Best Turntable Mats to Buy in 2019

Unless you set out to search for a perfect turntable mat for yourself, you won’t know how tough a job it is; even tougher than selecting the right turntable we’d say. To get a mat or a slip mat? To get a cork mat or a felt mat? Or should you go for a classy, leather mat? The wide range of choices may land you in a limbo. But don’t worry, we’re here for the rescue.

This guide will condense everything you need to know about the best turntable mats and slip mats so that you can make a more informed purchase decision. Now for the record, these are our Top picks for the best Turntable mats and Slipmats.


HUDSON HI-FI SWISS LEATHER MATThis beauty is designed to enrich the sound of your turntable. It sits well on a 12-inch platter and offers a better playback surface than felt or cork alternatives. It lowers the overall noise and static and enhances the sound by dampening resonance. It works well with the metal tables as compared to felt mats. Other than reducing static it also prevents dust. Its design helps to improve the dynamic range of your records. However, it is only compatible and fits on a 12-inch platter, and you won’t be able to customize it according to your platter as easily.

  • A better alternative to felt or cork surfaces
  • Effective dampening resonance
  • Dynamic range and reduces noises
  • Only fits on turntables with a 12-inch platter




This Strobe Disc from Purest Audio easily lets you align your cartridge and set the speeds to 33, 45 and 78 without fail every single time. This disc is also designed for use in artificial light so that you can note when the disc’s pattern appears static.

The ST-PT-89 Strobe is more than a disc to check speed; it also lets you align your cartridges accurately because of the diagram on a hit flipside. The drawback of the hit, however, is that you cannot use it as a slip mat since it is made of plastic.

And this is also the reason why it might not provide isolation from vibrations, and you might not be able to enjoy your records if this is used as a slip mat. Some users have complained about how the installation manual’s instructions are not very clear.

  • Accurate adjustment for speed
  • Cartridge alignment is precise
  • Might now work as a slip mat
  • Assembly instructions and ambiguous


3. PRO JECT Cork It Turntable Mat

 PRO JECT Cork It Turntable MatThis is the no non-sense mat you’ve been looking for. The Pro-Ject Cork-it mat goes with all turntables, reducing static workload and canceling noises.

It serves as a great alternative to the felt mats. Cork mats are good at damping resonances from metal platters which also reduces noise. In case you have a tight budget, cork mats are your go-to thing.

Unlike cork mats that are not good at damping and collect dust, this cork mat will be more effective at damping, having strong contact to avoid static and at keeping dust away.

As opposed to usually felt mats, this is way thinner which means your record can easily lie on top of it, at the correct position.

  • Appropriate for all turntables
  • Reasonably priced
  • Reduces Dust and Static
  • Dynamic range is not as enhanced as promised



This is a high-quality slip mat that is apt for both DJing and everyday listening. Its surface is dye-sublimated and is extra smooth to provide greater performance. This is because the friction is reduced and there’s lesser static.

It’s not just an efficient slip mat, but it looks very good too. The cool op-art effect that’s produced when the platter spins is aesthetically pleasing. You don’t need to worry about your beloved vinyl records deteriorating since this slip mat provides a great cushion, protecting the record

The users have been debating about this matt’s ability to add to the low end. However, rest assured, you can enjoy the needle stability and quietness.

  • Suitable for DJing
  • Extra smooth surface
  • Good protection and cushioning
  • Higher needle stability
  • Sound quality improvement is unconvincing



Acrylic Turntable MatAre you looking for a mat that looks cool and at the same time promises to improve the sound quality of your records? The Acrylic Turntable Mat from Hudson Hi-Fi is the answer then. It promises to absorb unwanted vibrations to enhance your sensory experience.

It enables the stylus to make a smoother contact with the grooves on your records to produce clearer sounds. In terms of sound quality, you can expect a tighter bass response, improved mid-range and a less splashy sound. The blue or yellow edge, a see-through effect all adds to the aesthetics of this turntable mat, giving it a fresh, unconventional look.

The mat works well with all 12-inch platters. The playing surface is so smooth, and the label recess supports the sound perfectly as the record stay flat on the mat. The sides are smooth for setting arm-bias. There is also a protective removable film that’s shipped with the mat to help avoid any scratches.

  • Absorbs vibrations
  • Tighter bass response and improved mid-range
  • Super-smooth surface
  • Modern, cool look
  • Can be costly


6. Premium Leather Deer Hide Turntable Mat

Premium Leather Deer Hide Turntable Mat

Leather for Deer hide is a strong material which means when you buy this mat, it might cost you a bit more, but it will be worth it because your mat will last longer. This mat gives protection to the records by reducing static and by preventing dust. It is double-sided and made of leather and suede.

It doesn’t only look classy, but performance-wise it would improve the sound quality of your records by dampening resonances and enhancing bass responses.

It fits all the 12-inch platers and is compatible with most of the turntables out there. However, you can only get two options of color to choose from while buying this mat. It’s dimensioned can be custom-made according to your platter size.

  • Durable lasts a long time
  • Anti-static and reduces dust
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not accumulate much dust
  • It is expensive
  • It is only available in two colors.


Can You Buy Used Turntable Mats?

Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it. Buying used turntable mats may be convenient and affordable options for some, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Unless the mat is in mint condition, always go with a brand new one. This will ensure that your records are safe and no problems occur.

Why Does Your Friend’s Turntable Sound Better Than Yours?

There are a million reasons why theirs sounds better. Not every turntable is the same. Their mat might be different; the model might be better, it could be the mass, rigidity, the materials used, the stability of the motor, and isolation.

Are High-Quality Turntable Mats Worth Investing In?

We’ve always said this: quality over quantity. Your records are precious and therefore deserve the best. Don’t go with just about anything. There are plenty of turntable mats available that are affordable but offer great quality. The ones listed above are some of those mats.

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