Casio PX350 88 Key Digital Stage Piano Review

In the music industry, a keyboard that qualifies to be in use in a band set up in any concert is high quality brand. Casio, in its effort to ensure that it continues to manufacture with such brands, came up with the Casio PX350 88 Key Digital Stage Piano.

The electric keyboard is one that offers the professional player a great opportunity to display his or her skills in the best way possible.

Since Casio released it, pianists all over the world cannot stop praising their efforts in providing such an excellent unit.

Therefore, what makes the PX350 a recommendable instrument? Here is its detailed review.

Stylish look of Casio PX350 Digital Stage Piano

Casio PX350Just like any stage piano, it is portable. With a maximum weight of about 25.4 pounds, any pianist can carry it from one place to another. After your finish the concert, you can put it back in the car and install back to its original position at home.

It features 88-keys and comes with a graded hammer action. Any professional would love the sound of that. The white keys possess an ivory feel while the black keys have an ebony feel.

The external cover comprises of a wooden finish that gives it an attractive vintage style look. Other features include a screen, a pitch bend, and two onboard speakers at the top.

Sound Quality of Casio PX350

Because the PX350 is the perfect instrument for stage performances, it comes with three recorded samples for each note. It gives the instrument a natural realist sound in addition to the graded hammer action and the AIR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator) technology.

The player can enhance the sound of the strings sound while using the sustain pedal. Other entertaining features include:

  • A 17 track recorder for people who love to write and compose songs
  • 180 drum patterns
  • 250 in built instrument tones
  • Three touch sensitivity settings
  • 128 max. polyphony
  • Four reverb and chorus effects settings
  • 10 songs in the music library
  • Tempo, pitch bend button, and transpose buttons

Connectivity of Casio PX350 88 Key Digital Stage Piano

Musicians can connect both android and IOS devices using the USB outputs located at the back of the keyboard. It also features a ¼-inch headphones port for effective silent practicing.

Since it is the best digital keyboard for a stage performance, the user can connect the device to a sound amplifier and recording unit for studio sessions.

Other notable functions include the split, duet, and layering functions. The split function is suitable for a teacher student session where they both require using the keyboard at the same time.

  • Perfect keyboard for a stage performance
  • Many tones suitable for composing
  • Large recording memory
  • Comes with a graded hammer action
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • May not look exactly like an acoustic piano

For a detailed visual explanation of the Casio PX350 88 Key Digital Stage Piano, here is a video that will help you get a better understanding of the instrument.


Beginners should not withdraw from purchasing the Casio PX350 88 Key Digital Stage Piano simply because it is not for their level.

As a beginner, you should use its wide array of capabilities to nurture your skill, train your fingers, carry it to events and bring it back home without any difficulty.

Note that with the inbuilt drum kits, the split, and the accompaniment, the user can utilize them in the case he or she wants to have a complete virtual band setting.

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