3 Ways to Make a Homemade Drum Set (DIY Drum Set)

Do you want to own a drum set but could not due to high costs of this equipment on the market? We can teach you how to make a homemade drum set with little or no cost and get your children excited with these percussion instruments that can produce exciting sounds. Therefore, you do not have to worry, just read this article for detailed information.

These percussion instruments are very easy to make with everyday items you can gather around your home to save you much cost. There are three significant materials suitable for forming a drum set in your house such as artificial leather, construction papers, and balloons. After gathering these items, you can proceed to make your drums in the best way possible. A quick look at the steps and procedures

Creating Your Drums with Artificial Leather Materials

Some of the items you need for this project include scissors, rope, a tin can or container, marker, and artificial or faux leather material. Put the tin on the backside of the leather and make a mark around the can two times. You will cut out the bottom and top part of the drum from those marks. It is good to add about two inches to the marks on the material before cutting to give you an opportunity to use rope or thread and line the edges of the leather if there is a need for that.

With the scissors, you can create small cuts and clips around the tin for fastening the rope through the holes. Then, put these pieces of leather on top and base of the tin and tie them together to make your drum firm and stable. Now you can check the drum by testing the quality and sound as the case may be.

Making Homemade Drums with Construction Papers

If you want to make your drum set with construction papers, you need masking tape, colored pencils, tissue papers, empty cylindrical container, and pencils. Ensure that the container is clean and it could be a popcorn tin, coffee container, or any other aluminum tin suitable for the construction.

Use the masking tape, cross over the top of the can until it is entirely covered and make at least two or three layers, but you should make it firm and stable.  Wrap the construction paper around the top of the can and use the tape to hold it firmly. Then, cut it to fit the container properly. If you wish, you can use paints, markers, colored pencils, and crayons to embellish or beautify the container.  Moreover, if you can cut out figures and pictures from other sources, you can glue them to the sides of the drum.

After this, you can make a pair of drumsticks with two pencils and crushed tissue paper. Attach the tissue on the pencils and bound it together with masking tape. You can wrap the tape around the pencil as many times as possible to make it stable.  Then, re-check the process again to ensure the drum and the drumming sticks are well-designed, durable, and sturdy for lasting usage. Go ahead and test the drum to know how it sounds.

Constructing Homemade Drums with Balloons

Another significant item you can use for your homemade drums is the balloon. Some of the materials you need for this exercise are balloons, rubber bands, scissors, clean round tins like coffee tins, and masking tape.

After you have collected all these items, the next thing will be to use your fingers and stretch the balloon around the can as you open it up and expand it. In this way, you will be able to cover the top of the tin tightly.  Take another balloon and lay flat on a hard surface but you do not have to blow it up. Use a regular balloon to construct the drum. Now, with scissors, you can bore small holes in the balloon. These holes are just as designs to beautify the drum and they should not be the same pattern.

Try to double the layer of the balloon as you stretch out the perforated one on top of the can to enhance its sturdiness and durability.

The next step will be to wrap the tape around the balloon to make the drum strong and firm. Another thing you will do to make it stronger is using rubber bands to put as strips around the mouth of the can to maintain its durability. Before, you can play the drum; take two pencils and balls of tissue paper to construct drumsticks by following the process in the previous project with construction papers.

Spend Less Money on Homemade Drums and Enjoy Good Tunes

You will spend less money on homemade drums but you will enjoy good tunes, and they will last for a long time if you follow the procedures we outlined for you above. Moreover, you should utilize the proper materials in constructing the drums since most of the items are everyday things you can find easily around your home. Some of the ways you can make these drums are by using balloons, construction papers, and artificial leather materials. Most importantly, with these materials, you will produce drums with good sounds that can thrill and fascinate your toddlers throughout the day.

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