CMTECK USB Desktop Microphone Review

There is a beauty of having an external microphone for video streaming through your PC or laptop. It provides excellent sound quality compared to what an internal one would sound.

However, professional You Tubers, and video game players would love to pick a compact mic that will enhance the aesthetic of your video. Good sound adds some trust from your users.

A great microphone that could be beneficial to you is the CMTECK USB Desktop Microphone. The gadget comes with a great look that anybody will appreciate.

Here is a detailed review of the microphone.

Stylish Design of CMTECK USB Desktop Microphone

CMTECK USB Desktop Microphone1Any microphone would love the look that comes with a microphone. The receiver features an adjustable neck, which rests on a flat base. Both have a plastic make.

On the stand, is a Y-shaped LED indicator that light up once you press the on/off button. Beneath the blue lights is another yellow light goes on and off when pressing the mute button.

It comes with an internal sound card, which amplifies the sound once you connect the USB to the laptop.

The neck is adjustable. I can swivel in various directions depending on the position of the speaker. Additionally, the cable is about 1.5m long.

Sound Quality of CMTECK Microphone

CMTECK MicrophoneThe CMTECK USB Desktop Microphone comes with excellent sound quality ; people on the other end of the conversation do not have to strain their eyes to hear what you are saying.

It features an omnidirectional polar pattern. Whether you speak with it from the side, backward, or front, the speaker will pick the sounds, including those at the background. It also comes with a smart chip, which you can use to cancel background noises.

On pressing the mute/unmute button, the indicator shows a green light to indicate a successful connection with the laptop; the flashing green light shows the microphone is working, and the red light means that the mic is in mute mode.


CMTECK USB Desktop MicrophonePrimarily, the microphone does need any software to function. It is a plug-and-play microphone. Besides that, the device is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system.

Note that with Windows it is functional with 7, 8, and 10. For Mac laptops, the mic does not work with Android, LINUX, Pi, and Raspberry.

Professionals who love to maintain a level of professionalism when chatting, YouTube streaming, recording vocals for a game or other intentions, gaming, and podcasting can use this microphone.

The mic is compatible with PS4, by the way.

  • Neck is adjustable
  • The omnidirectional microphone allows you to sit in any direction
  • Compatible with XBOX and PS4
  • Easy to set up- No need for drives
  • Does not require batteries to function
  • May not be ideal for a live performance

If you want to see a microphone in action, here is an in-depth review of the CMTECK USB Desktop Microphone.


The CMTECK USB Desktop Microphone is a suitable microphone for people in business who may have international partnerships and clientele abroad.

With various abilities, which include the smart chip, it cancels out any background voices that can distract any of your meetings. In addition, note, you do not require any drivers to set it up, which is a good thing for people that are less tech savvy.

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