MAONO AU-A04 USB Podcast Condenser Microphone Review

Getting crisp sound quality is often a challenge that frustrates users and consumers. If your podcast’s sound quality is poor, people will give up on straining their ears to what you have to say.

Therefore, if you want to keep your audience happy, as well as yourself, of course, invest in a microphone that gets you the sound you want. A good example of such a microphone is the MAONO AU-A04 USB podcast condenser microphone, which is an excellent choice.

It helps you achieve the kind of sound freedom you always dream of, both indoors and outdoors.

Here is a review of the MAONO AU-A04 USB microphone kit:

Design of The MAONO AU-A04 USB Microphone

MAONO AU-A04 USB MicrophoneWell, the MAONO AU-A04 USB microphone kit combines a stylish design with excellent sound capabilities.

The USB microphone connects with your computer and Linux operating system. The double shielding on the USB cable ensures that there is no interference. It requires no extra driver software to work.

The microphone is also compatible with all OS for laptop, mobile, and tablet. The shock mount will hold the receiver in place while you record, and not to forget, that it has a pop filter and foam windscreen.

Sound Quality of MAONO AU-A04 USB Microphone

The condenser microphone uses an audio chipset that enables the USB microphone to hold a high-resolution sampling rate. You get not only smooth and flat frequency response but also an extended frequency response that is perfect for singing, voice over and speech.

The MAONO AU-A04  USB microphone kit not only supports and refines voice call sound but also indoor and outdoor recordings. The quality of music you get while you record is the same crisp sound you get when you post your podcast on the internet.

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While many people use the MAONO USB microphone kit indoors for singing, the microphone is also suitable for outdoor activities. It will filter out ambient noises, primarily because it uses a cardioid Mic kit.

Moreover, podcasts, YouTube gaming, and karaoke are even better when you use the MAONO AU-A04 USB microphone. Besides, many people recommend the MAONO USB microphone for its incredible sound and easy usability.


MAONO AU-A04 USB MicrophoneThe MAONO AU-A04 USB microphone kit is a plug and play device that takes the stress out of complicated installation and setup processes. You require no extra drivers, plug the microphone on the USB port on your computer and begin enjoying sound freedom.

The best part, this microphone is compatible for use with mobile phones. You only require an OTG adapter, and everything is ready.

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Great for YouTube gaming, karaoke, and podcasts
  • Easy to setup
  • Does not require additional drivers to function
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The manufacturer does not include an adapter is necessary for use with mobile phones

If you want to see the MAONO AU-A04 USB podcast condenser microphone, here is a detailed video on the unit.


Overall, the MAONO AU-A04 USB microphone set is a fantastic solution to all your sound woes. Also, if you are looking for something affordable to keep you within your budget, MAONO USB microphone kit is the way to go.

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