ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) VS ION Audio Job Rocker Plus

Anyone who is a tablet or smartphone owner would likely like the idea of having a portable Bluetooth speaker, which improves the overall listening experience where ever you might be. Every tablet or smartphone, or even PC of nowadays come with Bluetooth, which means it’s needless of you to bring extra equipment. Whether you in search of a portable speaker to take with you on your next trip or one to take with you to the beach, there is a Bluetooth speaker for you definitely.

Bluetooth speakers are often splash-proof or waterproof and come with a rechargeable battery, which makes it easy to take them to the beach or the park. These speakers produce sound quality adequately good for podcasts, Internet radio, and regular music listening. While Bluetooth slightly degrades sound quality, you aren’t likely to notice the effects.

However, people buying Bluetooth speakers are always caught up between two great models, the ION Audio Tailgater (ipA77) and ION Audio Job Rocker Plus, which are two excellent devices from the same manufacturer. If you are confused about which one to go for between these awesome devices, we will help clear your confusion with this article.

ION Audio Tailgater (IpA77) and ION Audio Job Rocker Plus Comparison Chart

ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77)
  • FEATURESBuilt-in RadioUSB
    16.3 lbs
ION Audio Job Rocker Plus
  • FEATURESPowerful 50-watt speaker
    Bluetooth, wireless
    20.95 lbs

ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77)


ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Mic, AM/FM Radio, and USB Charge Port

  • Incorporated rechargeable battery offers up to 50 hours of continuous use.
  • Energetic, powerful speaker system.
  • Bluetooth connectivity alongside Android/iOS app for extended control.
  • Wide-dispersion tweeter and robust woofer provide high-quality sound.
  • USB power bank to recharge your tablet, smartphone, and more.
  • AM/FM radio with clear, bright, display, and 1/8 inch auxiliary input; includes auxiliary cable and microphone.


With regards to speaker systems, you require something little to fit in a small room sometimes, you require something impressive and big to fit a living room sometimes, and some of the times you simply require something that can be thrown in the back of a truck. As implied by the name, the Ion Tailgater is particularly made for the latter case, giving a sturdy, generally useful answer for enhancing an iPod, or pretty much everything you feel like connecting to.

The tailgate looks quite like the other model from Ion: the Ion Block Rocker. In fact, he Tailgater speaker is a mini version of the Ion Block Rocker, as it packs almost the same features but in a more portable body.
Sound Quality
When it comes to the sound delivered by the Tailgater, you will be impressed by the quality here as well. The system’s spine is a solitary 7 inch woofer with a 2 inch tweeter that is powered by an amplifier of 16 watt. Before you say something bad about the monophonic music playback of the Tailgater, you should know that it is powerful, deep, and it produces punch sound that surpasses the quality you will find in most speakers less than $200.
Audio Inputs
You will discover a plenitude of audio inputs on this terrific speaker, such as an XLR mic input, RCA stereo jacks, iPod Dock, and instrument jacks for connecting to a guitar. While the Tailgater has an iPod dock at the top, it is not advised to be moving around with your iPod on the dock. However, the design is quite characteristic for portable speakers within this range. Every other sound input is positioned on the Tailgater’s front, alongside huge plastic controls for changing volume output and input gain.
  • Very portable.
  • Includes an iPod dock.
  • Professional mic.
  • Instrument inputs.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Speaker is mono
  • Has no remote
  • Battery recharges slowly
  • Quite heavy


ION Audio Job Rocker Plus


ION Audio Job Rocker Plus

  • Wirelessly streams music from any Bluetooth device
  • Two AC power outlets for powering tools, tools, and more
  • Powerful 50 watt speaker system offers full bass and room-filling sound
  • Includes cables and 12V input jack to charge or power any unit from your car
  • In-built digital AM/FM radio with flexible rubber antenna and six preset buttons


There are limited options for people who like to make an unacceptable amount of noise in the outdoors – bullhorns are rough, boom boxes consume batteries, and it’s not easy to travel with Marshall guitar stack. Gratefully, the Ion Job Rocker Plus with its rechargeable battery has landed to produce bone-rattling noise regardless of how quiet and peaceful the area is.

The design of the Job Rocker Plus looks less of a boom box and more of a guitar amp. Combining 12 hour rechargeable battery, 7 inch speaker, 1 inch tweeter, and 22 watt amplifier into a portable system, it isn’t hard to see why this speaker is so popular. Much the same as your luggage, this speaker includes incorporated wheels, and an extending handle to move its 40 pound weight without crushing your spirit. There are two metal handles on the speaker’s side, in the event that it needs to be lifted into the back of your car. Besides, there is a recessed 1 3/8 inch opening on the base for setting the Block Rocker onto a PA speaker stand.
Rock Inputs
The Job Rocker Plus comes with plenty of audio inputs, such as XLR mic input, RCA stereo jacks, iPod Dock, and instrument jacks for connecting to a guitar. While it includes a tension screw for ensuring your iPod sits firmly, the dock isn’t still safe enough to be moving around with your device. Every other input is placed at the Job Rocker Plus’ front, alongside large plastic controls to adjust volume output and input gain.
Power Source
You will find a regular power cable input at the Job Rocker Plus’ back (includes a power cable), which is used to recharge the internal battery of the system or connect with a direct power source. You should note that the battery takes around 4 hours to be fully charged. Also, the back of the speaker includes, a battery level indicator, an output to pair with another speaker, and a power switch.
  • The Ion Job Rocker Plus is portable
  • It comes with n iPod dock
  • Professional XLR mic
  • Coms with instrument input
  • Has a rechargeable battery

  • Blunt sound quality
  • Mono speaker
  • It has no remote
  • Very heavy


Factors to Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Speakers

From using them to work to using them to inject life into a boring party, portable Bluetooth speakers are very handy and come with a lot of functionalities. However, if you are looking to purchase a top quality Bluetooth speakers, take the factors below into consideration.

Wireless Range and Multi-Unit Setup
Most good Bluetooth speakers provide multi-unit setup and come with the capability to connect perfectly to a source device across 30 feet at least, including furniture and walls. Besides, ensure your Bluetooth speaker has a wide wireless range and you will have a perfect portable Bluetooth speaker that is suitable for all sorts of uses.

Speaker Size

Size is a very important consideration when purchasing a portable Bluetooth speaker.

While some individuals prefer large portable speakers as they believe this types are usually more powerful, there are several small portable Bluetooth speakers that offer a crisp and clear sound. If you don’t know what which one to go for, it’s recommended to try out different models of speakers if possible.

Compatibility is probably the first consideration you should make when buying a portable Bluetooth speaker. This means that you need to ensure that your potential speaker is compatible with the device you are intending to use it with. For instance, some kinds of portable Bluetooth speakers are only compatible with the operating systems of a few devices such as iPods or iPhones.

Battery Life and Power Bank Capabilities

Nobody likes a device whose battery goes off too soon, right? We though as much. Go for a portable Bluetooth speaker that offers more than 12 hours of battery life, and is even capable of charging devices. Long battery life is vital if you often go outdoors, and there are even some speakers that can last for days.

Durability and Waterproofing
When purchasing any device, the durability is always one of the most important considerations. With the new range of speakers that are activity-oriented, you can now go for portable speakers that won’t get spoilt after such a few unintentional falls. Ensure you go for sturdy speakers.
Of course, the loudness of your portable speaker is important as well, and you can find this out by checking online or with the manufacturer of the speaker about how loud it actually is. Ensure you find out the frequency range as well, and most decent speakers ought to produce frequencies around 100Hz AND 20,000Hz.
Amidst everything, we recommend you to test the speaker’s performance at the highest loudness before paying for it. While even the best speakers produce slight measure of distortion when at peak volume, there are still some that produce very clean sound, and you can only find that out by testing several speakers before buying.


ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) VS ION Audio Job Rocker Plus

Having come to the end of the article, we think the ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) VS Ion Audio Job Rocker Plus are very similar speakers with similar design and features. However, while the Tailgater is more suited to not very large spaces like a living room, the Job Rocker Plus is made for more noise-demanding tasks. At the end of the day, it depends on your choice.


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