How to Burn Karaoke CD with Lyrics

Why will you want to burn a karaoke CD with lyrics? Some of the motives why some persons will decide to burn a recorded disc may include the choice of making a copy of an original data available in multiple forms in case of theft or damage to the original file; they will still have another one to fall back on. Secondly, if a person wants to create a custom compilation CD from many other disks, he will burn a compact disc. Again, if you downloaded an MP3 + G file that you need to use in a CD player, then, you must burn a disk to transfer such data into it making it compatible with the machine. Now, do you know how to burn karaoke CD with lyrics?

This article is written to teach you the most straightforward ways of burning a karaoke CD and retain the lyrics and graphics without distortions whatsoever. Let us see some of the reliable software you can use for burning your discs without hassles.

Software for Burning Karaoke CDs

One of these high-quality applications is Standard CD-R media used for burning CD plus Graphics discs. If you use more top quality media, it will undoubtedly produce perfect and consistent effects other than ordinary CD-RW media programs.

Another excellent karaoke burning software is Power CD + G Burner 2.  This app is regarded as the highest CD plus G disc burning and ripping resolution because if you use it with the latest models of compact discs (CDs) and digital video discs (DVDs) writers, you will be able to burn ZIP, KMA, MP3 + G, BIN, MCG, and CDG files.

With this program, no more multiple and confusing processes, all you need to do are select all the data you want to rip and press a button. Then, it is done. You will have your karaoke CDs ripped adequately.

The Features and Functionalities of this Software

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  • This software functions with most modern CD/DVD burners, and it uses standard CD-R discs.
  • Has the capacity to create CD + G disks from MP3 + G discs and produces custom compilation CD + G discs.
  • You will be able to produce exact duplicate copies of CD + G discs, and the discs will play in almost any karaoke machine.
  • The app can convert between several karaoke file types and rips music from CD + G discs to MP3 + G files easily.


Let us understand how to burn karaoke CDs with lyrics successfully.

The Methods of Burning Karaoke CDs

The Methods of Burning Karaoke CDs

1. You Will Copy a CD + G Disc

This is the most accessible CD burning processes you can find around as it involves placing a CD + G disc in the CD burner and clicking a button. With this process, you will import the contents of the disc into the PCs hard drive. After this, bring out the CD + G disk, insert a blank CD-R in the CD burner, and click the burn button. That is all, within the next few minutes; you will have a clean copy of the disc of your CD plus Graphics.

2. Patiently Producing a Custom Compilation CD + G Disc

If you want to produce this karaoke CD,  you may need to wait patiently as it takes a little time before production. However, you should insert a CD + G in the computer’s CD burner.  Then, the song tracks will appear in the application, and you should choose the ones you want to rip and then, select the folder for storing these songs temporarily.

Remember to select BIN as the output format and begin the burning process. After this process, bring out the CD + G disk and insert the next one and repeat the exercise accordingly. You can check to see if the songs you want are stored on the hard drive and you will switch to burn mode and burn them to a blank CD-R. Experts have suggested that about eighteen songs can fit on an eighty minute CD-R.

Alrighty, now you get the point of how to burn karaoke CD fast. Time to get a karaoke machine and a karaoke CD!

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