Neewer NW-700 Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone Review

Studio experts need to invest in quality equipment. That does not come easy, however. Engineers have to make decisions concerning the right space, the type of instruments to purchase, the best acoustic material to go for, and the variety of microphones that they should buy.

Good microphones come with a price. It is not about the amount of money should invest but the type you should consider choosing.

You have to select the best because you want the best sound when doing your recording. Therefore, what characters should useful microphones have?

A good example is the Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone. Here is a review of the microphone that comes with high quality.

Stylish Design of Neewer NW-700 Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone

Neewer NW-700 Condenser MicrophoneAn ideal microphone carries all the qualities that a director prefers. The Neewer NW-700 mic comes with great tools that add to its professionalism.

Some of the fantastic items you will in the package include:

  • A suspension arm, which is adjustable
  • Mounting clamp with pads to avoid scratching your desk
  • A pop filter
  • Anti-wind foam cap that takes the shape of a ball
  • XLR female cable
  • The condenser microphone takes the form of a duck shape
  • A shock mount with an angle adjustment feature

Sound Quality of Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone

While our mic comes with all these accessories, the manufacturer does not seem to compromise on sound.
Since studio recording needs total silence, the microphone comes with a cardioid polar pattern. That ensures that background noises do not go to the mixer.

Neewer NW-700 Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser MicrophoneAdditionally, the pop filter comes with a double layer. It consists of two screens and a space in between them. They function together to make sure that the sound produced is of high quality. It also protects the condenser from unnecessary spit from the source.

Engineers should add an extra sound card to make sure that sound created is high quality.

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For the condenser to function, you will require 48V phantom power. Therefore, you have to purchase a phantom adapter since the package does not have one.

You cannot record with a laptop. If you do, ensure that you connect the machine to a power outlet because the phantom power needs extra power for both of them to function.

Users should also avoid using the mic while facing the amplifier. It prevents feedback, which destroys the quality of the sound.

Other uses of the microphone include:

  • Recording for the internet
  • Studio and broadcasting
  • Home use

Users should note that the condenser is not compatible with Mac laptops as well as

  • Compact
  • The scissor arm is foldable
  • Ideal for recordings- Does not pick up sound from the background
  • Strong arms
  • Metal shock avoid noise handling
  • Requires a lot of power to function
  • The manufacturer does not provide a phantom adapter

If you want to see the condenser in action, here is a video that offers a detailed description of the Neewer NW-700 microphone.


The user should always test the studio mic to make sure that it suits the voice. A little equalization on the mixer will assist in making the sound clarity and quality.

We can conclude that the Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone is the best microphone for recording purposes.

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