Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer Review

Initially, most music enthusiasts loved to listen to music only with speakers. However, we all know that speakers come with a limitation, the bass.

Of course, in modern types of music, the bass is quite a significant factor. Even if you add volume to your speakers, they will not provide the right amount of bass that a subwoofer would. Selecting the best woofer can take time, and it all depends on the knowledge you have about sound.

If you are looking for a deep bass speaker, then here is a great purchase that you should think about, the Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer. We are going to provide a detailed review of the subwoofer in this article; therefore, make sure you read until the end.

Appearance of Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer

Klipsch R-120SW SubwooferSome people, before they could think about the sound qualities, would prefer a woofer that offers more than just clean sound.

The design of the Klipsch R-120SW subwoofer is excellent and one that would fit in any living room or home theater system. It looks perfect with or without the grille given that you can remove it, especially if you have similar speakers.
Reviewers also recommend the rubber pads. They make it easy to stand on surface. Note that the sub is 12 inches in size and can produce up to 400 watts of peak power.

Sound Aspects of Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer

Klipsch offers exceptional sound qualities for the user. It comes with a front firing speaker with a port that lies on the rear. The back behind the unit adds some mystery to the woofer.

We can also say that it comes with an inbuilt amplifier for more natural sound equalization. It also saves your money and keeps you from buying an external amp. Additionally, the amp is digital.

The Klipsch R-120SW produces clean deep bass. Some of the qualities that prevent distortion include the wood grain vinyl enclosure and the IMG (Injection Molden Graphite) woofer. The IMG woofer encourages the whole unit to produce at low frequency response.

Besides the speaker, the rubber feet located at the bottom reduce excess vibration, which could massively distort the sound.

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Connectivity and Usability

Klipsch R-120SWSuch a powerful subwoofer is the ideal speaker to connect to a home theatre unit or other speakers. Note that it features a phase control switch. The switch encourages multiple speaker usage with the sub.

The Klipsch R-120SW also has a low pass crossover, which enhances its versatility, especially when working with other speakers or hi-fi systems. At the back, you will find two line-in RCA ports to connect to the external speakers.

  • Rear firing ports add some mystery to the woofer’s sound aspects
  • Does not produce any vibrations
  • High wattage
  • Durable copper IMG woofer
  • Enclosure reduces surface vibrations
  • Connects to any system
  • Only comes with RCA ports


The 12-inch subwoofer is ideal for individuals who desire to add some deep bass to their music system. It can connect to a variety of speaker types. Additionally, it is the proper installation for a small sized room with the right acoustic properties.

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