Bose Bass Module 500 Review

Most people think that subwoofers are all about size. No, size is just a preference if you want a large sub that can relay bass sounds in a vast space like a concert.

However, do not underestimate what small subwoofers can do, especially for small spaces. Most people prefer small and compact because they do not require so much space for them to function. Therefore, which is the best subwoofer to pick?

In our research, we found one that was difficult to ignore. My thought was that it was not as powerful as I thought. However, on trying it, I found that it would outdo my thinking. Here is a review of the Bose Bass Module 500.

Appearance of Bose Bass Module 500 subwoofer

Bose Bass Module 500 subwooferThe Bose Bass Module 500 comes with an excellent modern and classic design that you will love. It is a small sized compact bass speaker with a ten-inch driver.

For people that love a matte black finish, you should buy this unit. The finish brings excellence, and it would compliment your room’s furniture.

Additionally, the premium materials used to invent the entire unit ensures that the sub remains durable even after extended use.

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Sound Aspects of Bose Bass Module 500 subwoofer

In light of the many reviews that we found on the internet, we can say that it outperforms most subwoofers. Reviewers noted that the sound coming from it were the perfect deal for small spaces.

Additionally, whether you hide it under the table or cabinet, you are sure that you will hear a clear and undistorted sound, which usually happens with most units of such sizes.

Connectivity and usability

Bose Bass Module 500The subwoofer is wireless, which means that you do not require any cables to connect it to its soundbar. Unfortunately, if you are using other devices other than the Bose Soundbar 500 and 700 versions, you will not be able to use it.

Nonetheless, the unit is efficient in the way it connects to the sound bars. You only require a few minutes and the whole thing up and running.

We also found out that both the soundbar and woofer work great with TVs of all kinds. Therefore, whether you are streaming music or watching a movie, you can add some quality to the sound with the Bose 500 module.

If you prefer hidden subwoofers, the 10-inch height dimensions allow you to do so to add some mystery to your sound system.

Note that the soundbar, if we can talk about it in brief, features six drivers that function with the woofer awesomely.

  • Sleek design
  • You can hide it
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Connects to the soundbar in minutes
  • It is not compatible with other brand speakers

If you want to see the Bose Bass Module 500 in action, here is a reference video.


The Bose Bass Module 500 is enough proof that nobody should underestimate the power of small subwoofers. Regardless of their size, they still offer clean bass with low or high volumes.
Additionally, the fact that it does not require cables to connect to the soundbar would be an excellent choice for people who do not love wires running in their small spaces.

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