LAGRIMA Digital Piano Review

Manufacturers came up with electric pianos to help counter the problem of portability. The acoustic versions were substantial, which made it difficult for one to move it along long distances.

However, with the digital ones, the problem arose where it was difficult to sample the tones from the acoustic one accurately. As time goes by, more solutions are coming up, and one of
the most effective pianos is the LAGRIMA Digital Piano.

It is a portable piano, and comes with all the features that an acoustic piano would possess; therefore, perfect for people who want to perform or jam at home or in a concert setting.

Today, we will provide a detailed review of the piano, and give you reasons why experts recommend it.

Appearance of LAGRIMA Digital Piano

LAGRIMA Digital PianoThe LAGRIMA electric piano is not the usual keyboard you would have at home. It comes with a stylish look, which would be a perfect match with your furniture.

We can say that the electric piano looks like an acoustic piano only that it is portable. It comes with three stand options. Users can opt to have the vintage style with a three-system pedal beneath it; alternatively, the user can choose the stand with a sustain pedal.

Other significant features on the piano include:

  • A two-seater heavily padded bench
  • Sliding cover for protecting the keys from exposure to dust
  • Music sheet where you can place your tablet or music sheet

Sound quality of LAGRIMA Digital Piano

Besides having an award-winning appearance and style, this electric piano boasts of exceptional sound quality. Manufacturers use the digital sampling technique to get accurate note recordings of each key on the acoustic.

Anyone with experience with the instrument will completely agree that it sounds just like the acoustic would. It is an 88 full-weighted instrument with the graded hammer action; both professional and newbies will appreciate the touch and feel from the keys.

It has a touch response button that allows you to alter the response you get during hard and soft presses.

The instrument features:

  • 480 tones
  • 200 rhythms
  • 80 demo songs for practices
  • Split and dual functions

Connectivity of LAGRIMA Digital Piano

The piano is perfect for various home settings including silent playing. You can find the headphone port at the bottom of the keyboard.

Additionally, it has an easy to use control interface. The LCD screen assists the user to change through various demo songs.

Stereo speaker features ensure that you receive quality sound when playing in a small room.
Apart from that, if you wish to connect to an amplifier, then you can do so via the MIDI terminal at the back of the keyboard.

For those who want to use a computer or tablet, there is a USB port for proper connection.

  • 64 polyphony
  • Similar to an acoustic piano
  • Portable
  • Demo songs offer an opportunity to practice all kinds of genres
  • Volume output is commendable
  • Perfect for adults only


We can conclude that the LAGRIMA Digital Piano is a massive success in ensuring that it retains an acoustic appearance and sound quality.

Adults can use the piano at home or in a stage performance. Note that kids might find it a challenge practicing with the full weighted keys.

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