanism to make the keys visible.

In case you remove it from the list of Bluetooth devices that your device recognizes, press the Bluetooth button then try to pair it again, and everything should work fine. If your device has no Bluetooth capability, you can utilize the USB receiver to connect with no problems at all. With all functionalities included on this lightweight, wireless and portable keyboard, you even don’t need an extra mouse to keep the operations smooth.

What customers say
I ordered it for my HTPC, and it arrived faster than usual which is a great customer delivery. It fits well on my hand, and the kids also love it whenever they need it to play games. The backlighting is suitable for my space whenever I don’t need lighting. I’m able to see everything on it. In case you are using a USB receiver like me. Pairing should not be a problem as long as the keyboard is charged.
  • Small, compact and portable
  • Fully QWERTY with an integrated touchpad
  • Suitable for texting or game playing using one hand control
  • Backlighting makes it easy to see the keys
  • Not ideal for serious typing work


4. Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard

Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard

Do you want something that you can use to work and roll to fit in small spaces? Here is a portable computer keyboard from Sungwoo that is flexible, soft to the touch and foldable after use. It has all the functions that keyboards have together with a separate number dial pad on the right side.

The construction involves a silicon material that has the needed intensity and elasticity to fold and use it while typing. It is odorless and non-toxic so, you don’t have to worry about your future health when using it. Being flexible means that transporting it is easy if you are always on the move and it’s compatible with a notebook, Windows laptops and Mac.

The slim design also comes with a dustproof and waterproof with no additional skin cover required. Any landing food crumbs or dust will encounter secure cleaning mechanism using a damp cloth, alcohol or an alcohol-based disinfectant. Have you ever enjoyed a quiet typing experience?

The soft material on the keys allows you to be as discreet as possible. There is no sound produced which implies that it gets more silent than your laptop keyboard. With this model, you will have peaceful nighttime whenever your family is asleep, and you don’t want them to know that you are staying late typing hard.

Speaking of typing, it will help you complete the work needed, but users have complained of requiring a little effort from the fingers for the keys to be active with every stroke you make. You also need a USB connection since it comes wired. As long as your PC, smart TV or console can recognize the modern keyboards if any, then connecting and using this product will not be a problem.

To protect the keyboard from external hazards, it is advisable not to stretch it while using or twist it in any way. Also, you are required to get rid of heavy objects pressing the keyboard while on transit, and you are also not needed to push it when folded. Last but not least, all keyboards do not work well or at all after spilling liquids on them, and this one is no exception.

What customers say
I’m fond of travelling, and I’m not comfortable using my laptop keyboard all the time. This one came in handy since I can rill it and throw in the bag, then pull it out whenever I have some free typing time. Using it is not a problem except for the little effort I have to use on the keys while I type. I once used it with my tablet after connecting via an OTG cable and everything worked just as fine. I recommend for anyone on the move like me, and you have limited carrying space.
  • Foldable silicone material
  • Includes the number dial pad
  • Easy to carry and compatible with most PCs
  • You have to press the keys a little harder to make it effective


5. BFRIENDit Wired USB Keyboard

BFRIENDit Wired USB Keyboard

Here is another portable full size computer keyboard that aims to be your best friend whenever you are on your PC. The BFRIENDit Wired Keyboard comes with a USB connection and 105 keys. That means you have everything a traditional keyboard possesses and with all the alphanumeric capabilities.

The keys include a number dial pad, and they are low profile in nature, just like on your laptop. The manufacturer calls them the Chiclet keys since they have a shape similar to Chiclet chewing gum pieces. That is how you enjoy quiet time typing everything all through.

It has a slim design that makes it portable despite the size and the light finger touch is aided by the underneath scissor key structure that makes they keys bouncy. With the QWERTY formation already in place, you will enjoy the same accurate keystrokes just like other keyboards with an extended tactile experience.

It features a USB connection with a standard cable length for the keyboards which makes it compatible with all Windows versions and Mac. You don’t need any drivers to install unless your USB connection on the computer is not working which will require the USB drivers and not for the keyboard. If the white keyboard is not your best color, the BFRIENDit brand has black, light green, pink, white, and white/orange pigments to choose from. One more thing, it does not have a backlighting mechanism, but various keys have lighting such as the caps lock on and off and num lock.

When you order this portable keyboard, the manufacturer includes a free keyboard cover and a one year warranty against any issues. In case of anything, their customer service is available to attend to you on our 24-hour range after submitting your request.

What customers say
I bought the black version since I don’t like colored items. It works great on windows since nothing much is required except connecting via the wired USB. After testing, I did not ask for any replacement since it does everything plus it gives you a quiet and smooth typing experience. I don’t think anyone looks for anything else apart from any other added functionalities. I like using it with the dust cover since it minimizes the clacking noise which is however minimal as opposed to disturbing.
  • Full size to include everything from the traditional end
  • The slim design makes it portable
  • Compatible with all computers and consoles with a USB connection
  • Consists of a dust cover
  • Full-sized types may be harder to carry if you don’t have enough space despite them being portable


6. Tempus® Raspberry Pi 7″ Monitor and Integrated Keyboard

Tempus® Raspberry Pi 7" LED Backlit LCD Monitor with Leather Case and Integrated Keyboard

The last one on the list is a portable computer monitor and keyboard that lets you carry both to your designated location. The Raspberry Pi 7-inch monitor and integrated keyboard allow you to access your Pi devices whenever you need to adjust the code or configure something.

The monitor and keyboard are made easy to carry via the leather housing that holds the USB ports on the keyboard end. The leather case also attaches the removable screen, but you cannot detach the keyboard out of it. To power up everything, the screen comes with a power adaptor which becomes the sole source power if you have limited connections.

To keep everything simple, you only need to power up the monitor, and that’s it. The keyboard gets loaded from the screen, and so does the Pi device. The power cable powering your Pi is connected on the screen.

Other connections include an HDMI cable that outputs the Pi contents on the screen. The only extras you might need in this scenarios is maybe the mouse only. The rest is there for you to utilize. Some users have complained of the resolution being greater or smaller than the screen.

The monitor has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. To make the screen work for you despite the switch between different devices, you have to change the overscan settings to stop the display from spilling off the screen. The changes you may require include overscan_left: 64, overscan_right: 64, overscan_top: 24, and overscan_bottom: 32.

Now, if you only need the monitor and keyboard, portability will not be a problem here, however, if you have one Pi device, there are some restrictions which you have to improvise on to make it moveable. It is possible to attach the Pi device on the back lid of the screen using a suitable tape and perform some cable organization to make them work well and with minimal adjustments when the need arises. That way you can move it when desired as opposed to having the Pi and monitor with keyboard separated.

For any defects among other issues, the manufacturer includes a one year warranty.

What customers say

I have a couple of Raspberry Pi computers that are headless, and I wanted one controller for all which you can call an access point – the Raspberry monitor and keyboard. With this screen and keyboard set up, it is easier to move with the leather casing from one robot to the next instead of moving them in their delicate nature. One thing though, if you don’t have various Pi devices like me and you only use the monitor and keyboard to access one machine, then portability can be a problem if you don’t know how to go around it.

If you think of how you can attach the small device at the back lid of the screen and do some cable organization, then you can move with everything together with the power adapter separated from the connection. It is the only item that you will have to carry solo with everything else attached. You also need to be aware of the screen resolution settings to prevent content from going beyond the screen regardless of the Pi you are currently accessing. Overall, if you have multiple devices to configure, this monitor and keyboard will give you the access you need quickly.

  • Integrated monitor and screen
  • They are both portables using a leather casing
  • The monitor is the sole source of power for all the other connected devices
  • Works better when you have multiple Pi devices
  • May not be portable enough when you have only one Pi device unless you improvise


Portable Computer Keyboard Buying Guide

Now after reading the reviews above, it is clear that now you need to change how you look at your keyboard and some of the best deals to chase in the market. When it comes to choosing a portable computer keyboard, preference is key. However, how much do you know except what you prefer? The following guideline will help you make your choice much better.

The Keystroke Mechanism

They compose the keyboard among other features and how they work is an essential aspect since that’s what they are meant to use when keying in commands. The previous desktop models had their portable keyboards containing dome-shaped key switches. They were thicker which means the keys had to travel more distance before a keystroke is registered. It also implied more laborious typing which is different from what the laptops have.

Laptop keyboards utilize the scissor-shaped key switches. They have a lower profile, making the keys look more flat with less travel distance. That is what makes the typing look easy on laptops. Recent times have seen a change in desktop keyboards where they have also embraced the laptop style of key placement. The laptop style is more popular hence affecting the desktop approach, and that is how you get the portable full size keyboards with the tactile experience.


It is common to think that there is only one keyboard layout since the computers came into our lives. The designers, on the other hand, have manipulated the standards to come up with something that can be used across platforms, accommodate a different design among other factors and this has affected how we use keyboards.

Many keyboards are meant to operate on Windows and Mac. That is why most of them will have the Windows and Alt keys as opposed to Command and Options buttons for the Mac OS end. They also don’t include any modifications to make it usable on both sides may be in favor of one of the operating system’s series. You will need to access the keyboard and mouse control panel to configure the keyboard to work as expected for the Mac OS.

Most of our keyboards include usage on both ends, but you should try to make sure that it suits what you are doing on the computer every other day. Make sure what you choose does not affect overall productivity.

Ergonomics and Design

Different brands have their design and general appearance. They will come in various colors, styles and finishes in a bid to make them great and appealing. When it comes to ergonomics, they all go ahead to offer you comfort as you type and safety features that will ensure that it serves you for years.

Some designers will have slim keyboards (which we have reviewed in plenty) that don’t demand you to twist your arm as you try to raise and reach for the keys. Others will come with risers to make them inclined at an angle. The slope design can make it reachable and accessible to type if you are seated in a slanted angle, but it doesn’t improve that much. The effort required to key in on laptops is minimal, and so are the recent portable designs.

Extreme ergonomics is exhibited in curved keyboards, that go-ahead to split into two. They provide natural positions for your wrists and arms as you type.

Connecting to the Computer

Keyboards recognize your computer either via the USB cable provided or a wireless connection. While wired connections are much better since you are sure of the interaction, wireless keyboards avoid all the wire clutter, and you have a chance to move further away from the computer up to some meters away. Since they don’t get power from any connection, you need some batteries to make them work.

Wireless types will either use Bluetooth or Radio Frequency (RF). RFs make use of a USB receiver that you can plug into the port. You can view it as a tiny flash disk only that this one is supposed to send the signals. Mac OS recognizes this, and at that point, you have no problem using the keyboard. As for the Bluetooth, your computer or device must have a built-in Bluetooth adaptor or using a USB Bluetooth dongle. Bluetooth requires pairing of devices for recognition, and it can be more complicated when compared to the wired types.

Bluetooth has come with some advantages especially if your computer or tablet has a built-in Bluetooth capability. You also don’t have to make one of the ports filled since you are using the dongle. Bluetooth also offers you a chance to use the portable keyboard together with other connecting devices.  However, due to delays caused in connection when starting your computer, waking it from sleep and after some inactivity period has made users favor the wired connections.


Some keyboards are small enough to be thrown in the bag or a fitting pouch. Others have specifications such as folding ability due to their flexible make. Others are as big as the full-size keyboards, and they may offer a chance to move if you have the right carrying mechanism. To make keyboards portable, most of them omit the numeric keypads to make them smaller and make use of layouts that are not standardized.


It is evident that you need to check the pricing since we are always on a budget. On the other hand, since portable computer keyboards range from $10 to almost $1000, will you compromise quality over price? Also, does that mean that you will have to spend a chunk of money on something that gives you the same experience as another one that is lesser than the price of your current pick?

After checking what our review and other customers are saying, it is essential that you take into consideration what you are paying for. Our keyboards are between $15 and $100, and we believe that is what will render you a nice package with the quality that most customers are searching. Anything beyond $400 is just paying for the brand name or those unique features that you don’t get in the standard keyboards.

Other Features
Designers have gone ahead to include more functions on the keyboard such as media control and launching of programs quicker than having the use the mouse as you toggle. Others will come with dedicated actions programmed in them, but you should be aware that such will require some special drivers to get them functional. Others will include a touchpad, speakers and iPod locks among other cool features.
Pick Your Best Portable Computer Keyboard

Now that you have seen some of the best portable computer keyboards, the only question remaining is what do you need a keyboard for? Some of us use them to type all day, program or just let them sit there for a few commands here and there as we use the computer. Whatever you are doing with it, make sure that you read through the reviews and considerations to make before making the final decision.

Have we missed anything in the course of reviewing keyboards? Please let us know by hitting the comment box below, and we will be glad to share your view.

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