How to Fix a Broken Earbud (with Pictures)

Fixing an expensive earbud is considered better than purchasing new ones because it may not cost much in repairing a broken earpiece but buying a new headset could be quite costly. Due to the sophistication of the device, you need to be very careful while working on it to avoid causing more damages to the delicate parts and worsening the situation. Repairing an earpiece should be done by professionals depending on the level of damage, but you can still learn how to fix a broken earbud, in case you could not find a repairer easily, then you should do it yourself.

Now, there are various tools necessary for repairing your headset such as the soldering iron, multimeter, screwdrivers, shrink tubing, knife or scissors, and wire strippers. After gathering all these items, the next thing to do is detecting where the problem lies. It could be the audio jack, computer’s or smartphone’s headphone input, or the cables altogether. Whichever one that could be having the issue; all you need is to learn how to fix it now to avoid unnecessary embarrassment when you want to use your device. Let us see some of the ways you can repair the earphones successfully.

Detecting the Problem in the Earbud

How to Fix a Broken Earbud

Anyway, before handling the earbud for repairs, ensure that the problem is within the earpiece and you can discover this by testing it using various PCs, smartphones, and even a different audio jack. Plug the earphone onto different PCs or smartphones and test for sound effects. If you observe that no sound is coming from the other side of the headphone, then it is the faulty one. Additionally, if you plug the headset into an audio input and twist the cable as you are listening if you can hear some sound, you will know it is the cable and fix it by replacing the cable.

Again, you can test the headset by pushing the tip of the plug and if you can hear any sound in the weak side of your earpiece, then fix the cap accordingly. You can also test the earpiece with a multimeter to find out the exact place with a defect and fix it.

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Fixing or Repairing a Damaged Cable

How do you repair a damaged cable? Firstly, you need to detect the point by sliding your thumb along the length of the wire to see if the sound will crack, if you notice a crackling sound at any point, then, use a cello tape to wrap around there. However, remember to wear the earpiece and turn on the audio while carrying out this test. Another way to do this is by using a multimeter in detecting the weak point on the cable.

Now, you can use a knife or wire strippers to cut open the cable, remove the outer covering, and look for the broken cord. When you have detected it, cut the cord in half if it is terrible, before joining it together or you can solder the wire with a soldering iron. Do not forget to join wires with the same colors together and covering them with electrical tape. Additionally, get plastic tubing and slide it onto the cable for covering the damaged part after repairs. Then, reconnect the plug to input and test the audio to see if the sound has been restored. If you can hear it, congrats, you have fixed your earbud by yourself.

Fixing or Repairing a Faulty Plug

Fixing or Repairing a Faulty Plug

Get the same size of a new jack plug by purchasing from an electronics store or online. It should be 3.5 mm, which is usually about 1/8 inch in size. Using scissors or knife cut off about an inch from the point where the cable is connected to the plug. Then, remove the plastic covering on the wires and ensure that the green wire goes to the left earpiece; red wire goes to the right earpiece, while the ground wires can be one or two, black or even bare copper wires accordingly.

Now, twist the end of the wires and solder them together. After that slip the headphone jack’s sleeve onto the wire and screw, it to the plug, but the base of the cap should have two pins sticking out making it a stereo plug. Meanwhile, if it is a mono plug, it will have only one pin. You can add a drop of solder to each wire to tin it. This soldering process will make the cables hold onto the jack of your headphone without detaching at all.

Repairing a Defective Earpiece

Repairing a Defective Earpiece

At this stage, if you notice that the fault is from the earpiece itself, then you should correct it. Although this could be fixed using the services of a professional and in fact, it is advisable to refer this aspect of repairs to a qualified technician to detect the actual issue and handle it all together.

Repair Your Broken Earbuds with Simple Steps

If you want to fix earbud issues, firstly, detect the fault before proceeding with the repairs. Most times the error could be with the cable or jack plug, and in other scenarios, it is with the earpiece itself. Whichever defect you noticed could be fixed by following the guidelines specified above, but remember, if the defective part is the earbud, you should consult the services of an experienced professional or else, you will end up causing more irreparable damages to your valuable audio device.

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