Best Workout Headphones to Buy In 2019

Your workout needs some good company to keep you on track. That is why runners or people in the gym will sport some cool headphones as they try to chase the record. For them to give you the best audio quality from what you are listening, you need the best workout headphones to deliver a superb combination of bass and twitters without compromising the earned comfort.

Whether you are looking for something to start with as you flex or advance to better ones, you need to be aware of the different brands that offer good workout headphones with various features, quality and pricing. Some of them are wired, while others connect wirelessly not forgetting that the design also varies from one manufacturer to the other.

Since people have mixed feelings about what they want from a pair of headphones, we will be focusing on the six best headphones to use while on the running track or lifting weights, or whatever you are doing to keep fit. All priorities and hurdles will be tackled here so that you have a comprehensive summary of what you should go for. After the reviews, we will go straight to the guideline which will comprise of advice and considerations to make before making the final purchase.

Workout Headphones Comparison Table

ROVKING Running Headphones
  • FEATURES Smaller earbuds
    Four pairs of earpieces to try out
    Can switch between the files
Anker SoundBuds Headphones
  • FEATURES Slim fit and at about 15 grams
    With a micro USB
    Combined with nano coating
Jabra Elite Sports Earbuds
  • FEATURESGreat for working out.
    Enable you to pick calls
    It is an upgradable one

Top 6 Workout Headphone Reviews

1.Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones

Using Anker SoundBuds made us put it in position one since it has some adorable qualities that beat most standard earphones. They are one of the best wireless workout headphones, and the following explains why.

The audio is irresistible since what many customers call clear and crisp sound is made possible by the 6mm drivers in each of the earpieces. What feeds music to your ears is the Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity that will give you non-buffered music for the next 7 hours after a full charge.

If you are living an active lifestyle, these pair offers a slim fit and at about 15 grams, the only pressure will on your ears from the fitting earbuds. There are various earpieces to try out, and you have four pairs of in-ear tips and three pairs of buds with in-ear hooks. Trying your fit is where we got more responses but here is the deal, you have to try out since we don’t have the same ear sizes. At times, your kid might borrow so, consider that as you purchase it. The good thing is that there is you have everything you need to get the proper fit. Once you get it, try the rest while under activity and at one point, you’ll find your match.

If you need to use it for the next 7 hours, after depleting charge, there is a micro USB port on the remote to help you charge them. Working out means there is sweat at some point. To prevent them from the water damage, they come with an IPX4 rating combined with nano coating which gives it double protection.

Other features include a microphone that you can use to receive calls. Such receivers have a minute hole, and that prompts you to hold the control area near your mouth or make sure it’s positioned to obtain the best from how you sound. Otherwise, the guy on the other end will tell you that you have a muffled sound. The control area also enables you to switch from one track to the next and receive calls without bothering the phone. While using them, the shirt and fit clips allow you to keep them in the desired position without movement.

Pairing them with any phone is the easiest part. Just turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone, detect and pair. That’s all. Next time you need to pair, it will already be on the list so there will be no problem. Another feature that most customers love is the fact that it is Bluetooth connected. That means if you are one of the forgetful ones who pulls the phone with a wired headphone in case you need to move, this ones will help roam as long as you are in a 33-feet radius from the music source.

Storage is a specification we cannot ignore. If you need to carry them, you have two choices: one of them is to hang them on the neck and bring the back of the earpieces together. The magnets on each side will crisp them together to form a necklace. The other option is to carry them using the velveteen bag that has a small opening, but the earphones are made to go through it.

With headphones that allow you to workout despite the intensity level, you need some cover in case of damage. On the other hand, the manufacturer gives you an 18-month warranty and customer support at any time.

What customers say

“I was never used to charging headphones, but with the current price-drop on the wireless headphones, I decided to go Anker. They are easy to pair with phones, and they give you accessories that show commitment especially when it comes to the number of ear pieces to try out. I like hanging them on my neck when not using them and the magnets on both ends of the headphone allow to carry it without falling off. One thing though, you have to hold the microphone close to you when receiving calls for clear sounding. The in-ear hooks are great when using them in the gym so, I’ll go ahead and try while running and see what happens. I recommend these headphones to people who don’t know much about sounds but appreciate awesome output.”

  • Easy to pair with devices
  • Multiple earpieces to try out
  • Easy carrying and storage with the help of a travel pouch
  • Long lasting charge that gives you 7 hours of play
  • The controls, being on one side tends to make the headphones uneven, but it happens with most if not all headphones
  • There are fake products with Anker label. Make sure you get the right one to avoid mechanical or working issues


2.Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

More of the wireless headphones comes from the Bose SoundSport wireless headphones which were one of the best workout headphones 2017 had to offer. Here is a comprehensive summary that portrays the reason behind the outstanding performance.

If you want high-quality audio that is balanced regardless of the volume, Bose workout headphones will give that to you through the Bose active EQ feature. The wireless connection gives you constant output for the next six hours, but we recorded seven from the tests. The adorable part comes to pairing. These pair has gone ahead to make your phone have an app for it so that you can easily pair your devices. That will be easy since your gadgets will always be on the list. First-time use gave us some voice commands, and that was great to guide a first user.

To make them stay on your ears is the essential task. They come with all the extra Stay Hear pairs plus tips you need to fit in and see what suits you and holding in the inner ear is excellent if you are at the gym or jogging. As you go on, the dripping sweat is prevented by the IPX 4 rated proof casing. The amount of sweat is, however, a factor here since if a lot comes out as you strive, the headphones might not stand too much humidity so, we advise customers to look at how much sweat you produce.

Answering the calls can be done via the controls area, and the mic is great in doing so. Sometimes, it also picks the external noise, but since you are close, it will give you the priority. Those who have tried them in workshops will tell how well they go on with conversations despite the movements. The buttons appear larger, and you have to do it harder every time you need to press.

When it comes to storing, Bose comes with a pouch for it which is comfortable to use and stylish to carry. Since the manufacturer includes everything you need, the trip to work out and back is never a hassle. The major downside with this pair is that you’ll cough more than you think you can for some cool headphones.

What customers say

“I compared the Bose with JayBird X3 that my wife has. First, she says Bose is ugly, but the sound is superb. You don’t get much though for the mids, but the bass tremble is awesome. For JayBird, it’s average but still good to go. Bose is also very comfortable to the ears and is something incomparable for the competitor case since it depends on your ears. She loves JayBird because the buds are smaller than Bose parts. The winning side for JayBird is that you can get them for $90-$100, but Bose is a bit pricey. They both give you the same battery life Bose’s pouch is much better than JayBird’s. One more thing, when my wife says that Bose is ugly, I always respond by saying that’s for men. ”

  • Quality sound output
  • Great holding ability
  • Multiple pairs to try
  • Comes with a cool pouch
  • The price is high


3.ROVKING Running Headphones

ROVKING Running Headphones

Sometimes, the size of our ears prompts us to search for headphones that will fit without too much squeezing. That is where ROVKING comes in. Designed to be over ear workout headphones, the attaching cables are made to go over the ear after inserting them. With smaller earbuds, you don’t have to push extra hard for them to fit in so, they will always provide an excellent cover for sound isolation purposes. In addition to that, they also come with four pairs of earpieces to try out and ensure you got the right ones for your ears in different occasions.

What gets them to hold is the looped cable that goes over the ears to prevent them from accidental falling. Those who have had problems of headphones moving out during workouts can find some solace here. That is why runners and weightlifters will select them among many other options.

Now, the sound is another essential quality in earphones, and this one does not disappoint. As you run, it is possible to hear noise from outside, but depending on how they are securely held in your ears, the noise isolation specification may vary. The best part comes after clipping them into position. The microphone will stay in place to give you hands-free talking time as you continue with usual business. You can also switch between the files you are listening to, but that requires a bit of creativity on the remote section. You have to press the call receiving button twice and be fast enough. However, with a little practice, you’ll finally get it right.

The sound is clear and with minimal outer interruptions, you can always reduce or increase the volume with no bass or mids compromise. Getting them for music, audio books, podcasts or a movie later in the evening is a good idea. They are fully compatible with multiple devices that use a jack to connect, so there is no problem with that. If you have issues of headphones plucking out of their source as you move out and about, this pair will stay in place despite the vigorous activity. The cord is about 50 inches long, and that’s a good length to hook on your t-shirt or jumper and let it drop to your device attached to the waistline.

Overall, they are designed for workouts so, in case of any issues, you can contact the customer care who will refund or replace your product with no questions asked. On the other hand, check if your ROVKING pair of running headphones comes with a warranty.

What customers say

“If you are a runner like me, then you will see why I like these headphones after purchasing them. First, they are designed for small ears, and that is great for everyone with small or average-sized ones. I’m also old so I like listening to podcasts, but they work great regardless of what you are listening to. Sometimes, it is not easy to use them while in a crowd, but they do their best to keep me listening since the sound is still loud enough. I had a problem with my previous earphones getting out of my phone or MP3 player, but that’s no more with this pair. I recommend them to all runners and weightlifters out there.”

  • Quality sound
  • Designed for small ears
  • Fits into place after placing them in your ears and clipping them
  • Not good if you have large ears
  • Switching music can be difficult


4.BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Welcome to Apple world! Here are workout headphones that are compatible with all Apple devices for those of us who reign in this part of the globe. First things first, this is a high-end pair that goes to only those who can afford. That’s a downside considering that most of us will not get to enjoy the benefits here. Back to beats workout headphones, the build and quality are straight from Apple, and you can feel it.

The cords are flattened which makes them hard to tangle even under extreme conditions. The neckband is also thin but firm and sturdy while the rubberized casing gives it proof and a soft, nice touch. We took the blue color for testing, and the brightness is fantastic. There is this housing that looks like a lump where the batteries exist which provides a better balancing of things and keep the slim design going. It seems weird at first, but we liked it later.

Now, when you are not using them, the back of each earpiece is magnetized so you can connect and leave them on the neck.  That is a good way of securing, and only a few other products in this review utilize this feature. It’s a new feeling owning them, and you get to sense being Apple upgraded.

When fitting them into your ear, there are a few tips to try out in the pocket-friendly casing, and they do a good job at going in the ear. The angled part at the tip makes sure that it sticks in and stays put. The outstanding thing about this pair is that it will remain in your ears and not hurt at all. You can forget they are there especially with the fact that they are wireless. The cords are not heavy – a reason why you will feel weightless.

For the sound, we all expect a booming sound out of this, but you’re mistaken. The bass and mids are well balanced for you to hear everything loud and clear. Nothing gets muffled or exaggerated, and to us, that was good output. For those who wish to have more of bass, adjusting the volume up and down will give you the right output for this one. Otherwise, select another pair with bass priority. Sometimes, you will hear the noise outside if you don’t have the right buds fitting. When they stick in place and hold, then pop up the volume, you will not hear what your neighbor has to say until your workout or any other event is over.

Pairing is via the W1 chip that makes everything standby. You will get other Bluetooth headphones losing connection from devices but not this one. Using them for a long time will not degrade that either. Its range of receiving can also go further. We tried connecting to the phone while in another room, and the output was the same which is fantastic! Even for the calls!

The last feature goes to how the headphones charge. From empty to full, it takes 35-45 minutes, and you get 8 hours or more depending on the volume level. The best part is that after charging them for five minutes, you get a 2-hour play which they refer to as fast charging. The cable charges via lightning capability and this is a break from anything with USBs these days. If you purchase this pair, you also get $30 credit for iTunes which and that’s a great discount for all the interested customers out there.

What customers say

“They are just great to make everything clear and precise. I use them when riding my bike or jogging in the compound, and the fit is very much okay. Those of us with falling off issues, make sure you have the right fit and wear the in reverse after crossing them. That works for me when the activity is too much. They are also excellent noise isolators once you find the right fit. I feel like they are not loud enough but with the output, I can live with that.”

  • Fits in securely
  • Multiple pairs to hook
  • Clear sound with quality microphone pick up
  • It’s an apple upgrade that doesn’t lose connection
  • They are not sweat proof
  • The sound is not loud enough
  • It’s a pricey pair


5.Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Headphones

This Plantronics version goes ahead to provide a comfortable fit and a way to access and update the firmware via an app. As you work out, the flexible design is made to go over the ears and stay there until you are done. It does feel comfortable after finding the right bud fit with more about carrying. It comes with an armband that helps you secure your phone or MP3 player as they play. That promotes much movement which is great. The band acts as a phone holder and later help you carry the earphones. That makes it a good gym or running companion.

The headphones are powerful when it comes to bass. They feature custom codec to deliver the high bass and but clear all along until you press the pause button to take a call. If you need more clear sound without too much bass, then you will find this as a downside. Since you will be working out, sweat will be around, and the rugged casing on it provides sweat proof and water resistant specifications. They will sustain under light sweat and a little water splash, but that’s all. If you want some for swimming purposes, you better for the waterproof types.

It will have variable up time depending on how you are using it, but it stayed with us for the next five hours. For those of us cycling, in case it’s during the night, they will keep playing and reflect which aids the traffic in recognizing your presence on the roads. When it comes to charging, you have a micro USB in the package to boot it up. Pairing is easy later since there is an app for it.

Some of us are asking if they are noise cancelling. Well, they are not, so you have to make sure that your ears are adequately sealed. If you are used to having caps, hats and sunglasses with you, they will not get in the way despite them going over the ear. They are better than the Powerbeats 2 version which is an earlier version. If you experienced delays with the former especially when playing movies, the latte version solves that and more.

What customers say

“I have been using Plantronics for the last two years, and upgrading to Backbeat version has had its ups and downs. First, one of the issues is the battery time which I consider quite less. I have never used them for a whole day, but I get 4-5 30-minute workouts. That is quite low. The bass quality is one of the best, but I prefer equalized bass, trembles and mids. If you are looking for bass, utilize the BackBeat and see the results. They once accidentally fell in water as I was busy cleaning. Pulling them out immediately and having them to sun dry for about 20 minutes dried them perfectly and they were back and still kicking. Sometimes, I also clean them up after my wife and son have used them, but I’m always careful not to press the inner screens or destroy the soft silicone material. If you are working out, the over-ear specification helps them stay in place after fitting in your ear. Overall, they are great to own.”

  • Water resistant and sweat proof
  • Reflective casing
  • Over the ear hooks hold them in place
  • Light and comfortable
  • They are not noise cancellers
  • The bass is too high for those who like an equalized output


6.Jabra Elite Active 65t

Jabra Elite Active 65t

The last but not least in our review is the Jabra Elite 65t which is the next best workout wireless headphones you should be looking for. Trying them was fun and here is what they had to portray.

First, if you need to put them on or off, you just have to utilize the case. Putting the headphones in turns them off and putting them into your ears switches them to on mode. To securely stay in your ears, the design incorporates an in-ear design that is slightly angled to fit in and stay there without movements. That’s great for working out.

Now, apart from music and other audio plays, it will also enable you to pick calls and also track how you are performing on the track via the integrated motion sensor. That is much better when you need to upgrade how you have been running, lifting weights or yoga poses. Yoga people like it since some positions require extreme stretching and dedication. With an IP56 waterproof rating, you can sweat on them and expose to dust with no effect to sound quality after that. Also, you have a 2ear warranty in case of any issues which we think you will not experience in the entire time of use. The solid build makes sure of that.

Now, more controls are realized via the app that syncs with the earphones. It is an upgradable one just like other apps, but the best part is that it lets you personalize your hearing experience. You have an option to choose a voice assistant, customize your music profile and listing, and modify how you want to hear the noise from the outside environment. Other included modules include keeping track of how you will be charging. With more updates, we can’t wait to see what Jabra has in store for its fans.

The wireless stability is the 3rd generation which means it will be able to handle clear calls and audio output. As for the calls, the 4-Microphone technology makes sure that you are hearing the person on the other end with no dropouts. At times, you need Google or Siri for information among other things. The Elite 65t version utilizes voice commands for you to access the assistants and have some conversation which is very convenient.

There are some issues with this pair of headphones that we would like to address. First, the charging capability. Once they are in the case, they are turned off, but the casing is made to charge them. They have a fast charging capability that gives you 1.5 hours of play after loading them for 15 minutes. When fully charged, you can use them for the next 5-6 hours, but if you have the case full, you will go on to have 15 hours more of play. You can then go ahead to charge the earphones as the case charges via the USB connection.

The other issue is about if you can use one earphone and leave the other one in the casing. That will happen if you use the right one and not the left. In case you pull out one of them, the music poses and to return to what was playing, you have to press the button which introduces the headphones with a loud beep. The left one is the slave here. One more thing, it comes with different buds to try out so, the manufacturer addresses the different ear sizes.

What customers say

“I have tried them with different android phones, and they are working great. I’m currently using them with One Plus 5, and all app features are operating as usual. The sound output is outstanding. There is no question about that. It’s easy to turn them on and off using the case which also charges it if you are not near a socket or any other power source. They possess a tight seal, and the app helps you isolate noise depending on how much interaction you want with the outside world. The only flaw is that after pausing the music when you remove them, turning it back on is not automatic.

You have to press the button on the right earpiece which comes with a loud beep that I kind of dislike. Otherwise, using them in yoga was a fantastic experience. ”

  • Easy turning them on and off
  • An app to personalize
  • Pausing the music requires pulling out one of the earpieces
  • They provide a tight seal in the ears
  • You have to press the button to return to what was playing
  • Quite expensive


Best Workout Headphones Buying Guide

Now that we have gone through the reviews in a bid to look at some of the best workout headphones out there, you also need to know who should be getting this guide and how we went about our selection. The information below will give you the tips towards realizing the headphones that can work for you depending on your workout schedule and protocol.

Why is this guide for you?

Workout Headphones Buying Guide

There are all manner of headphones out there. That does not mean that you will even go for knockoffs while on the run. No!

Workout headphones are designed for the following:

Those who listen to music while busying themselves at the gym. There, you need comfort and durability despite the sweat and positions.

Those who want to block external noise as they concentrate on the task at hand and enjoy what they are listening.

What we picked in this guide was reviewed after testing and also listening to what various customers’ experiences with them. They were all supposed to withstand sweat and also offer comfort among other features. What you need to understand though is that you should handle them with care since they are still ‘delicate’ items. Even with a warranty, you are looking forward to them lasting longer than that.

Another thing you need to note is that the headphones we have reviewed are workout oriented. That means you should not go with them in water. If you need waterproof headphones, we have a whole review for you to read.

Wired vs wireless headphones: what’s better?

Now, this depends on the level of comfort you are looking for and the extent at which you are prepared to go for it. There are advantages and flaws for each type.

If you decide to go wireless, it means you can put the source in a different location and go to your workout location without having to bother much. You’ll have music in the ears and controls are also available. They give you the freedom to move around in the same area with the source without having to carry it.

On the downside, you have to charge them once in a while. So, the amount of time the charge gives you is very important here.

For the wired types, they are cheaper which is great. Since they are also corded, you have no trouble with sound travels. You also don’t have to worry about charging them. The downside with wires is that they get tangled, and you have to position the phone or player well to avoid interruptions.

That’s why we say it all comes to preference.

How we camp up with the 6 best workout earphones

First, the headphones at our disposal were from 30 companies that we selected. The selection criteria considered companies that specialized in sports products. There, we could get information from the manufacturers, marketers and athletes among other customers in such fields.

We then went ahead to see what various e-commerce giants had to say and that pertains the customer reviews. As we continue to look at what we had and read through, we picked the six based on the following considerations which you should also use during your selection:

  • Comfort: You don’t want workout headphones that pop out of your ear every time your mind is concentrating on the music and stretching hard. Workout earphones should be out of your way despite you wearing them.
  • Sweat and water resistance: This is the feature that gives them value and durability. Workout headphones are designed to shower with the sweat and keep playing as usual. That is why you need a warranty that covers for that too.
  • Pricing: Some of them are high and others low. Regardless of the price, make sure what you are getting is good value for money.
  • Ease of use: You need to have your controls with you while the headphones are playing. Switching music or pausing it should be at will and without too much thinking.
  • Battery life: If you are using the wireless, types, they have a maximum time of play. The longer the uptime, the better. Some of our reviewed headphones go all the way to 7 hours per day.
  • Sound quality: What you hear out of the headphones should be something definite, crisp and substantial. Since they are among your sporting equipment, the audio feature may go over comfort here. Make sure what you get does not overwork on the bass since it goes ahead to compromise other sounds. On the other hand, if you are not sure about how you want to hear it, first check if they are comfortable when wearing.
  • Noise isolation: Most of what we selected are not noise cancellers but mainly noise isolators. That means after fitting your headphones tight into the ears, you won’t hear the next person panting heavily, and you also don’t have to raise the volume to dangerous levels in the name of getting rid of outside noise.
  • Calling: It is not one of the significant concerns, but you’ll be glad to pick calls right where you are. As long as they can pick up your sound and the person on the other end can hear you correctly, perfection may not be necessary here.
  • Warranty: Lastly, if anything goes wrong as you continue to use them, you need a cover for them especially if you spent a chunk of money on them. On the other hand, we all look forward to the product lasting longer than the warranty.

Fitting workout headphones into your ears

This is the most crucial part in any of the headphones we have reviewed plus many more out there. Since you want them while working out, it means that you will be moving and having some rigorous moves which may prompt them to fall off. Those that withstand the pressure are highly regarded than the rest.

We all have different ear sizes so, with the broad range of anatomy, what works for you may or may not work for the next customer. That is why they incorporate multiple earbuds for you to try and see what works for you. Before buying, it is a good idea to go to a dealer who can allow you to test and try many options. In every product you pick, wear and try to jump and shake your head to see if there is any effect on how they fit in. Just like how you would vet other items in your sporting list, the headphones are not exceptional to the tests.

Choose the Best Workout Headphone for You

Choose the Best Workout Headphone

Now that you have the best workout headphones for you to choose and information that guides on how to buy, we believe you have everything it takes to buy a pair of headphones that you can utilize. In our reviews, our winners are Anker SoundBuds and Jabra Elite 65t. They are both wirelesses which give customers the roaming comfort plus they are designed to fit in the ear without struggling or pain afterwards. They come with multiple buds to try, and the best internal drivers deliver the sound quality.

For Anker, you can carry them on your neck using the magnetic clips on each of the earpieces and Jabra comes with a case that also charges them. Both headphones are what we selected as our favorites, but you can find others on the list that delivers what you need out of them.

Before you go, have we missed anything? Feel free to comment below, and we will get back to you.

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