How to Rip a CD: 5 Easy Steps

how to Rip a CD, easy tips

Have you ever ripped a CD before? If you have never ripped a CD, this article is intended to teach you how to rip a CD without any hitch using your computer devices. Ripping a CD is the act of copying music, messages, or other files from a CD to your computer hard disk. With …

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How to Make a Karaoke CD?

How to Make a Karaoke CD

Are you excited about learning how to make a karaoke CD? Making a karaoke CD involves some simple processes if you can read and understand the way we explained it in this article. Karaoke is a type of interactive entertainment program, made for amateur singers to enable them to sing along with recorded tuneful music. …

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What Is Karaoke CD G?

What Is Karaoke CD G

Compact discs abound everywhere and in various formats but most persons are yet to differentiate the numerous discs available on the market today. Have you ever used a disc containing images and lyrics with standard audio tracks? If you ever have seen or used such CDs, they are called ‘compact discs plus graphics,’ that is …

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