Ion Audio Party Starter Karaoke System Review

ION Audio’s Party Starter is a speaker with high range coverage and colorful beat-sync lighting that has the capacity to transform any space into a party platform.

This full range speaker is wireless. You can connect this wireless karaoke system with the Bluetooth of any device and increase the volume to a required level in order to let the show begin. You can increase or decrease the range of volume as per your need.

Ion Audio Party Starter is one of the best karaoke systems that is compatible with iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android devices, and many more other devices of a different platform. The modest and small look of the device might fool you but do not fall for it as it can produce loud sound which is pulsating and amazing.

With the best professional karaoke system, you can enjoy with your near and dear ones by dancing or listening to different songs of your choice. Ion Audio Party Starter can offer you party fun anytime and at any place. You can take it with yourself when you are traveling or organizing a party for your friends and family.

Ion Audio Party Starter Karaoke System Review

ION Audio Party Starter MK II

9 Specifications of the Ion Audio Party Starter

  1. It has a lithium-ion battery
  2. It has a power of 500mAH that is 3.7 V
  3. The wattage of the speaker is 3 Watt.
  4. Once the battery is full charges, it will last for a minimum of 10 hours
  5. Time taken by the battery to get completely charged is one and a half hour.
  6. The Bluetooth can connect up to a distance of 30 feet.
  7. The frequency range of the best karaoke system is between 20 to 20.000 HZ.
  8. The dimension of the Party Starter is 2.6”x4.4”x2.6”.
  9. It weighs around 6.72 oz or 0.42 lbs

Reviewing the Ion Audio Party Starter

You can purchase this product online if it suits your needs. It is the best karaoke system for the home especially when you are the host of any party. You can check the reviews of other buyers to know more about the specifications and positive points of Ion Audio Party Starter. Various karaoke system reviews have been carried out by sites, and most of the results were positive.

Thus you can be blindfolded and believe the product and the manufacturer and purchase this product. You can also enjoy offers, deals, and discounts on online sites from time to time. Portable karaoke system can be carried to parties, events, and concerts wherever required as it is transportable and does not involve much effort in this process.

8 Pros of the Ion Audio Party Starter

  1. It projects multi-colored lights that are pulsating and reflects o the ceilings and walls during a party or a concert.
  2. Operating it is very easy, and one who is not familiar can also learn using it easily.
  3. You can quickly track the “play” or “pause” button for it to function conveniently and smoothly.
  4. It has an inbuilt microphone, and you can pick up an incoming call on your smartphone because of it.
  5. For non-Bluetooth devices to get connected it has a 1/8 inches input or a 3.5 mm aux that acts as an input in place of Bluetooth connection.
  6. The device is compact in its design which ensures it can be carried from one place to another.
  7. It offers loud sound with the help of full range and powerful speaker
  8. Its bass radiator provides rich sound.

4 Cons of the Ion Audio Party Starter

  1. It does not deliver great results when used in a large room.
  2. Parties are more fun with extenders rather than starters.
  3. It takes more time than other karaoke systems to get connected or paired with a Bluetooth device.
  4. The depth and the bass is less as compared to other devices.

Is Ion Audio Party Starter Worth the Investment?

You can now take Ion Audio Party Starter and enjoy its features from any place. You can connect with it from a distance as it is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. It is wireless and creating a connection does not take much time or effort. The structure and size of the speaker might be small but can product quite loud sound with a multi-colored show of lights. You will now not get bored of same songs and can listen to your favorite song anytime.

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