If you do not love singing, you might still have something on the playlist to keep the day going. At times, it gets to a level that you feel like sharing the lyrics yourself once you get a one-time chance on the microphone with a karaoke machine during a night out with your friends.

Getting on the board with a karaoke player is a deal that will take your singing to the next level. Once you try it out, the results are never disappointing even for the worst singers. A Karaoke machine will chip in long hours of unlimited fun for every skill and age presented by those around. You will be able to sing songs using a microphone with backing tracks pre-recorded.

Since most of us will find securing a karaoke room too much to spend on, a karaoke machine becomes the next best option which will equal the fun of establishing a place for it. This guide will inform you about:

What is a karaoke machine?

★ Benefits of having a karaoke machine

Different types of karaoke machines

 11 things to consider when buying a karaoke machine

After reading the guide, you will be able to shortlist on what you want out of the karaoke machine you are looking forward to owning one of these fine days.

What Is A Karaoke Machine?

It is merely an instrument that has a sound system with a microphone attached to capture the sound. It enables you to play pre-recorded pieces which are usually instrumental as you sing along with the microphone receiving your voice. Most of the current models will incorporate a video screen that shows lyrics and sometimes video images with moving symbols to serve as a guideline to the singer.

While the above explains the basic karaoke machine setup, other features will include connecting to your home theatre so that you can use the TV for lyrics and the stereo for better sounding. You have an allowance of placing a CD/DVD but the use of phones these days is another option of making it live and customizing the karaoke player with the means at hand.

Benefits of Having a Karaoke Machine 

Benefits of Having a Karaoke Machine

    • It is entertaining: Singing your hearts out brings in more joy from a reliable karaoke machine than any other device you can use for the same purpose. You will spend hours there exploring every item you would like to sing and act out.
    • More socializing:​​​​ If you possess a karaoke machine, you are allowed to boast like a proud owner and engage everyone. Whether it is a family only affair, friends or workmates, bringing people together can be easier if you allow everyone to have a moment with the equipment.
    • More friends: If you do not mind, more people will be close to you. Why? People will want to be holding the mike regardless of how big or small your machine is.
    • Do you want to be famous? Buying a karaoke machine means ample time to practice as you dream to make it big one day. Most of the famous singers have this device among other household items to help them maintain their career status.
    • Unforgettable memories: A karaoke player contributes heavily to what you will one day remember apart from being one of your most prized possessions. The laughing, crying and singing your brains out make the memories as karaoke continues to be one of the fun things you love to do during leisure.
  • More talent: If you have been practicing with a karaoke player, you cannot go wrong if a piano or guitar was added to the list.

With the above benefits, what you wish to accomplish with a karaoke device will make buying it a recommendable option. If you are looking for a business idea that relates to music, renting out this machine is a perfect entrepreneurial idea. High are the chances that you have already attended a party or two where a DJ gets hired, and he or she comes with a portable karaoke machine.

If you accompany what you buy with an appropriate sounding system, some good amounts of cash can be available every other weekend someone requests for the services. Furthermore, will you not be pleased to be in charge of a suitable karaoke machine in a large party where every joyful moment is filling the air?

Different Types of Karaoke Machines

Different Types of Karaoke Machines

Now that you know what a karaoke machine is and the benefits associated with ownership, let us look at the categorization of these beautiful devices. It will enable you to understand where to venture in when searching for the best karaoke machine available after figuring out all the constraints involved.

Home Karaoke Machine

In this type, you get a device that will prompt you to perform the controls yourself more than what the self-compliant substitutes will ask of you. These types allow you to plug in and play. A screen (the TV will be suitable) is required for lyrics display. Some will feature a small screen not forgetting a connection of two or more microphones for the dual or group performance.

The connections will enable you to utilize the stereo, a giant TV screen and professional microphones among other accessories. They are not as expensive as the professional karaoke machines and will amount to anything between $250 and $500.

The general component nature of karaoke home machines allows you to play CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, and music from your phone if it is compatible with iOS and the Androids. If you are lucky, some will even record the performances for you – a good measure towards preserving memory. This is what makes the home options valuable ownership especially if you do not have something to play the Blu-ray, CD or DVD.

Portable Karaoke Machine

Please, do not confuse the movable type with one meant for kids. Well, they are both mobile, but the kid’s choices have a limitation in technology deployed and overall performance. Portable karaoke units are plug and play devices that feature superb speakers, amplifiers, video screens and microphone sets.

When buying the portable type, consider one with recommendable power and sound quality. They will integrate with the home system but cannot beat the output produced by the home and professional substitutes. One downside about going for this option is that there are reliability issues to bear with so, get prepared for that. If one of the components seizes to function, it may render for replacement of the whole system.

The starting price can fall at $300 and may go up to $700 with the difference being brought by the brand, quality, and level of reliability. If you go for one that costs above but with the $500 range, you are guaranteed 90 watts power, enough to fill a small gathering in a hall or a large room. More powerful equipment producing 150-300 watts will suit a not-so-large outdoor function.

Karaoke Machine for Kids

This type is in the lower price range (way below $200), and it often has a colorful appearance. You can use during travel due to its light nature and will come in a package the size of a lunch box. The appealing graphics work may include animated cartoons and an emblazoned exterior.

Despite the smallness and a tenuous to an arguably average construction, they are self-sufficient and will come with their screens for display. There are a few preloaded songs, but the collection is expandable by plugging in a USB flash drive or a customized DVD player. The inexpensive feature does not deny it a chance for you to connect and play when need be.

Professional Karaoke Machines

Last but not the list is the​ professional karaoke machine for adults’ option. It can be either component-based or a fully integrated unit that you can plug and play. If you are looking for one to put in a bar, the design calls for a component-based system that features outstanding recorders, top-notch amplifiers, and ample commercial specifications.

Another sub-option under this category is for home use. This one is fully integrated with plug and play feature being the appropriate option to power it up. They come with superior screens, microphones and top quality speakers that will not need the home theatre for amplification.

Karaoke diehards will love the professionalism and designate a room for this kind of karaoke device.

The starting price can be around $400, but high-end options will ask for more than $1000. Mid-range ones will cost you $600 with plug and play and component specifications fluctuating the price. Impressive additional features may include more DVD players, an onboard hard drive, enabling embedding of lyrics in a video and automatic track changing among others.

Hardware vs. Software Types

One thing worth mentioning is the two formats that you can use. The software players will make use of the computer or consoles to stream the music. On the other hand, what we have discussed above fall under the hardware types. We are focusing on the latter in this guide.

11 Things to Consider When Buying a Karaoke Machine

After familiarizing yourself with the different types of karaoke machines on the market, the next question is what the best karaoke machine available? To guide you towards the right answer, here are the factors you need to sieve what you find online and in the stores before emerging with the right one for you.

Setting up and portability

Most if not all karaoke equipment will come with a manual to help you in setting it up. However, it is advisable for you to check whether the chosen machine has a booklet of instructions that will take time to comprehend. If you want an option that you can carry around, a portable karaoke player will suit you best. In most scenarios, you will have to assemble and disassemble, and this takes time. Making a wise choice will involve purchasing one that you can quickly pack and carry whenever the need arises.

Powering options

Many hands would be raised for the karaoke machines with AC adapters if the choice was to be made between the AC and battery-powered types. It is still okay for you to purchase the battery power choice if you are moving to somewhere where AC power is inaccessible.

The microphone

It is an essential accessory for a karaoke player. Home machines with simple features will have one microphone only, but there is an extra input jack if you need another one for the duets’ case. It is an option common to portable or kid’s machine types which are cheap options.

The downside of karaoke equipment is that it does not include an extra microphone which implies purchasing one if there are more people involved.

Built-in screen

Recent karaoke machines are boasting to have this 7-inch specification in their composition. A screen offers enormous benefits since you will not have to rely on your TV or computer to display the lyrics. Others have extended the compatibility by having output jacks so that the video and words can appear on the screen when you need more significant visual results.

An option to record

You may want to see how you and others performed at the end of the event. That is why it is essential to look for a karaoke machine that has an SD slot or USB port to utilize the chosen memory stick for recording purposes. Manufacturers incorporating these features will also add an instant playback specification to enable you to see how it all went. You can then later transfer the recorded samples to your computer or burn a CD/DVD.


For it to function, you need an output – a consideration that makes speakers an essential building block of all karaoke machines. The varying parameters in every output option used are power and level of quality. If you are looking for a device for the kids, do not expect anything more than 5 watts. Home substitutes will go up to 10 watts which is enough if you are alone in the house. For parties and outdoor activity, go for one that has a speaker jack to connect it to the available output system.

A video camera

Not all machines will have this, where a camera is attached to the built-in screen of the player. Those performing can see themselves as they sing and you can also adjust the focus which gives you the ability to rotate it and at several angles.


You can have a karaoke machine that disco lights your house when turned on. It is an excellent way to add color to the room especially if you have kids around.

Sound controls

A suitable karaoke for all the singers should have an auto voice control that allows you to mute the voice in the CD or the streaming song and leaving the background music playing. That is where people can start singing. Instead of muting the singer in the song, a balance control helps you adjust the volume to higher or lower levels. What you should look for here includes the echo, pitch and tone control of the karaoke machine.


In the types section, we projected on the price range of different types to give you an estimate of how much is a karaoke machine. What you will go for will be dictated by the features you are looking for in the player. After finding the right one, the next question is whether you can afford it or not. If you cannot, then you will have to limit the functionalities since a lower price means fewer features as opposed to the higher priced ones.

Karaoke machine reviews

People have already bought the machine so it is essential to listen what they have to say. On the other hand, buying sites have tons of information from individual buyers and reading them can be a waste of time especially if there are mixed feelings on the choice you about to make. Sites have reviewed karaoke machines to give you filtered information on what you should look for and the top rated equipment that you can also consider.

Wrapping Up of  Karaoke Machines

We only found them in pubs, bars, and big venues but now, karaoke machines are in our homes, and the portable types allow us to sing on the move. Friends and family have a source of entertainment that brings fun, happiness and a chance to share some quality time away from day to day struggle. Regardless of the machine you buy, singing what you like to comrades is what people will remember, courtesy of the karaoke machine.

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