Memorex Sing Stand 3 Reviews (MKSSS3)

Karaoke machines can come in various shapes and sizes. While the main distinction in these cases is usually whether the machine is portable or not, there are also cases where karaoke machines are shaped for better ergonomics and a better singing experience for the player.

Many karaoke machines are using revolutionary designs in order to make their products more effective and enjoyable to use, in some cases these gambles do not end up paying off, and in some other cases, they make the product.

Karaoke Through The Ages


Throughout its history, karaoke has been performed in many different places and venues. In Asia (specifically Japan), the most common way to refer to these establishments is as karaoke boxes. Karaoke boxes are somewhat different from the venues you would see in the west. They are far more expansive and comprehensive.

Karaoke boxes can range anywhere from single room venues to entire complexes with many karaoke rooms of differing sizes. Some of the larger karaoke boxes even feature restaurants and convenience stores so the patrons can get a quick snack or something along those lines on the way in or out, or simply between sessions.

These karaoke boxes feature rooms that can range from one-player size, allowing you the privacy and comfort of not having to worry about embarrassing yourself or so you can focus and practice a more difficult song. There are also far larger rooms so groups can enjoy their karaoke sessions together.

As you can see, karaoke boxes are far more comprehensive than karaoke bars or parlors in other countries, and this is due to the cultural influence of karaoke in Japan. Naturally, being the country of its invention, Japan has a lot of avid karaoke enthusiasts and must cater to their needs.

Whereas in America, to the average person, karaoke is considered more of an enjoyable activity reserved for once in a while play, in Japan, karaoke is a large part of the culture, and it is not unusual to go out and enjoy karaoke multiple times a week.

Whereas in the west, most venues take the shape of karaoke bars, in which there is usually a single karaoke machine in a centrally-mounted location. This kind of design makes karaoke more of a spectacle than in the more private rooms of karaoke boxes (though some karaoke boxes do have open areas similar to more performance-based karaoke bars).

While there is enjoyment in performing before a crowd of people, the more communal atmosphere engendered by the machine’s placement in smaller karaoke bars also has a few downsides.

First, if you make a mistake, it is a bit more embarrassing than if you are alone or with just a group of friends. Second, on more busy nights, it may become difficult to use the karaoke machine as there may be many other players who would like to sing as well.

The Memorex Sing Stand 3 Review

memorex sing stand 3 mksss3 home


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  • Dual microphone input
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Guitar and keyboard compatibility
  • Speaker compatibility


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The Memorex Sing Stand 3 is the third offering in Memorex’s Sing Stand line of karaoke machines. They have had quite a bit of time to improve upon the basic design, and it certainly shows with this model.

It features Bluetooth compatibility and provisions for two microphones and​ a guitar or keyboard, so you can play along to the music as you sing, or have a friend do so. The main selling point, however, is the stand design of the machine which somewhat resembles a microphone stand and makes the karaoke experience feel more authentic.


When first laying eyes upon the Sing Stand 3 it is hard not to notice the sheer build quality of this karaoke machine. It is evident that you get what you pay for with this product as it does not seem like a likely candidate to break very easily.

A great feature to the Sing Stand is the included smartphone and tablet holder which lets you have both hands free as you sing, since you will no longer need to hold your device.

By far the best way to use the Sing Stand is with a smart device as it has both Bluetooth and an audio-in jack to ensure that it will be compatible with your device. Since you can use video streaming services to find the ideal karaoke track for your needs, you will not need to spend extra money on physical media for your karaoke machine.

While the included speakers are rather weak, there is nothing stopping you from connecting it to your own choice of stereo. All in all, this is an excellent karaoke machine for the price, we were very impressed by this revision of the classic Sing Stand.

What Others Say

In most of the customer reviews and testimonials which we analyzed, there is a lot of praise heaped on the ease of assembly, which is quite true, you can assemble this karaoke machine in under ten minutes without even using the instruction manual, which is a relief coming from other models which can take up to thirty minutes and a lot of effort to assemble.

An aspect where it was received negatively was in the included microphone, which is somewhat lacking in quality, but this can easily be solved by purchasing a higher quality microphone and using that instead.

Buying Advice

This product is available on Amazon for just over $60 dollars (October 2018( which is an incredible price point for a karaoke machine of this quality, it is certainly one of the best deals that we have come across. The item has a shipping weight of nearly 10 lbs.

Still not interested? No worries. However, you do have tons of options – when it comes to choosing the best portable karaoke machine for adults.


Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke SystemTo conclude, the Sing Stand 3 has improved upon its predecessor, the Sing Stand 2, in every way, shape or form. Coupled with the excellent price point, the Sing Stand 3 will be a great addition to your home, and will certainly be loved by any karaoke fan in your household.




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