15 Best Weighted Keyboards: 88-Key Digital Pianos Reviews

Buying a keyboard is easy, but if you want tone that will last for a long time and will feel like you are playing a real acoustic piano, then you will want to narrow your search down to the best weighted keyboard. Many people wonder “what is the best weighted keyboard?” and why it matters to choose one of these instruments over another keyboard. These keyboards are a little higher quality and offer the same type of playability as an acoustic piano, which is great for more serious musicians.

15 Best Weighted Keyboards: 88-Key Digital Pianos Reviews

Alesis Recital Digital Piano

  • FEATURESPremium keys are semi-weighted
    Adjustable touch response
    Educational features for beginners
Yamaha P71 - Best Weighted Keyboard

  • FEATURES Unique sound
    Only weighs 25 pounds
    Includes sustain pedal and power adapter
Korg B1SP Weighted Key Digital Piano
  • FEATURESThree pedals
    Powerful MFB Servo technology

1. Yamaha P71 – Best Weighted Keyboard for Beginners

Yamaha P71 Best Weighted KeyboardMusicians who are looking for the best digital piano under 500 that also has weighted keys will love this option from Yamaha. Thanks to the 88 keys, all musicians will be able to easily play long scales and feel their way 0 piano, it offers users a whole new musician experience and is sure to inspire beginners to want to practice as much as possible.

With digitally sampled tones from Yamaha grand pianos, musicians will be able to enjoy the feel and sound of a larger piano without having to overspend or find the space for it.

Most of the settings on this digital piano can easily be changed with the press of a single button, which is sure to keep beginners from becoming overwhelmed.

  • Dual mode allows users to combine two voices for a unique sound
  • Only weighs 25 pounds, so it is easy to move
  • Includes sustain pedal and power adapter
  • Sometimes, the keyboard produces a hammer noise
  • Doesn’t always arrive in tune
  • Percussion isn’t touch responsive and keeps the same volume

2. Alesis Recital Digital Piano – Best for Inspired, But Young, Musicians

Alesis 88-Key Digital PianoInspired musicians who have the drive, but don’t yet have the skill, will love learning on this powerful keyboard. It features 88 keys, which is great for musicians who want the feel of a real acoustic piano, but don’t have the room to spare for a larger instrument.

With five expertly crafted voices, musicians will be able to adjust the sound and tone of the piano to perfectly meet their needs. This powerful keyboard also boasts educational features that make it easy for beginners to quickly learn how to play without much frustration.

The 20W speakers are built in and offer great sound, but users can easily connect headphones if they want to practice privately. Even with headphones, this keyboard offers great sound quality and control, making it a wonderful option for new musicians to use.

  • Premium keys are semi-weighted for best play and comfort
  • Adjustable touch response lets users change the keyboard to fit their needs
  • Features educational features for beginners to easily learn how to play
  • Keys aren’t full-size in length
  • Volume buttons don’t offer lots of control
  • Tends to be very quiet and difficult to hear

3. Korg B1SP Weighted Key Digital Piano – Best Pedal Control

Korg B1SP 88 keys Best Weighted Piano When shopping for the best weighted keyboard, you will definitely want to consider this option from Korg. It ships with everything that you need to set up your keyboard and to play it like an upright acoustic piano.

Not only does Korg provide the keyboard stand, bench, and music stand, but this digital piano also ships with a book to help beginners get started. That’s not to say that this powerful keyboard is only for beginners, as it is a great choice for more advanced musicians, as well.

With eight accurate digitally sampled sounds to choose from, musicians can adjust their sound and create a custom piece of music easily. Additionally, the inclusion of soft, damper, and sostenuto pedals really sets this piano apart from others on the market and makes it more enjoyable to play.

  • Features three pedals to allow musicians plenty of control over their sound
  • Ships with included furniture stand, pedal board, piano bench, and AC adapter sheet stand
  • Powerful MFB Servo technology on the built-in stereo sound system
  • Tends to be difficult to assemble
  • Power cord tends to fail
  • Some keys are dead upon hitting and won’t make any sound

4. Casio CDP-240 – Best Slim Design for Portability

Casio CDP-240 digital weighted pianoThere’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take your keyboard piano with you on the go when traveling, and when you opt for this Casio keyboard you will be able to easily do just that. Thanks to the slim design and the lower weight of this keyboard, it is perfect for putting in the car for road trips and can easily be set up most anywhere for playing.

The large LCD screen makes it easy for users to check and to change their settings so that they have complete control over their sound quality. This allows even beginning musicians to feel like they have control over what they are playing and to adjust their sound as needed.

Thanks to the 64-note polyphony that this keyboard boasts, it’s great for musicians who want to be able to play a lot of notes at once without worrying about sound quality or losing some of the notes in the process.

  • Includes 700 tones, as well as 152 built-in songs
  • 64 note polyphony
  • Features 200 auto-accompaniment rhythms for inspiring musicians to play with
  • Synthesizer features may distract younger musicians from practicing
  • Doesn’t hold its value very well for resale
  • Speakers are lower quality and not ideal for advanced musicians

5. Alesis Q88 – Best Weighted MIDI Keyboard

Alesis Q88 digital piano weighted keyboardThis is, hands down, the best electronic piano for composing music in conjunction with sequencers, computer-based digital workstations, and more. It provides complete control over sound when used correctly and is great for more advanced musicians who want to take their composing and music to the next level because it is such a reliable digital piano with MIDI.

Included with this keyboard is Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition software so that users can start creating and modifying their music right away. Additionally, there is input for sustain and aux pedals, which gives even more sound control.

The keys are comfortable and easy to press and since the electronic piano has such wide range, it is really the ideal purchase for highly creative musicians.

  • Pitch and modulation wheel allow users control over their sound
  • Expands note range with the octave up and down button
  • USB cable is simple to connect and to use
  • High spring tension of the keys makes them uncomfortable to play
  • Can be difficult to get the volume high enough
  • Black and white keys respond differently from each other

6. Yamaha P45 Action Digital Piano – Best Yamaha Digital Piano

This great Yamaha digital piano contains 10 different voices that can be combined in a myriad of ways for a unique playing experience each time the instrument is used. It also features digitally sampled tones from grand pianos, which is great for musicians who want a full and rich tone when performing.

Yamaha P45 weighted keyboardWith 88-keys, it’s normal to think that this digital piano would cost more than it does, but it actually is a very cost-effective option for musicians who are looking to buy a reliable and durable instrument.

The weighted action is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end, giving the feel of playing on a real instrument. Great for building proper fingering technique and for practicing the right pressure for use on an acoustic piano.

  • Ships with piano, power adapter, music rest, and sustain pedal
  • Fully weighted keys are comfortable and easy to play
  • Dual mode is great for combining voices for a fun and different sound
  • Some keys will easily get stuck
  • Can fall out of tune with regular play
  • Some keys don’t produce a full and deep sound

7. Casio PX-870 – Best Bright and Clean White Digital Piano

Casio PX-870 digital weighted piano keyboardThere are few things as stunning as a bright white digital piano, and if you are looking for the best digital piano that is also white, then you need to consider this Casio. It is a stunning addition to any room and fits perfectly with modern and contemporary décor and still offers you all of the great tone and sound that you expect and need.

This electronic piano boasts a four-speaker system so that the sound is full and all encompassing, which means that you never have to worry about dead spots in the room where you can’t hear the instrument.

With three pedals and perfectly weighted keys, musicians will be able to easily control their sound and make the most of this instrument.

  • Keys have simulated ivory and ebony textures
  • Features detailed resonance, as well as 18 additional tones
  • Powerful MIDI/audio recording tools for musicians to listen to themselves play at a later time
  • Sides of the piano can easily be damaged
  • Power adapter isn’t reliable and will easily fail
  • Noisy keys make it difficult to play quieter notes

8. Casio Privia PX-160 – Best Digital Piano Bundle for the Budding Musician

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital PianoThis is, hands down, the best 88-key keyboard bundle for any musician who is looking to buy not only an instrument, but also all of the necessary accessories and components. It includes a stand, bench, and all of the cables that you need, as well as a soft cloth, quickstart guide, book with cd and two free months of online lessons.

While advanced musicians will be able to coax a wonderful sound from this digital keyboard, it really is a great option for beginners, as it features everything that they need to get started. With this piano, new musicians will enjoy beginner keyboard lessons that are sure to give them the confidence and skills they need to perform.

Since everything that you need to start playing the keyboard is included, this is great for avid musicians who want to play without any delay.

  • Adjustable sounds for electric and acoustic pianos, organs, strings, and more
  • Features dual headphone jacks
  • Powerful speaker system for stereo sound that is clear and bright
  • Installation and assembly is not easy and instructions aren’t included
  • Piano bench can easily break
  • Keys are a little loud when playing a softer song

9. Casio WK-245 – Best Piano Bundle for Younger Musicians

Casio WK-245 Digital KeyboardThanks to the large LCD display on this powerful digital piano, users will be able to quickly switch between sounds when performing and even view music notation. This is great for musicians who are looking for additional control over their sound and are interested in learning how to mix and adjust their tone.

The performance controls on this electronic keyboard are very easy to see and to control, which means that users can quickly change the tone or sound of their music without any delay. This is great for musicians who want to split the keyboard and combine tones into different layers.

Additionally, this keyboard features a MIDI port that can easily connect to a computer, smartphone, or tablet so that the musician using it can modify tone quickly.

  • Features 180 fun rhythms and 600 incredible tones
  • Includes sound FX sampler that has audio inputs
  • Six-track recorder makes it easy for musicians to record the songs they are working on
  • Doesn’t have a full 88-key keyboard
  • Headphone jack isn’t always reliable and can result in fuzzy sounds from the keyboard

10. Artesia PA-88H Digital Piano – Best for Acoustic Piano Touch and Feel

Artesia PA-88H Digital weighted keyboardThis is one of the best digital pianos with weighted keys and it not only sounds great when played, but also feels great, no matter your skill level. It is very portable due to the lower weight and connects quickly to a smartphone, tablet, or computer for multi-track recording, access to teaching apps, and adding more instrumental voices.

Additionally, this instrument can be connected to a keyboard amp if you want more sound and power from the instrument, and users can play their favorite sounds through the speakers so that they can be a member of the band.
Unlike other similar digital keyboards, this one offers incredible acoustic sound since the recording is of a grand piano. This means that all musicians will be able to enjoy an incredibly deep and rich sound when playing this instrument that surpasses the lower quality and tinny sound that is so common with other options.

  • Weighted hammer action keyboard makes this instrument feel like a real acoustic piano
  • Offers five different velocity touch settings
  • DSP adds sound realism
  • Doesn’t always ship with necessary components
  • Some keys make a loud clicking sound when pressed

11. Yamaha P125 Weighted Action Piano – The Best Weighted Keyboards with a Full Concert Piano Sound

Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital PianoThis weighted keyboard offers an incredible sound that is full and deep, unlike some other keyboards that sound tinny and bright. Thanks to the GHS weighted action that is much heavier in lower keys than it is in higher keys, this piano plays like a real acoustic instrument.

The two-way speaker sound system envelops the room in music, which is very pleasant and sets this instrument apart from others. Additionally, the P125 can be controlled via a smart device, allowing users to set the settings, rhythms, and voice of the instrument.

The simple and sophisticated design of this electronic piano makes it look very modern and updated and is great for any home. When placed on the optional piano stand, this instrument looks, feels, and plays like the real deal.

  • Offers a tempo range of 5 to 280
  • Split mode allows musicians to play a different voice on each hand
  • USB connectivity allows musicians to complete MIDI and audio transfer to music software
  • Some keys easily lock up
  • Sharps often have a mechanical sound when pushed
  • Speakers tend to have a rattling sound

12. Roland Lightweight Piano – Best Electronic Piano with Pro Sounds for Exceptional Performances

Roland Lightweight PianoThis is the best digital piano under 1000 if you are a performing musician who needs to be able to impress and stun your fans and audiences. Not only are the high-quality weighted keys great for practice and live performances, but the keyboard is very easy to transport.

With updated electric and acoustic piano sounds, as well as organs and other stage essentials, this is a great all-in-one piece of equipment that is powerful enough to last through the most demanding shows. It also features a wave expansion slot for musicians to download new sound waveforms for free.

Features mic input, as well as a vocoder, reverb, and auto pitch effects to allow users to create amazing vocal performances. Thanks to the free downloadable sounds that can be used with this digital piano, it’s easy to enjoy fresh and new sounds all the time.

  • Gig-ready instrument that is great for live shows
  • Easy sound editing and manipulation with slides and hands-on knobs
  • Eight phrase pads that can be used to trigger samples
  • Has to be used with an external speaker for sound
  • Keys can feel a little soft and loose

13. M-Audio Keystation – Best Budget Digital Piano for Eager Musicians

M-Audio Keystation Best Budget Digital PianoWith all 88 keys, this powerful electronic piano is a great option for musicians who want to enjoy a highly responsive instrument that offers incredible range. Instead of worrying about the quality of the instrument, musicians can focus more on their performance thanks to the incredible power of this digital keyboard.

With access to in-demand sound content, musicians will be able to use cutting-edge sound elements in their music, as well as sample various recordings. No matter what type of element you need for your performance, you will have access to it with this powerful piece of equipment.

Thanks to the light weight and smaller size of this digital piano, it’s great to take on the road without having to worry about being able to move it. It’s small enough to be easy to move, but large enough to offer plenty of power and performance.

  • Features octave range buttons to increase range of the instrument
  • Transport controls, modulation wheels, and pitch bend make it easy to customize sound
  • Includes Pro Tools for fast and easy sound manipulation and editing
  • Keys are lower quality and make a plastic sound when pressed
  • Keys often don’t play at the same volume
  • Not ideal for stage use

14. M-Audio Hammer 88 – Best Keyboard Controller for Use on the Road

M-Audio Hammer 88 digital piano Keyboard ControllerThanks to how durable this chassis is, it’s a great option for taking on the road when you are going to be playing live shows. This digital piano is easy to carry and to pack, and because it has been designed to be a bit heavier, it has a comfortable weight that makes it ideal for live shows.

Musicians love all of the control that this keyboard offers and how easy it is to change volume, modulation, pitch blend, and octaves. Made specifically for musicians who want control over their sound quality and are interested in experimenting, this is a great option for the musician who likes to push themselves.

This powerful digital piano features a five-pin MIDI output, making it easy to send MIDI information to your compatible computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can also send this information to drum machines, sound modules, and even hardware synthesizers.

  • Rugged design is great for taking this keyboard on the road for shows
  • Includes Pro Tools for editing and controlling sound
  • Octave controls make it easy for musicians to change octaves for a wider range
  • Repeated notes are difficult as the keys can be a bit spongy
  • Doesn’t feature on/off switch
  • Keys are often slow to respond

15. Yamaha YDP143R – Best Console Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP143R weighted Digital PianoThis impressive digital piano is sure to not only be delightful for any musician to play on, but to provide a clear and bright sound. It offers incredible expressive and dynamic playing thanks to its wonderful tone.

Additionally, the keyboard has incredible action, which allows not only for slower songs, but also for faster music, allowing musicians to push themselves and to improve their playing immensely. With the realistic pedal performance on this digital piano, musicians will have incredible control over their sound.

By using headphones when playing, users can enjoy a private listening experience that is full and resonant. This is sure to inspire practice and improvement in all musicians.

  • Easily produces the sound of a concert grand piano
  • Includes 50 classic piano songs, as well as a music book
  • iOS controller device provides incredible graphical user interface
  • Sometimes ships with defective foot pedal
  • Keys can sometimes go dead without any warning
  • Keys tend to drop and become loose with regular play


There are many great keyboards that you can buy when you are wondering “what is the best weighted keyboard to buy?” Hopefully this list will help you narrow down your choices and find the one that is right for you. With a little effort you can make sure that you buy the right keyboard for your needs and that it provides you with the enjoyment that you want when playing music.

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