Molex Connector Guide for You

We see them mostly in computers, powering up the optical and hard drives among other peripherals. If you don’t know what it is, we will explain it in detail after reviewing some of the Molex connectors to look for in the market. To give you a clue, it is that 2-pin or 4-pin connector that you connect to the power section of your device. If you look at the hard drive in your desktop PC, it will have a bus connector one end and a power connection on the other. We are referring to the cable that does not look like the bus.

They have many other applications currently which were limited back in the day after it’s making by the Molex Company in the 1950s. They carry much current which goes up to 11A per pin. If you have to connect something that requires more power, for example, a 3D printer, a conventional method would be to utilize the molex connectors in the computer to power up the voltage-hungry circuits.

Here we are going to review some of the connectors that will enable you to customize and power up whenever you need that extra molex power connector. After that, there will be a small guide to explain some of the things you will encounter in the course of reading our review.

Molex Connectors’ Comparison Table

12-inch SATA to Molex LP4Molex 2-Pin Connector Kit 0.093Phobya 4 Pin Molex PSU

Number of Pins: Four pins

Wires used: 18 AWG/12 inches

Dimensions: 4.9 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches

Number of Pins: Two pins

Wires used: DIY Variable length

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 1 inches

Number of Pins: Four pins per housing

Wires used: DIY Variable length

Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches

Molex Connectors’ Product Reviews

12-inch SATA to Molex LP4 Power Cable Adapter
  • FEATURESSATA to Molex connection
    Quality construction materials
    It provides a solution from old to recent technology
Cable Matters 3-Pack 4 Pin Molex to SATA Power Cable
  • FEATURES Gives you enough spare parts
    Can connect more devices
    Makes use of new and old power supplies
Molex 2-Pin Connector Kit 0.093 - Inch 3 Sets
  • FEATURESGreat for DIY projects
    Works with 18-22 AWG wires
    All parts, male and female, available

1.12-inch SATA to Molex LP4 Power Cable Adapter

12-inch SATA to Molex LP4 Power Cable Adapter

We start with a cable that is extremely useful when converting from IDE to SATA connections. It is a 12-inch SATA and Male-to-Female Molex LP4 Power Cable Adapter which contains a 4 pin molex connector on one end and a SATA connection on the other. That means you can use it to connect the drives and devices with the same number of pin connections. If you need to power from your desktop power supply, you can connect the SATA on one end and the molex to your computer’s power supply.

To give you reliable connectivity, the materials used in designing are meant to optimize your performance with a little trick. If you look at the black wires closely, they have crisscrossed in the sense that their arrangement on the SATA side is different on the Molex end. The reason behind this is to make both connectors adaptable to each other. Actually, it is due to the crisscrossing that the different connectors can work together. The wires are made with 18 AWG specification, and they can be found on the manufacturer’s site.

One thing that you need to note is the presence of counterfeit products. For you to get the original SATA to Molex connector, please check the StarTech Branding on the package to ensure that you get the right product from the company.

What customers say

“This is a cable that allows you to connect from IDE to SATA. My power supply did not have enough of these connections, and I needed to load some new SATAs that had just arrived. This adapter helped me to utilize the old IDE plugs to power my two drives with no problem whatsoever. Are you short of SATA connections too, the SATA connector will give you an aid where you need to use an old connection point. How you want to arrange depends what the situation is but you will find them as a suitable bonus.”

  • SATA to Molex connection
  • Quality construction materials
  • It provides a solution from old to recent technology
  • You might find the cable short if you need to connect further from the source


2.Cable Matters 3-Pack 4 Pin Molex to SATA Power Cable

Cable Matters 3-Pack 4 Pin Molex to SATA Power Cable

Now, if the 12-inch Molex to SATA connector above is not enough, then you can go for a three-pack of Cable Matters 4-pin Molex to SATA Power cables. These are shorter by half the length of the wire used in the above product but coming as a pack of three, you have more accessories for your internal computer management. They are flexible to connect the latest SATA optical drives, SSDs and HDDs to a power supply using the legacy Molex connection end.

You should, however, note that they are all female molex power connectors that will utilize male ones on the other end. On the other hand, buying this pack means you have the extras you need to keep upgrading your computer every time a new connection comes in. That is why many customers and IT repair technicians can rely on such an option to make their work easier.

Do you have those old power supplies that you can still use at this age? As long as they have a 4-pin interface, you will be good to go. Another thing to note is that they connect to 5V SATA drives and 12V ATX power supplies. If, for example, you are going to join it on a GPU or hard drive for mining purposes, then make sure that the power needed is not more than 54 watts. Otherwise, you will have some blowing cases that customers report after using these cables on connections requiring more power than the wires can handle.

The package instructions include a list of compatible devices so, make sure you look at that after gauging what you are going to connect.

What customers say

“Once you land on the first set, you will be forever asking for such a connector if you need to power a drive from an old power source. I was always searching for such connectors in my toolbox or improvise on one every time I needed to power some spare parts, and then I saw these connectors. They have minimized the cost of having to improvise further, and I thank the manufacturer for that. One thing you need to note is that they do not exceed the 5V SATA and 12v ATX power supply. Make sure your devices ask for the same to avoid accidents.”

  • A pack of three gives you enough spare parts
  • Can connect more devices
  • Makes use of new and old power supplies
  • They are short for those who would like longer ones


3.Molex 2-Pin Connector Kit 0.093 – Inch 3 Sets

Molex 2-Pin Connector Kit 0.093 - Inch 3 Sets

Now, do you want molex connectors for that DIY project that you have been waiting to power up? Here is a 2-pin molex connector kit whose dimensions can only permit hooking up on the automotive as opposed to computer devices.

The pins are 0.093 inches in diameter, and the kit includes the male and female ends. The plastics are out of hardened nylon. With this, you have what you need to connect the wires you have. This ones, on the other hand, will go with 18-22 gauge wires so, make sure you check on that before connection.

For the automotive projects that you are having, one of the common questions would be mounting on a surface such as a project box. The female sides can go to the board as long as the hole made will fit in. To make them sturdy, there are wings on each side of the connectors allow you to mount on a panel. If you are using a different surface, then soldering will be the next best option.

A tricky part will come when crimping the connectors. If you don’t want to solder the wires too for a tight and sure connection after crimping with pliers, you can search for an appropriate crimping tool such as the ratchet crimping tool among others.

What customers say

“These plugs are cheap, and I like the hard plastic on them. I used them to replace some connectors on two batteries that were responsible for charging my daughters wheels. They stick in place, and I have no problem after that. I will be considering them for my little project later since they are standard.”

  • Great for DIY projects
  • Works with 18-22 AWG wires
  • All parts, male and female, available
  • Can only be used for automotive projects


4.Molex 4-Pin Connector Kit 0.093″ 2 Sets


If you require molex connectors with more pins other than the 2-pin above, we present to you a 4-pin molex connector to deliver more power where you need more pin connections.

This kit measures just like the previous one, at 0.093 inches and you get two sets of connectors for your panel or the project that you are currently working on. The plastics are hardened nylon, and each set is complete with the male and female ends. While using the 18-22 gauge wires, the maximum voltage that each of the connectors can allow is 250V. As for the current, nothing should exceed 11A, but some customers have attested to exceeding up to 14A. If you are using lesser wires such as the 16 gauge category, 5amps are enough for the cables without causing any problems.

Now, there is some confusion on whether you can use these molex power connectors on your PC. Well, the answer is no due to a couple of reasons. If you look at what the peripherals use in the computer, they utilize a particular type of molex connection known as AMP/TE Mate-N-Lock connectors and other specialized kinds of connectors coined from Molex. These have male connectors in the female housing and vice versa. For the computer case, it is the other way round which means male pins in male house and female in the female.

With that, you can only use them for automotive projects.

What customers say

“I wanted something that will work for my Icom radio, the antenna tuner connectors. This was the right connector for me since the ones used in computers did not get it right. The delivery was also on time, and the quality is great for the power driven. Icom radio uses the pointed end connectors as opposed to D-shape connectors for the PC.”

  • Strong and durable
  • More pins for more power
  • Suitable for projects
  • Cannot be used for PC connections


5.Molex 4-Pin Male PC Power Connector Kit

Molex 4-Pin Male PC Power Connector Kit

The DIY project now goes beyond the automotive kits you are constructing. Here is a molex connector kit that allows you to make your male connections for the PC.

The kit includes four male molex connector housings, black in color with spaces for the pins insertion. There are 16 metal crimp pins to insert. Connecting them needs some ingenuity which calls for better crimping after a secure connection of the pins. Some of us do not trust crimping and will instead go for the soldering method. It is still okay as long as they serve.

You need 14-16 wire gauge specification to work with these connectors effectively. Overall, if you need to do it yourself and have a male end customized for your desktop connections, this is the way to go.

What customers say

“These things arrive faster than others I have ordered before, and since back in the day, molex connectors have never disappointed if you use them the right way. If you are picking the kit for a DIY project on your computer, make sure that you crimp the pins and connecting wires properly before sending them to the connecting panel. Another thing you need to note is that these are male connectors which will go into the female. Overall, I’m happy with the purchase.”

  • Suitable for a DIY project
  • Strong housing for the pins
  • Works with a variety of wire gauges
  • Not good if you are an amateur


6.Phobya 4 Pin Molex PSU Power Connector

Phobya 4 Pin Molex PSU Power Connector

Last but not least is the Phobya $-pin molex connector kit that has 4-pin housings for PSU and other devices in your computer needing such a connection.

The kit offers you a chance to manipulate and replace worn out computer parts that need better connections. There are enough pins for each black, plastic casing and you have an allowance to cut wires to the desired length. If you need connections with longer cables, it is possible to do so as long as you use the required gauge. On the other hand, shorter wires may also be desired if you need to create more space in the enclosed desktop compartment for easier air movements.

They are female connectors that can be soldered on the cables for male connections on the panel, and the whole kit contains ten connectors. That can be more than enough for every other DIY repair that you may have. All you need is proper crimping and soldering of wires before connecting the devices to be powered.

This is an ideal molex connector kit for the drives, pumps, fans and other peripherals requiring the same connection.

What customers say

“These are as good as what the OEM producers bring in, and the connections were okay in the computer after making the connectors. I will be ordering more as I expand my desktop connections.”

  • Suitable for 4-pin DIY molex connectors
  • Strong housing for the pins
  • Many parts in one kit
  • You can include wires of the desired length
  • Not good for beginners


Molex Connector Guide

After going through the molex connector products above, it is now time to know what they really are and how you can assemble one if you are going for the DIY kit.

Molex is the company’s name for these connectors and other related to the notion. This connector is mostly seen in the computers where it works as the main power supply to drives and other devices. For this reason, professionals refer to it as the molex power connector.

Devices Requiring Molex Connection

In your computer, as stated above, your hard drive, optical/disk drive and video card will make use of these connections. They also become useful if you need to power more of these devices other than the present ones.

In other cases, some automotive projects will require these connections for them to power and work according to the requirements. On the other hand, those with such plans may also consider the JST connectors which are majorly confused with molex connectors. As for the JST, they have a narrower dimension between the pin connections which are 0.25mm thinner than the molex.

Molex Connector Explained

If you look closely at the connector, there are four connections mostly, but the number of pins can vary. We are going to tell about the common 4-pin molex connectors.

Four cables go into the connector: yellow, two blacks, and red. The yellow wire is responsible for the +12V signal. All black cables are meant to ground while the red one carries a +5V signal.

The terminology used in molex connections is somewhat odd. When explaining the male and female connections, the female is on the cable end, and they are meant to slip into the male connectors that have a plastic shell surrounding the male pins. The connection is a tight one, and they are not suitable where you have to switch devices from time to time. The connectors can only be disconnected a few times when needed.

Assembling a Molex Connector

Here is how you go about it.

Place the connector assembly at your disposal with wires next to the plug and socket. The sockets are made to be larger, and the plugs will go directly in.

Arrange the male terminal pin in such a way that every wire will go into the plug and put the female terminal on the other end of the cables.

Make sure you know where the wires are meant to go before you go ahead to connect.

Use a wire stripper to remove the insulation at the end of the cables before attaching the molex connectors. You need to get at least 5/8 inches in length of the bare wire.

Twist the wire strands to form one connection using your fingers.

Lay the wires after stripping into where they are supposed to go. Make sure they stand on the sleeve and not inside the tube. The insulating coat should be past the crimping area by a distance of about 1/16 inches.

After meeting the above conditions, it is time for the crimping tool. Use it to crimp the wires on the connector pins area. It is an excellent practice to pinch the crimp zone around the insulator with an appropriate tool if you don’t want to solder. If your toll has an edged surface in the V-section which is meant to crimp, then that will enable you to do the inching in accordance to the wire’s shape.

Lastly, push the terminal pins into the housings, both socket, and plug. After proper insertion, the locking plastics and pins will produce a snap sound. Once you are done, it is now time to test and use the cable as desired.

Considerations to Make Before Buying a Molex Connector

Before we conclude on molex connectors, here are a few things you need to look at before making your final purchase:

The number of pins:

Always check the number of pins required to connect your devices. Some will require two pins, others three or four. After that, you will know what to get.

The housing:

All molex connectors have a plastic housing. They are made secure to support the power carried by the cables and pins. Make sure that what you get has proper casing before using it.

Wire gauges:

The wires are responsible for bringing the voltage and current. Different connectors will require different cables which range from level 14 to 22. Always check what your connector can use to prevent explosions and other dangerous accidents in case of power overfeeding.


Are the pins meant to power your computer devices or your automotive project? Computer types are different from other molex connectors, and we have reviewed both cases in the products chosen. Make sure this becomes a top priority if you don’t want to land on the wrong type of connectors.

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