How to Clean Earbuds: 3 Steps to Follow

Do you think cleaning earbuds is necessary at all? Experts have surmised the overall importance of cleaning your earphones, and one of the most straightforward reasons is to ensure you continue getting quality sounds from the device anytime and anywhere without distortions. Moreover, earwax and oil from your body can be dripping into the mesh of the device gradually until it accumulates and then, muffles the earpiece.  The wax in your ears can melt due to the heat emitting from your earphone and finds its way onto the unit where you inserts into your ears. Therefore, you need to do a periodic cleanup of your headset to ensure it continues producing meaningful sounds. However, most persons do not know how to clean earbuds.

Firstly, let us know all the items required for cleaning an earbud such as cotton swabs, soap and water, toothbrush, and rubbing alcohol, and alcohol wipes.

Now, let us see the processes, you should adopt in cleaning this great device.

How to Clean My Earbuds for Better Sound and Hygiene 

1. Cleaning with Dish Soap and Water

Cleaning with Dish Soap and Water

If you want to clean your headset using soap and water, you should mix up a mild soap solution, especially if the earpiece has caked filth and grime on it. Take lukewarm water, pour into a basin, and put drops of dish soap or mild detergent. Then, stir very well until the solution lathers very well.

Get a washcloth, dampen it with the soapy solution, and use it to clean your headset, but be careful not to allow much water get into the complex components of the device to avoid damaging it. After cleansing it, you can use the dry part of the washcloth and wipe off water from the earpiece. Then, it is time to allow it to dry. Take caution not to use hair drying equipment or any other heat-emitting dryer as this can melt the plastic coatings on your headphone.

2. Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol

Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol

The second method of cleaning earpieces is by using rubbing alcohol. Ensure to use pure alcohol without fragrances due to the presence of chemical elements in the scent may cause harmful reactions against your device. This substance has antibacterial properties that make it useful as a sanitizer for earbuds. Take a cotton swab and dip into the alcohol but don’t allow much of the substance on the swab or you can squeeze out much alcohol from it if it is over-saturated.

With this swab, begin to clean around the earbud, wipe the plastic coverings with this alcohol to get rid of filth, sweat, and other unwanted particles that must have dried onto the earpiece. It is advisable to use one end of cotton swab for each earpiece. After this, use a clean towel to clean the headsets, although the alcohol will dry up and evaporate on its own giving a fresh and bacteria-free earbud.

3. Using a Toothbrush for Cleaning the Earbud

Toothbrush for Cleaning the Earbud

You have been using your headphone for sometimes now, and it has acquired stains and muck from your hands and even oil from your ears, but if you want to remove all these from your hearing device, you can use a toothbrush and scrub it. Use gentle sweeping actions all over the mesh and plastic covering of the headset until you are sure that every bit of dirt and stain is wiped off your device.

Furthermore, before cleaning your earbud with either water and dish soap or by rubbing alcohol, you can even use a toothbrush to scrub off some stains and debris to make way for a thorough cleansing using the other liquids.

Keep Your Earbuds Clean for Better Sound Quality

Now, you have learned all the viable and effective methods of cleaning earbuds if you want better sound quality. Debris and dirt can muffle the mesh of your headphone causing poor sound effects and distortions, but by applying proper cleaning methods, you can be sure a renewed earpiece that will stand the test of times.

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