Ion Audio MAX LP Black Turntable Review

Elegance is a factor that most people consider when buying any product, especially something that could act as a focal point within your living room.

To select an instrument with the kind of elegance that fits in your room could be a difficult task. We found one turntable that could do more than just providing beauty to the place. It is the Ion Audio MAX LP 3 Speed Turntable.

For most people who desire a good turntable with multiple functionalities, this would be a great alternative if you were looking for something that could solve your musical needs.

Here is a detailed review of the unit.

Design of Ion Audio MAX LP Turntable

Ion Audio MAX LP TurntableAs mentioned earlier, this unit offers elegance. It is great to look at regardless of where you place it. The black piano finish provides both vintage and modern looks.

On top of the record player is the hinged dust cover. Users can remove it; however, it is wise that you return it to prevent dust from getting to the record player.
The diamond tip ceramic cartridge adds to the durability of the stylus. It also guarantees your sensitivity when

running on the grooves in addition to long life.

Inside the package, you will find the 45-RPM adapter and a slip mat made of felt.

Sound Aspects of Ion Audio MAX LP Turntable

Ion Audio MAX LP TurntableThe good thing about the Ion Audio MAX LP Turntable is that it features its stereo speakers. Stereo speakers mean that the audio coming from both outputs is excellent.

Additionally, expect clear sound from the speakers. The turntable can play 33, 45, and 78 RPMs. For that reason, you do no longer have an excuse for why you should not be playing your old records.

It is also vital to note that the slip mat ensures that the vinyl records rest on the platter comfortably. You will not hear of any unnecessary noises coming from the pieces of vinyl while playing the music.

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Ion Audio MAX LPThe unit comes with great functionalities to add on its simple design. If you love loud music and you feel as if the internal speakers are not enough, then you can connect to the external speakers through the RCA ports located at the back of the player.

Unfortunately, it does not feature any Bluetooth functionality, which would be a massive limitation for people that love to stream through the turntable.

Despite that, you can convert your vinyl records via a USB connection to a computer or laptop. I also noted that the recording function could assist in arranging files in an orderly manner. For PC and Mac connection, the manufacturer provides ION Audio EZ conversion software.

For effective functioning of the turntable, ensure that you use the latest operating system.

  • Great black finish
  • Removable dust cover
  • Plays all record player sizes

Great for digitizing your LPs

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

To see the Ion Audio MAX LP Black Turntable in action, here is a detailed video reviewing the music player.


Technology continues to alter the way we listen to music. Instead of throwing away those old records that you love, you could use this turntable to digitize them or even play them using the device.

With the elegance presented in the black finish, you can be sure that the Ion Audio MAX LP Black Turntable will add color to your living room.

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