How to Use Earbud Mic on PC? (2019 Guide)

Do you know you can use your earbuds to record sounds on your PC as microphones? Of course, this is possible because mics and headsets function using the instrumentality of the diaphragms, which usually vibrates during speeches and capable of converting sound energy into electrical signals. After that, it will reconvert it into audio signals for transmission through the computer devices or amplifiers as words or songs accordingly. Therefore, you can speak into your earphones to record sounds, although if you are using re-purposed headsets, you may not get superior audio quality compared to purpose-built mics. However, if poor audio features are the issues you are having with your earbuds, then, relax because, with your computer devices, you can fix this, using the sound settings but do you know how to use earbud mic on PC?

This article is written to give you a complete tutorial on the ways you can use the mic on your earphone just like a microphone on your computer to produce and even record high definition sounds. Here are the instructions you can follow to setup your earbud mic to be used on your PC effectively.

5 Steps to Use Your Earbud as a Microphone

1. Locate the Line-in jack or Audio Input on Your Computer

Now, if you want to begin the configuration process, you should locate the line-in jack or audio input on your computer. Then, you can plug your headset into the jack. Go to the ‘Start’ menu and click on it and open ‘Sound control panel.’

2. Type and Click Manage Audio Services

After opening the sound control panel, go to the search box and type ‘Manage audio services.’ Click on the same word, ‘Manage audio services,’ and the result that will appear from a dialogue box will open the ‘Sound control panel.’

3. Click and Open the Recording Tab on the Sound Control Panel

From the command above, you will now click ‘Recording tab’ on the sound control panel to ensure your earpiece is set for recording and you can set this as ‘Default.’ Moreover, you can tap your headphone icon continuously until it changes and displays as a ‘Green’ icon. This signifies that it has started recording every noise or sound and the device can be used as a microphone for transmitting messages.

Now, you can confirm that your improvised mic is functioning because it would have been listed on your system before you proceed further.

4. Click on Set as Default Icon

As said earlier, after the confirmation process, you will click on ‘Set as default’ icon and set up the device for continuous use as a mic on your computer devices.

5. Finalize the Configuration Process by Clicking Ok

It is time to finalize the setup and configuration processes by clicking the ‘Ok’ icon, and this will permanently install your earbud on your PC as a mic.

With all these steps and instructions listed above, you can have your earpiece correctly installed on your computer as a microphone. Go ahead and try it now.

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