Roland F-140R-CB Digital Piano: Compact 88-Key Review

Music is all about creativity. It also depends on your exposure to the industry. On the other hand, one significant factor that provokes creativity is the instrument you are using.

Professional pianists do not just go for any digital keyboard because they know how much of an impact the instrument has during a performance, rehearsal or lesson.

You have to ensure that even if you are not buying a high-end piano, you have an excellent one such as the Roland F-140R-CB Compact 88-Key Digital Piano.

In its efforts of maintaining originality, Roland came up with a compact device that proves to be a game changer. Here is a descriptive review of this best digital piano.

Appearance of Roland F-140R-CB Digital Piano

Roland F-140R-CB Digital PianoBefore we can talk about its design, it is proper to note Roland, the company that built it, is a competitive brand that has been there for years.

For musicians that want a compact unit with all the instruments featured in one device, then this is the instrument to buy. The Roland features a thin and attractive design resembling the traditional style piano. An individual with a small space in his or her apartment could use one of these.

The wooden finish is high quality, and the keys appear to have ebony and ivory feel on them. Any player will stick on the instruments for a long time with that kind of finish.

Other observable qualities include:

  • Features a unique folding lid
  • Music rest
  • User control is easy to use
  • Furniture style stand with the three-pedal system

Sound quality and effects of Roland F-140R-CB Digital Piano

Regardless of its realistic appearance to the acoustic piano, the Roland F-140R-CB Compact 88-key Digital Piano comes with fantastic sound qualities that resemble a real keyboard.

The supernatural piano sound is exceptional. No one can differentiate when you are playing this instrument and the acoustic. Besides the leading voice, it comes with inbuilt voices for a variety of alterations when playing various genres.

It also has inbuilt speakers and two headphone outputs. Once you connect the headphones, the onboard speakers will go silent. The piano has an active 3D effect that you get once you connect your headphones.

Sound qualities include:

  • Volume control button
  • A recording functionality in MIDI file
  • Dual and split functions
  • 128 max polyphony
  • 11 grand piano notes
  • Transpose key
  • Inbuilt instruments
  • Up to ten ambiance effects
  • Metronome
  • 72 types of rhythms

Connectivity of Roland F-140R-CB Digital Piano

Pianists would love to use computer software to enhance performance. Therefore, to connect your IOS device, you can use the USB function or the Bluetooth technology if you prefer the wireless functionality.

Behind the keyboard, you will find:

  • USB ports for a memory device and another for the laptop
  • Two ¼-inch headphone ports
  • Input and output jacks
  • Power output
  • Stylish design to that of the acoustic piano
  • Perfect for two simultaneous players
  • Graded hammer action keys
  • Does not consume much space
  • Cannot connect to an Android device

Here is a detailed visual review of the Roland F-140R-CB Compact 88-key Digital Piano.


With the qualities presented above, the pianist is confident that they will use the Roland F-140R-CB Compact 88-key Digital Piano even when they advance to higher levels of music.

Additionally, because of the high-quality sound that it features, you can use it for home practice, gig, or any other place. You can use the inbuilt speakers as local monitors when performing in a massive concert hall.

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