Musitrend Record Player: 3-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable Review

You have to consider so many factors when deciding the best turntable to use. One of the elements you have to bear in mind is the purpose. Your purpose should dictate how much money you are willing to spend, and the type and brand of the turntable that you will end up buying.

A good purchase means that you have what you need for your living room and something that will get all your friends talking. Such a turntable is the Musitrend Record Player:3-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable, which comes from the manufacturer, Musitrend.

The turntable features excellent sound quality, appearance, and connectivity, which many users desire from any unit.
Here is a detailed review of the turntable.

Design of Musitrend Record Player

Musitrend Record PlayerPrimarily, the whole Musitrend Record Player comes in a simple but elegant design that will enhance the look of your room. It brings the vintage emphasis with a wooden construction on the record player.

The wood rests on two stereo speakers. On the wood top are the platter, the tonearm, and the volume control knob.

Right above is a clear and transparent lid that protects the player from dust collection. The good thing about the dust cover is that it is removable since it comes with two hinges attached at the back of the turntable.

Inside the package, you will find an extra stylus, power cord, and the user manual.

Sound Aspects of Musitrend Record Player

With the stereo speakers, you are sure that you will be getting enough sound encompassing the room. The two speakers have 3 watts of power.

You can hear and feel the bass, the mid-range, and highs on the speakers, which is what makes the speakers super. Besides the speakers is the excellent record player, which forms most of the vintage player. It can play 33, 45, and 78 vinyl records. The manufacturer provides and an extra 45 RPM adapter. Note that you have to keep the adapter safe; otherwise, it will not play your 45 vinyl records well.

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Musitrend Record PlayerUnfortunately, the 3-Speed Belt-Drive Musitrend Record Player does not have a Bluetooth input. Therefore, if you wish to purchase a unit that is useful in streaming music from a smartphone, then this would not be the turntable for you.

Additionally, it does not have any USB connectivity. Despite all that, you can use the record player to record and digitize your vinyl records. It then stores the files in MP3 format.

RCA outputs found at the back will connect the unit to external sound output including powered speakers.

  • A simple vintage design will lighten up any room
  • Can play all record sizes
  • Features two full range stereo speakers
  • Extra stylus
  • Has a recording function- vinyl to MP3
  • No Bluetooth and USB functionalities
  • Belt drive can be slow to start

Here is a video that shows the Musitrend Record Player Turntable in action.


Be sure to read the user manual before you start using the turntable. Many people skip reading it and end up destroying the whole turntable. By the way, that does not apply to this turntable only.

The modern-vintage record player is the best gift for anyone that loves his or her quality vinyl record albums, and would not want to change for anything else.

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