Samsung SWA-W700 Subwoofer Review

Cables are a distraction. It can be difficult, sometimes, to control those cables. Think about the effect that it can have on your interior decoration, which is one of the reasons people find it challenging to have so many wires running up and down a room.

Thanks to technology, we now have wireless devices. Such a device can come with a heightened price, but the benefits are more than one.

For the case of subwoofers, you can go for either a wired one or a wireless type, depending on your preference. However, the wireless kind would be the best option if space were a problem for you.

If you are looking for such a subwoofer, here is a review of the Samsung SWA-W700 Subwoofer.

Design of The Samsung SWA-W700 Subwoofer

Samsung SWA-W700 SubwooferSamsung, as a brand, has a knack for coming up with great electronics. From appliances, to sound systems, we can always commend for the impeccable work they do in bringing beauty and excellence to the world.

With the Samsung SWA-W700 Subwoofer, you will have a compact unit in your home. People can confuse it to a box on first sight. The enclosure box features a tightly sealed unit, which means that it does not have any port.

At the front, you find the front firing cone with a protective grille. Note that you can choose to remove the grille. Nevertheless, I believe the grille adds some mystery to your unit.

Sound Aspects of The Samsung SWA-W700 Subwoofer

Without being bias, I can conclude that the Samsung SWA-W700 is a great subwoofer that offers tremendous and realistic bass sounds.

It comes with an enclosed box. Nonetheless, the subwoofer still provides no distortion. The profound bass effects are so real and can transmit the best frequencies regardless of the position you keep it. Note that it operates at a frequency range of 27 to 120Hz.

Additionally, the drive size is 10 inches.

Connectivity and Usability

Samsung SWA-W700Most Samsung devices connect with other related units without any struggle. Do not expect to struggle with this unit right here.

The Samsung SWA-W700 Subwoofer connects to all Samsung speakers automatically. You no longer need cables to connect the speakers or sound bar. Since the subwoofer connects to the sound system wirelessly, you are also sure that it will blend with the volume and the frequency range of the other units.

The wireless factor also ensures that you can place the unit anywhere in your room. You will not experience any dropouts even if there are obstacles.

  • Black sleek finish
  • Blends with speaker types especially Samsung models
  • No distortion whatsoever
  • Wireless connection is appropriate for small spaces
  • Feet allows you to place the subwoofer anywhere in your room
  • A few channels at the back

If you want to hear more about the Samsung SWA-W700 Subwoofer, watch the following video.


What I admire about the Samsung SWA-W700 subwoofer is that it connects to any sound bar and blends with it automatically without the need for a cabled connection(Click HERE to see more). Despite the lack of a port, it still deals with all forms of vibrations and distortions; hence, a clean bass sound for any small or mid-sized room.

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