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How to Play the Guitar

How to Play the Guitar: 7 Simple Steps to Learn within 10 Hours

The great thing about learning to play the guitar is that there’s no restriction on age. In fact, using a few smart tips and tricks, you can get a functional knowledge of playing the guitar in a matter

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Best Electric Bass Guitars with Ultimate Buying Guide

10 Best Electric Bass Guitars with Ultimate Buying Guide (2019)

Add a spark to your songs and give your lyrics and melodies a new impression and deeper layer with an electric bass guitar.  You can achieve a balanced sound and rhythm with this guitar, no matter

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10 Best Guitar Stools You Will Love in 2019

A guitar chair is probably the last thing a guitarist thinks about when considering accessories to purchase. In fact, it’s very possible that s/he doesn’t even consider it at all.The very nature of

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20+ Remarkably Easy Guitar Songs for Kids

Playing a musical instrument like the guitar is a great and interesting activity for young kids especially with songs that are easy to grasp. Considering that young kids have a short attention span, easy

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Best Acoustic-electric Guitars

Best Acoustic-electric Guitars (2019 Reviews)

Are you looking to wow your audience with the best live performance? Do you want the best instrument to make your on-stage presence entertaining and unforgettable? If you’re looking to be a musical star,

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Best Guitar Cables

5 Best Guitar and Instrument Cables (2019)

Do you want to step-up your game with your personal guitar? Are you looking for an amazing rock-star vibe guitar cable? If yes, we are here to guide you through the best guitar cables available in

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