FIFINE Microphone K025 Handheld Wireless Mic System Review

When searching for the best sound equipment in the market, the question of which microphone comes into question. However, that depends on an individual’s need.

You can use a good microphone for large scale and a small-scale basis. I mean, for large occurrences, the mic should cater to every speaker. On the other hand, the microphone is beneficial for small events like karaoke at home.

In short, the answer to what makes a good microphone varies. In our review today, we will examine the FIFINE Microphone K025 Handheld Wireless System. The mic system provides excellent functionalities that speakers would appreciate.

Here is what you require to know if you are looking to purchase such a microphone.

Design of FIFINE Microphone K025 Handheld Wireless Mic System

FIFINE Microphone K025 Handheld Wireless SystemThe FIFINE Microphone K025 Handheld Wireless Mic System is a wireless microphone. It features an internal receiver, with an LCD screen to monitor the battery and the frequency in use.

Sound waves travel into the mixer through the receiver, which comes with a ¼-inch jack and an antenna on the other end. Once the two (the microphone and the receiver) connect, a red light shows.

You can also use the microphone to know the level of the battery, and the period it will take before it goes off.
The ABS Plastic material enhances the look, its compactness, and gives its light design when the speaker holds it.

Sound Capabilities of FIFINE Microphone K025 Handheld Wireless Mic System

The handheld microphone comes with excellent communication abilities that any public speaker would love.

UHF wireless capability ensures that sound travels with the least amount of interference and sound dropouts. If you are within 80 feet, then you are sure that the microphone continues to produce sound.

It features a cardioid polar pattern. Therefore, you have to hold the microphone in such a way that you place your mouth direct to the microphone’s capsule.

Be assured that the user can get some feedback if they reach a certain gain level. Other notable features include:

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20 frequencies to select
Does not pick background noise



FIFINE Microphone K025 Handheld Wireless Mic SystemThe FIFINE Microphone K025 Handheld Wireless System is excellent for people who enjoy freedom when speaking to a large crowd. Possible movement is possible since sound travels to the mixer wirelessly.

Besides that, the microphone is also ideal for events within a small space. That includes a house party or a karaoke session. It does not require much set up for it to function.

If you are at a party and you do not have electricity, then you are free to connect to a battery speaker. Nonetheless, keep an eye on the battery levels to prevent an unexpected shutdown. Both the transmitter and the microphone have this feature.

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  • Lightweight
  • Wireless enhances freedom
  • Ideal for large and small spaces
  • Functions whether you have lights or not
  • Can perform on any mixture

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  • Does not feature any adapter to fit into cameras, laptops, and the likes
  • Require battery charging before use

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Here is a detailed video that gives all the details of the FIFINE K025 Handheld Wireless Mic System.


We conclude that the FIFINE Microphone K025 Handheld Wireless System is the ideal microphone for anyone that wishes to have an affordable unit that performs on both large and small-scale events.

The microphone does not require any complicated set up to start functioning. Insert the 6v AAA batteries, connect the receiver to the mixer, switch both of them on, and the gadget will be ready for use.

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