How to Clean a CD: 2019 Detailed Guide

Cleaning a CD is necessary for restoring it to a useful position if it becomes dirty in any way, but most persons do not know how to clean a CD. Some of the reasons why you should wash your compact discs are due to fingerprints, dust, or any other filth that may accumulate on them and affect their usages. By cleaning them, you will restore their utility values and make them as good as new ones, but what is a CD?

What is the Full Meaning of CD?

The full meaning of CD is a compact disc, and it is a portable, digital, storage device used for recording, storing, playing back audio or video data respectively. Developed and designed by the joint efforts of Sony and Philips. This computerized device was finally released for public consumption in the year 1982. Initially, this incredible masterpiece was produced as CD-DA, for recording, playing, and storing of sound effects only. However, later, it was adapted into CD-ROM for the storage of data as the case may be.

The Various Types of CD

There various types of CDs available on the market today include CD-ROMs, useful in computer devices for recording and reading audio information, CD-R, which is a recordable CD, CD-RW, a Rewritable CD, VCD, a Video CD, SVCD, a Super Video CD, and CD + G, a CD used for Graphics. Other types you need to know include SACD, which means Super Audio CD and CD + XG, also called CD + EG meaning CD used for Extended Graphics accordingly.

The Methods of Cleaning a CD

Let us see some of the ways you can clean an old CD, especially those without cases using some common items around the home, without spending much money at all. Firstly, you should try to remove dust and dirt from the CDs, but during this process, you may scratch them unintentionally. Therefore, you must be very careful during the dusting processes. Most persons advocate the use of canned air, or you can use a soft cloth material that is free from lint or fluffy substances and cleanse them from edges to the center and so on. Other ways o take care of your CDs are

Applying Soap and Water

how to clean a CD

This is a prevalent way of cleaning a CD. Get a medium-sized bowl that can contain your compact disc and pour some water into it. Then, bring a tablespoon of all-natural cleaning liquid made of distilled water, or hand dish soap and add to the water. Another relevant and useful cleaner is window cleaner and causes the solution to lather.  Now, you can take the dirty CDs and put them into the container with water and soapsuds. Allow the compact CDs to remain in the water for about two minutes.

Bring out the CDs and rinse them in warm water. The preferred solution is lukewarm and running water that can be easier for you to handle. Depending on the outcome, you may repeat this same procedure as many times as you want until you are satisfied.  Then, bring them out of the water, shake off excess moisture and allow them to dry by air.

Using Alcohol to Rub on the CDs

Another useful method of cleaning old CDs from dirt, dust, and fingerprints is by using alcohol to rub on them. Good alcohol that can be applied for cleansing the CDs is isopropyl rubbing alcohol.  Get a little quantity of one to one solution of distilled water and rubbing alcohol. Ensure that you will use distilled water for this exercise because of the mild effects, otherwise applying other sources of water such as tap water or spring water may cause harm to the disc, in fact, it could be damaged completely.

Furthermore, take a piece of soft, lint-free cloth that you can use for cleaning the compact discs. Experts recommend that chamois be used for cleaning CDs to prevent causing more harm to the device. Now, you should dip a corner of the material into the alcohol solution and gradually cleanse the CD from one edge to another, to the center, and straight out to ensure that no debris remains. Carry out this process all around the discs to cleanse them thoroughly.

After using isopropyl rubbing alcohol on them, you can apply water and soap to rinse the alcohol off the discs thoroughly.  Then, apply a clean towel in drying the CDs,  that’s all. They will become like new CDs

Cleanse Your Old CD and Make it Useful Again

CDs before cleaning Vs After cleaningA compact disc is a digital storage item used for storing data. With continued usage, your CD may accumulate dirt and dust; and even your fingerprints could have smeared the sophisticated membrane, and that could affect its functionality. Therefore, you need to apply some methods in cleaning the device. Some of the tested and proven methods include applying soap and water and using isopropyl rubbing alcohol. If you can use any of these methods, you will cleanse your old CD and make it useful again.

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