Pyle Bluetooth Speaker: PSBV210 3D Wireless Wi-Fi Soundbar Review

Not many people love the idea of installing surround speakers all around their living room or studio. Its technical aspects can confuse you, and if you do it wrong, you could never get the effect that you desire.

Manufacturers came up with sound bars so that they could solve that problem. Sound bars are compact units that you place under your TV. They also have speakers, tweeters, and woofers. However, you may have to purchase a subwoofer for the additional boom.

If you are searching for the sound bars in the market, here is one that you could try, the Pyle Bluetooth Speaker: PSBV210 3D Wireless Wi-Fi Soundbar. We are going to review the speaker system and find out why it is a perfect selection for anyone.

Design of Pyle Bluetooth Speaker: PSBV210 3D Wireless Wi-Fi Surround Sound Speaker System

Pyle Bluetooth SpeakerIf you have been in the audio market for long enough, people will mistake the soundbar with an old VCR especially because of its looks.

The appearance of the entire unit is simple but world class. It comes with two surround speakers at the front, two one-inch tweeters still at the front, and a 25-inch mid-woofer with its grille standing at the top of the unit.

You will find the port for the woofer at the back and five input and output channels. The control panel sits at the front of the sound bar.

Sound Aspects of Pyle Bluetooth Speaker Surround Sound System

The only challenge with any soundbar is the manufacturers usually confiscate everything within that small space.

While it is the same case with this unit, most users say that the speakers provide a full audio range. Though the surround audio comes from one point of the room, it is still able to provide the kind of oomph you desire from any system.

Additionally, the back-facing port ensures that it eliminates all the noise that comes from the mid-woofer.

By the way, if you are into more bass, be sure to buy an extra subwoofer. Both of them will provide the right sound output.


Pyle Bluetooth Speaker Surround Sound SystemIt is compatible with most home theatres. You could connect the system through the RCA input channels located at the back.

For more streaming options, the soundbar allows you to stream audio through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is an addition that most soundbars lack.

The soundbar connects to both Mac and PCs with ease. You could also stream FM/AM, play MP3 files through USB and memory cards. You will need both slots at the front of the sound bar.


Though most soundbars lack a remote control, this one beats them all. Since it is independent, you can change settings while you are 16 feet away from the home theatre.

You could place the unit next to your television. However, note that you will require a platform to set it since it is not mountable.

  • Features all speakers for a full audio range
  • Wireless streaming through Bluetooth and WI-FI
  • Compatible with most home theatres
  • Does not consume much space
  • Not mountable
  • Mid-woofer may not provide a subwoofer kind of bass


Instead of bothering yourself buying multiple speakers, which you also have to find the appropriate space to fit them, you could settle for this soundbar.

The Pyle Bluetooth Speaker: PSBV210 allows upgradability. It will be easy to connect to any home theatre and does not require a lot of set up processes.

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