Best Waterproof Headphones to Buy in 2019

Whoever said that you could not listen to music in the water is now old-fashioned with an old joke to tell. You will see swimmers enjoying their favorite tunes before diving with the device in water, thanks to the best waterproof headphones and there are countless varieties out there.

In our review, we have managed to take some of the best waterproof headphones for swimming while connected to waterproof devices and waterproof Bluetooth headphones that can connect to external devices or carry music with them.

We are also going to cover sweat proof and weatherproof designs for those who like working out in the gym or running as tunes play between your head. We will then give you a guide that will help you choose depending on your routine and how often you use them.

Before we get to waterproof headphones for swimming, here is a comparison table to show you the overview of what we will be going through.

Waterproof Headphones Comparison Table

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones
  • FEATURESBluetooth 4.1 CSR connectivity
    Outstanding acoustic components
    CVC 6.0 noise suppression
HydroActive Waterproof Headphones
    Auxiliary cable
    Multiple earbuds
Plantronics Bluetooth Headphones
  • FEATURESCan be accessed via the phone
    Sweat-proof and waterproof features
    Superior sound quality

6 Best Waterproof Headphones on Amazon Reviews

1. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

HydroActive Short-Cord Waterproof Headphones

First one on the list goes to Bluetooth waterproof headphones that have an unmatched connection to your devices in a 30-feet radius. The SENSO Bluetooth Headphones feature high-quality sound supported by the Bluetooth 4.1 CSR connectivity and outstanding acoustic components to give you what the prominent speakers deliver right within your ears.

What makes them water-friendly is the IPX-7 waterproof rating that protects the gel flex silicone buds from allowing any water molecules through what they call the ActiveBuds feature. Do you stay out for long? The batteries in this earphones will enable you to keep listening for the next 8 hours with a standby charger that will refill it for 1 ½ hours.

Connecting to the devices especially while in water can be tricky due to noises. This pair of earphones handle that by deploying the CVC 6.0 noise suppression technology. That is how you will listen to music seamlessly while you are 30 feet away from the source.

In case of any breakdown, the manufacturer gives you a one year warranty with 30-day return policy with no questions asked. That is how sure they are that they designed something to keep you enjoying the water more. For more water protection, always make sure the USB opening is covered at all times. That one especially goes to those looking forward to having music in their ears as they shower.

What customers say

“If you want a pair of wireless earphones for everywhere you go, no matter what, these are the earphones for you. My husband likes them very much and at $30, you have a long lasting item to take to the pool or gym. I have small ears so whenever I use them, I was worried about them falling off but they always stick around for the next three hours. This is an awesome quality that I can recommend.”

  • Excellent noise suppression
  • Short cord good for swimmers
  • Long battery life
  • One year warranty
  • Bass is still not good enough


2. Swimbuds Headphones and 8 GB SYRYN waterproof MP3 player

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Now, here is something that does not only give you music while in water but also some protective gear to carry with. The Swimbuds Headphones are the second waterproof headphones for swimming that comes with more – an SYRYN waterproof MP3 player, protective eye goggles while water, a FitGoo to stick the earbuds in the ears after wearing and an AquaGuard pre-swim hair defense.

Once everything is intact, and you are in the water, this is how everything will work for you. Listening without interruption is made possible by the many earbuds that you can try out and a short cord that does not get between your listening and swimming fun. If you need to lengthen the cable, there is a one-meter extension cord to make that possible.

The SYRYN player is compatible with MP3 and WMA formats while the 8GB storage allows you to carry up to 2000 songs in the water. What makes the device 100% waterproof is the IPX8 proofing which enables you to submerge the player up to 10 feet in the water. As you swim, the three icons on the control panel will do everything to operate it. You can toggle from on song to the next, play and pause, decrease and increase volume and also switch it on and off. One more thing, you can play via the USB port which makes the player compatible with Windows and Mac.

Some of us are asking about the best place to wear this player. To avoid, interruption, hook it somewhere behind the goggles, and you’ll be good to go. The best part comes to copying your music files since it’s a case of drag and drop.

What customers say

“This device will travel in water with you. The sad thing is that mine broke after lasting for over a month. I was worried about returning it since 30 days were already over. After contacting customer care, what I got is what makes me recommend it. They agreed to replace it, and we shared the shipping cost. So, if you need something that has great customer service due to vulnerability despite what it’s made to do, Swimbuds is the underwater audio carrier for you.”

  • Large storage
  • Loud volume
  • Multiple earbuds to choose from
  • Added accessories to make everything intact and protected
  • Not compatible with many audio formats
  • Some customers do not agree with the quality of goggles which calls for a substitute


3. Plantronics Bluetooth Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Here are waterproof Bluetooth headphones that are constructed for workout functionality. Plantronics BackBeat FIT comes with a flexible design that you can go round the back of your neck and reach both ears for seamless music with the help of sports earbuds. If you are working out or running, you will find this pair an attractive addition to your electronics collection. The earbuds do not fall off due to the support of safety ear tip design that also allows you to listen to the outer environment.

To gain a weatherproof and sweatproof specification, it has a nano-coating technology construction that protects the earbuds from allowing water or sweat in. You can submerge up to one meter deep in water with this earphones and continue to play for the next 30 minutes with the help of IP57 waterproof rating. The long-lasting battery allows you to listen for the next 8 hours if you will be sticking to them all day. With a 2-hour workout plan, your earphones become charged for a week.

The best part about these earphones is that it has ear on controls to switch the playlist, receive calls, and talk to Siri or Google Now. That gives you the advantage of not having to go anywhere for such tasks.

If you want more from Plantronics, it is now accessible via an app where you can access up to 12 workouts, and there are whisper alerts to let you know what is going on. Whenever you need to charge, you can use any compatible USB to do so but be sure to note how long each connection does the charging to save time.

What customers say

“I have tried Plantronics after the last ones broke and I must say this brand has made possible to connect wirelessly with a solid build that does not lose its connection. The battery lasts for long hours, and the sound output is great. You are also able to hear the surroundings, so I don’t have to pull out the earphones every time one talks. I use them every time I’m running, and the sweat has not stopped from streaming. I love how you can access it on the phone and be able to switch between calls.”

  • Can be accessed via the phone
  • Sweat-proof and waterproof features
  • Superior sound quality
  • Recommended for people with short necks


4. FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 Player

FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player

The FINIS Duo Underwater player allows you to listen to music in water via the cheekbones as opposed to your ear. How this waterproof pair of headphones achieves that is through bone conduction technology that will transmit incredible sound via the bones which means you don’t need earbuds.

Since it is designed to carry its music, the 4GB storage can carry up to 1000 MP3 and WMA music file formats. It comes compatible with iTunes, and also allows you to include your favorite audiobook, podcasts and much more. Once the device is full of audio and charge, it will go for the next 60 hours non-stop playing your favorite jams. Since you will not be staying in the water for that long, you will have days of play before recharging.

To keep it on the cheekbones, it has an integrated clip design that secures both ends on the cheekbones via the goggle strap. As you swim, the device is protected by an IPX8 proof rating that enables you to go with it for 30 minutes in water up to 3 meters deep. If you need to control what is playing, there are easy-to-access buttons that you can use to switch from one file to the next.

The latest version requires you to refer to the manual if you need to troubleshoot plus it comes with an improved charging dock that acts as a magnet.

What customers say

“The previous version was great after using it for several years. I chose to replace it after too much corrosion on the connectors. The new model is finer regarding output, but there is a problem with the connector. The elements used do not go well with chlorine in the pools so, you have to rub it with some vinegar oil for your computer to recognize it later. Apart from the corrosion, everything else is greater than the previous model.”

  • Carries its music
  • Bone conduction technology
  • Quality sound
  • Long lasting charge
  • The connector corrodes when in contact with chlorine
  • Not Bluetooth enabled


5. HydroActive Short-Cord Waterproof Headphones

HydroActive Short-Cord Waterproof HeadphonesAnother waterproof headphones pair goes to the HydroActive Short-Cord Waterproof headphones that deliver the sounds you want right to your ear. That is made possible with the help of multiple waterproof coverings and a 3.5mm headphone jack to fetch music from your waterproof device.

The proof casing allows you to use it in any swimming or water activity. The connection between the two earpieces is a flexible cord that you can get on and off easily without interfering with the present gear. The multi-protection chambers offer the latest design in these headphones which makes it watertight. In case water gets into the first chamber, the second one makes sure that it doesn’t get to what is vulnerable to damage.

Listening to music is enabled by the funnel output which resides in the second chamber. The package that comes with a casing includes 11 different earbuds to use on separate occasions and still make the sound clear as before. In case of any damage, the manufacturer gives you a one year warranty to cover for the mess.

Some of the customers ask if you can fit these under the head cap as you swim. While that may be possible, you will find a hard time as the rubber cap presses the buds harder into your ears and it will also be a hassle when removing. Make sure you have the cap uncovering the ears if you have the earphones on.

What customers say

“After using them for a few weeks, I can say that I’m pleased with my selection. I use them for one hour every day while in water, and since it can get boring, the music always keeps me going. The only issue with it is that the cord is short and you can have trouble if you don’t know where to hook the source after connecting. As for the earbuds, they come in handy especially if you are always trying the right fit. The sound quality is however impressive despite the numerous bud changing.”

  • Lightweight and watertight
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Multiple earbuds to try
  • One year warranty
  • Some of us find them very short
  • It’s not easy to adjust after hooking to the source


6. Sony NW-WS413 Waterproof and Dustproof Walkman

Sony NW-WS413 Waterproof and Dustproof WalkmanIf you are one of those preferring a small device that will act as earphones and music carrier, the Sony NW-WS413 is another of the best waterproof headphones, carrying with it a 4GB storage capacity. Whenever you need to read what’s inside, there is a 2.0 USB connection feature that serves as an input and output terminal.

With the playback and display specifications, you can switch between the MP3 files and keep on working out or swim. Since you don’t need any connection, this is all-in-one design will not get you out of the earned comfort. The high-quality sound is made possible by fitting buds that do not allow water or sweat.

Intense workouts can still permit this device in your ears. The cord is short to prevent any distraction so it will go at the back of your head and stay there. Whether you are swimming in the pool or the ocean this one is designed to handle both water types so, you are good to go. The lithium ion battery in it is rechargeable, and it’s so powerful that after charging it for three minutes, it will serve you for the next one hour.

Overall, it is a waterproof, sweatproof, weatherproof, sand proof and dustproof design that is recommendable to all swimmers and folks under big workout plans.

What customers say

“I love the cute design and how you wear it. It does not get in the way, and that is what I was looking for. I also love it since I can use it whether in water or not. The only issue is that the bass is not enough and I would like to expand the memory but there is no possibility of doing that on this lovely device. Also, when underwater, the sound becomes softer and somewhat muffled. If they make these adjustments, I will order the new version immediately.”

  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Wrap around headband gives free movement
  • Long lasting charge
  • Storage capacity
  • The sound becomes softer while underwater
  • You cannot expand the memory


Waterproof Headphones Buying Guide

Now that we are aware of what to look for when it comes to the best waterproof headphones for swimming, what are some of the aspects do you need to look at? What considerations do you need to make before selecting the ultimate choice?

Here is a guideline for you to shed light on some of the issues that determine the efficiency of a suitable waterproof headphone for a swimmer.

The Difference between Waterproof and Water-resistant Headphones

Waterproof headphones for swimming can be submerged in water and continue to work as usual. If you are looking for such, then look at the specification that says that they can be in the water up to a certain depth level.

For water resistant options, they are also weatherproof and sweat proof. This means that they can withstand a few splashes of water by the pool or in the rain, but they cannot be in the water. Such are great when working out in the gym or going out for a run.

Waterproof Music Devices

Now that you will have waterproof earphones, some of them do not come with their music, so you have to improvise. If your headphone is not a waterproof Bluetooth type, then it has a jack so you’ll be plugging it to a streaming source.

Some phones, especially the iPhone world boast of being waterproof. While that might be the case, they are not designed for an extended stay in the water. That is where waterproof players come in. You need a device that will stay with you as long as you need it and going for options such as the SYRYN 8GB waterproof MP3 player will prove to be beneficial.

As long as you have a device that can also be submerged in water, you are good to go for the corded ones.

Types of Waterproof Headphones on the Market

  • Wireless vs. wired: We have reviewed both ends. It is essential to consider this depending on what form of connection you want from your ears to the music source.
  • Headphone wear type: What we often get are earphones with buds for sticking them into the ear. Other options include going over the ear for comfortable positioning, while others will go on the ear and still deliver the sounds. More options include bone conductors where you place the small speakers on the cheekbone, and you’re good to go.

What do You need to Consider before Buying Waterproof Headphones?

  • Why did you buy? It is important to consider why you need to own waterproof headphones in the first place. While most of us will say it’s because of entertainment, others find motivation in swimming if they have music to keep them busy. Look at your schedule – are you at the gym, running or swimming? After that, you will know the best fit for you.
  • Budget: There are cheap and expensive options out there. Setting your budget also needs you to take care of what you will be doing with them for the next six months or so.
  • A bud seal feature: Since you will be using them while under intense activity, it is essential to consider buds that will stick on your ear and not fall off while in the middle of your work out plan. Once they can stay on your ears, your hearing will not be interrupted by often adjustments.
  • Battery: You need a long-lasting charge to get you through the sessions. If you have Bluetooth waterproof headphones, check the battery duration to see how long you need to use it before recharging.
  • Noise cancellation: Very few headphones will have this feature, but it is useful. How? It enables you to cancel out noise from the outer environment whenever you need to concentrate on what is playing. You can switch between the modes when you need to hear nothing from outside or when you need to be aware of what is going on around. If yours has this specification, then know that you had to pay for more when compared to the rest.
  • Water protection: Since it is the main topic of discussion, our products consider this feature. Every waterproof headphone, just like the outdoor speakers, will have the IPX rating on it. The higher the IPX rating, the better the device at being submerged in water without having any defects. Most of them with have an IPX rating between 5 and 8. If you pick an IPX 7 for example, then you will be getting something that can continue playing with for the next 30 minutes at one-meter depth.
  • Weight: You need a lightweight headphone pair to avoid too much pressure on the head. Heavy options will always remind you to take them off once you are done, and wearing is cumbersome. You need a pair that can counter such issues.
  • Sound quality: You cannot use headphones that compromise the sound of what you are listening to. A piece that combines the bass and treble will give you best sound quality. Poor sounding earphones are a waste of money and resources.
  • Durability: You will be on work out or swimming with headphones. Therefore, you need something durable to withstand the water, sweat and weather pressure for a long duration before heading for another purchase.

Pick Your Favorite Waterproof Headphone

If you are looking for Bluetooth waterproof headphones that are a good value for money, the SENSO Bluetooth will offer you wireless connection for a long time whether outside or in water. They are flexible, lightweight and short, so wearing and using them will be more than comfortable.

On the other hand, if you are looking for wired options to hook on a waterproof device, you can consider those that carry their music such as the Swimbuds or those that have a short cord if you have figured out a way to hook your device in a safe position before connecting the headphones.

Now, before we go, what have we missed? Comment below, and we will be glad to hear about your experience.

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