Why is My One Earbud Louder than the Other

Sometimes, you get puzzled and worried when you notice that you could hear with one earbud while the other one is very low. Now, this happens when you connect the 3.5 mm jack, and you see one side is not working, you may be asking, why is one earbud louder than the other?

There are various reasons why you may be experiencing this problem with one of your earbuds. However, before taking any action towards repairing and fixing of the earbud, it is imperative that you should try it with other devices such as the iPod, computer, phones, and so on. After using it on all other devices, and yet no meaningful sound from the defective and faulty earbud, then, you may opt for some proactive solutions. Let us look at them critically.

Cleaning the Earbud

Cleaning the Earbud

Whenever you notice malfunctioning earbud as if one is louder than the other is, experts are suggesting the best thing to do at that moment that can restore your earpiece is to clean the device. According to research, about ninety percent of these cases occur because sound waxes can produce heat and this alone may cause the wax in your ears to melt. If this happens, the earwax can be accumulating inside the earbuds until it will stifle the device and reduce the sound.

There are two things you need to use in cleaning up your device such as earbuds, the one used for cleaning your ears and nail polish remover, which is also called ethyl acetate. Again, another excellent product you can use is hydrogen peroxide solution, which is also referred to as thinner.

Let us understand the procedures and processes to adopt in cleaning the earpiece.

The Process for Cleaning Your Earbud

After getting these two necessary items, the next thing to do is dipping the earbud into the nail polish remover. If you want to loosen the layers of wax that have accumulated on the device, gradually scrub the earbuds over the shiny mesh-like or net-like surface on the earpiece. You can also insert it into the earpiece and shake it vigorously in a way the wax will be removed. Another way to cleanse the device is by blowing into the mesh or net very strongly, and the wax will be wiped from the equipment thoroughly.

This is just the procedure, with all these actions, your earbud will be cleansed thoroughly. Meanwhile, after all these rigorous exercises and yet, you are not getting meaningful audio feedback, then it is time for hardware repairs.

The Hardware Could Be Defective

Moreover, if you are suspecting that the fault is hardware malfunctioning, you can consult a professional to help you out. It is not advisable to try in fixing it by yourself, except you have technical know-how on the functionalities of the device. Else, you may make the situation worse than ever.

One Earbud Louder than the Other? Try to Fix it

Try to Fix the earbud

Have you been straining you auditory nerves trying to grasp the sounds coming from one of your earbuds? Only to find out that one is louder than the other is, actually, and you may be wondering, “What could have gone wrong?” Most of the times, hardware defects and dirt accumulating on the mesh of the earpiece could be the valid reasons why the audio capacity of the device is too low. All you need to do is get an earbud and nail polish remover or ethyl acetate and thinner. Just dip the bud inside any of those substances and scrub off the earwax that has accumulated on the net of your earpiece. Secondly, if after cleaning device and the problem persist, then, you can contact a professional to fix it for you.The below video can show you how to increase your earphone volume.

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