10 Great Choices for the Best Yamaha Digital Piano: Reviews and Comparisons

Yamaha is well known for producing some of the highest quality digital pianos available on the market. If you are looking for a great keyboard that is powerful and easy to use, then you will want to find the best Yamaha digital piano. This Yamaha digital pianos review will help you choose the instrument that is right for you.

10 Choices for the Best Yamaha Digital Piano for Passionate Music Lovers – Buyer’s Guide

1. Yamaha P71 – Best Yamaha Keyboard for Beginners to Get Started

Yamaha P71 Best Weighted KeyboardThis keyboard is incredibly powerful and the perfect answer to the question “what is the best Yamaha keyboard for beginners?” It’s not only incredibly easy to use, but it also offers features that make it a great choice for beginners and more intermediate users.

Some of the great features that this digital piano includes are the ability to combine two voices into one, the ability to digitally sample tones, and the low weight of this instrument. Users will be able to push themselves musically to create new sounds that are unique.

Since this smaller digital piano takes up very little room, it’s a great choice for users who don’t have a lot of space in their homes, but still want a high-quality instrument. It is a great option for musicians who aren’t willing to sacrifice quality.

  • Includes sustain pedal and power adapter
  • Features full 88-key range
  • Contains 10 different and unique voices for musicians to choose from when composing
  • Tends to have a hammer noise when keys are played
  • Percussion sounds the same, no matter how hard the keys are pressed
  • Tends to have poor sound quality when the sound is turned up

2. Yamaha YDP-143R Bundle – Best Bundle for Brand New Musicians

Yamaha YDP-143R Arius Console Digital PianoIncredible keyboard action improves finger strength and ensures complete accuracy and is the perfect example of some of the higher quality digital pianos that Yamaha can make. While it isn’t as light as other portable options, it is durable and high quality, making it a great choice for a permanent setup in any home.

Thanks to the advanced sampling technology included in this instrument, musicians will be able to quickly create custom and unique sounds. Due to years of development and improvement, this digital piano offers all of the control necessary for exceptional sound.

The Pure CF Sound Engine in this instrument is designed to offer great sound that is booming and deep, resulting in a tone that is much more resonant and attractive than a thinner or tinny tune from other electronic pianos on the market.

  • Includes the piano stand, as well as a comfortable bench
  • Pre-loaded with different piano songs for listening and practice
  • Includes app to make it easy to adjust the tone and style of the piano
  • Tends to have nonfunctional keys in the higher range
  • Low-quality speakers tend to hum and buzz, resulting in distorted sound
  • Easily scratches

3. Yamaha P45 – Best Home Bundle for Tight Spaces in Little Homes

Yamaha P45 weighted keyboardMusicians won’t ever have to worry about missing keys or notes when they rely on this great Yamaha piano, thanks to the 64-note polyphony. This ensures that all musicians, regardless of their skill level, can coax incredible sounds and play multiple notes at once.

The USB-HOST port makes it easy to connect the piano to music creation applications and to interact with the instrument to change the sound and tone. This is great for musicians who want to improve their playing and to be able to adjust their sound on the fly.

Even though this is one of the best Yamaha digital pianos, it’s a great option to set up in a smaller area of your home, which makes it accessible to most people.

  • Includes a powerful sustain pedal that provides great control and tone
  • GHS weighted action ensures that the instrument sounds like a real acoustic piano
  • 64-note polyphony ensures that musicians can enjoy layered sounds that are true and crisp
  • Keys tend to fail after a few months
  • Keys are often stuck during shipping
  • Cosmetic damage occurs often during shipping, and can occur when placing the piano in the home

4. Yamaha P125 – Best Weighted Digital Piano for Exceptional Playability

Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital PianoThis great bundle is a great option for musicians looking for a weighted piano that is incredibly responsive and offers fast and easy playing. Thanks to the design of the keys, they feel remarkably like an acoustic piano and are surprisingly responsive and fun to use.

The large bench included with this Yamaha piano is incredibly comfortable and larger than others on the market, which is great for users to sit with each other and play. Additionally, the cross-body design of the bench and of the music stand offer plenty of support and durability.

With 192-note polyphony, this powerful digital piano offers all of the playability of an acoustic piano and ensures that all of the notes in even the most complex pieces are clear and easy to hear and to differentiate.

  • 192-note polyphony for playing incredibly complex songs
  • Connectivity with audio transfer and MIDI makes for easy connection to music software
  • Damper resonance provides the sound of a real grand piano
  • Doesn’t always connect easily with the app
  • Tends to ship with scratched keys
  • Keys don’t always respond when playing softly

5.Yamaha DGX-660 – Best Grand Digital Piano on the Market

Yamaha DGX-660 digital pianoOne of the top features of this powerful and reliable electronic piano is the bright LCD screen. It is large enough for musicians to easily see the screen when playing, which ensures that they can not only follow along with MIDI songs, but also make and see changes to the sound and tone.

The included DVD is very informative and helps musicians start playing right away with very little delay or setup. The included sustain pedal is high quality and designed to make it easy to improve sound and to play any song required.

Included is a keyboard dust cover which will protect the instrument when it is not being played and helps to keep it from being damaged by anything falling on the keys.

  • Features a Pure CF Sound Engine that produces the tone of a concert grand piano
  • Score display makes it easy to play along with MIDI songs
  • Bright LCD screen is very easy to see
  • Sound is not always rich and deep
  • Middle octaves tend to sound synthetic and a little unnatural
  • GHS is a little stiffer than on an acoustic piano

6. Yamaha YDP-S34 – Best Modern Digital Piano for a Contemporary Home

Best Yamaha Digital Piano YDP-S34This is one of the top rated digital pianos that you can buy today and it features incredible GHS weighted action that is heavier in lower octaves and lighter in higher ones, resulting in an incredible playing experience. This makes this piano feel like an acoustic instrument and can make it more enjoyable to play.

The slim design of this piano, along with the bright white finish, makes it really pop in any space and gives it a modern and updated appearance. Thanks to the high contrast of the black keys and white instrument, it is sure to look great in any space.

At just over 80 pounds, it is larger and heavier than other similar pianos, but this ensures that it won’t shift or slide out of position when being played. This also gives it more visual weight and makes the instrument appear more impressive.

  • String resonance will create sympathetic sounds of resonating strings to mimic the sound of an acoustic piano
  • Acoustic optimizer adjusts acoustic flow for controlled resonance
  • Incredibly rich sound
  • Piano, sometimes, ships with malfunctioning keys
  • Keys can lock during play
  • Tends to produce a lot of noise when the keys are pressed hard

7. Yamaha P515 – Best Instrument with Virtual Resonance Modeling

Yamaha P515 digital pianoThis is the best electronic keyboard for anyone looking for incredible sound and tone quality. The Virtual Resonance Modeling allows musicians to enjoy incredible expression when playing the instrument and makes it possible to perfectly mimic the sound of a grand piano.

In addition to producing incredible sound, this instrument actually feels like a grand piano when played. Thanks to the high-quality design of the keyboard, it is comfortable to play and offers great response, which is great for beginners and for more advanced musicians to enjoy using.

With a powerful speaker system that rivals that of any other electronic keyboard, this instrument provides a fully immersive sound that is clear and bright. Additionally, all of the notes are clear and easy to hear, which means that it’s perfect for private practice, as well as for use on a stage.

  • Piano Room lets users choose from different acoustic settings and piano sounds
  • Wood keyboard action is comfortable for users of acoustic pianos
  • Has the same feel as a grand piano
  • Interface is confusing and a little cumbersome
  • No digital audio output
  • Switching between MIDI keyboard and piano is time consuming

8. Yamaha YPG-235 – Best Portable Grand Piano

Yamaha YPG-235 Best Yamaha Digital PianoThis Yamaha electric piano is an incredibly powerful digital piano in a small package. Not only is it great for taking on the road or for use in a small home or apartment, but this keyboard offers a lot of features and benefits that make it a wonderful choice for most any musician to consider.

Thanks to the USB connectivity of this keyboard, it’s easy to connect it to a computer to run your songs through music software. This makes it easy to edit and adjust tone and sounds and makes it possible to create custom songs quickly.

Additionally, the keyboard has 160 preset styles, as well as 30 preset songs and a recording feature so that you can play along with your favorite music and record yourself doing so.

  • Graded soft touch technology makes it possible for users to enjoy expressive performances
  • Almost 500 voices to choose from
  • The educational suite helps users use learning tools that are included in the instrument to practice and perform
  • Speakers tend to go out and produce a scratching sound
  • Headphone jack isn’t very high quality
  • Doesn’t ship with the adapter, which has to be bought separately

9. Yamaha PSR-EW300 – Best Smaller Digital Piano with Presets

Yamaha PSR-EW300 digital pianoAs one of the top Yamaha keyboard models, this instrument is a great option for users looking for a slightly smaller digital piano that has tons of presets. Not only is this piano loaded with great presets, but the large LCD screen makes it possible to easily see your settings.

Users can easily practice using the preset songs on this piano so that they can improve their playing ability. This is a great option for beginners who may need a little help learning the keys on the piano and what notes they are playing.

The keys are sized perfectly for comfortable play and press easily, which allows musicians to feel like they have complete control over their instrument and their music.

  • Includes 165 styles, 574 voices, and 154 preset songs
  • Touch tutor lesson mode helps players learn dynamics by tracking velocity of playing
  • Includes keyboard, stand, and power supply
  • Doesn’t have a full 88 keys
  • Speakers tend to blow easily
  • Headphone jack doesn’t always work correctly

10. Yamaha PSR E254 – Best Yamaha Piano for Younger Children

Yamaha PSR E254 digital pianoToo often electronic pianos for children to use are low quality and simply don’t have all of the features that you would expect from an instrument. While this keyboard can easily be used by an adult, it is a great option for beginners and for older children who want to experiment with their music and not be limited by a toy.

The duo mode makes it possible to split the piano into two halves so that two musicians can play at the same time, which is great for practicing and for duets. Additionally, the grand button allows users to instantly reset all settings on the piano to the original grand piano voice.

With 385 different instrument voices to choose from, as well as 100 auto accompaniment backing band tracks, it’s easy to see how musicians can make the most from this instrument and create their own songs. Since it weighs less than nine pounds, it’s perfect for taking on the go.

  • Features 32-note polyphony
  • Aux line input makes it easy to connect any device that has a headphone output, such as another keyboard, computer, MP3 speaker, or mixer
  • Runs on batteries, optional adapter is sold separately
  • Speakers tend to buzz
  • Can’t import voice or instrument patches
  • Only has 61 notes, which isn’t great for more advanced musicians


Here are ten great options to consider when you are looking for a new Yamaha keyboard. While they all have their own set of pros and cons, you can easily find one that will best meet your needs when you choose one from this list. By finding the best digital piano for you, you can ensure years of enjoyment playing this great instrument!

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