Fifine Wireless Microphone (K037B) set with Headset Review

Speakers typically love when they have the freedom to move around during a presentation or speech. People nowadays prefer a wireless set of microphones compared to the wired ones.

Wireless microphones give you room to move around, interact with your audience, enjoy quality sound, and reduce distractions that come with running a wired microphone, especially when using a sensitive microphone.

The Fifine Wireless Microphone (K037B) set with Headset is an excellent gadget for such situations. It comes with exiting features that experts and vloggers seem to enjoy. So, what makes the wireless microphone so unique? Here is an in-depth review of the device.

Design of Fifine Wireless Microphone (K037B)

Fifine Wireless Microphone (K037B)The microphone comes with one Lavalier and a headset, which goes around on your head to the front of your mouth. For the lapel, you can stick it on your chest. Be sure that the headset will not topple even if you keep shaking your head.

It features a transmitter and a receiver. The speaker fixes the antenna on their belt. Once you switch on the transmitter, it will show a green light. It changes to red once you light the receiver.

Note that the receiver features a ΒΌ-inch jack to insert to any mixer. You will also find a 1/8 inch adapter for fitting to a camera or phone.

Other notable features include:

  • LCD screen to show battery charge level and frequency
  • A solid clip made of metal
  • Plastic covering
  • Sound quality

Once you buy such a microphone, you desire something that can perform in a public speaking forum.

Therefore, in its effort to ensure that the sound is superb, the Fifine Wireless Microphone set with Headset comes with several frequencies to minimize interference.

It reduces collision of both the lapel and the headset. Once you find the right frequencies, the speaker can move up to a range of 65 feet without any sound dropouts.

Be careful when handling the cable. You require having it run behind your back to prevent collision with the lapel, which can produce some uncomfortable noise.

On that note, the windscreen on the device minimizes any breath sounds that may be distractive to sound.

Usability of Fifine Wireless Microphone (K037B)

Fifine Wireless MicrophoneDue to its vast array of abilities, the good thing about the lapel is that you can use it on various platforms. They may include:

  • YouTube live streaming
  • Teaching
  • Presentations
  • Preaching or for in public speaking set up

The primary benefit of the microphone is that you can connect the receiver to any mixer or device such as a camera during recording, or a speaker with the output jack.

  • It is hands-free
  • Connects to various gadgets
  • Features up to 20 frequencies
  • Sensitive to sound
  • Does not consume much battery power
  • Plastic cover damages easily if it falls

If you want the Fifine Wireless Microphone K037B set with Headset in action, here is a detailed review of the microphone set.


The Fifine Wireless Microphone K037B set with Headset is the best microphone duo for people that do not like holding microphones through long speeches. It also helps people who are doing an illustration do it freely.
With the headset and the lapel included in the package, you get a variety of options at an affordable rate.

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