Singtrix SGTXPB1 Review

There are many types of karaoke machines available for purchase with a large variety in terms of accessories and methods to play your music.

These can range anywhere from your classic CD+G systems which come equipped with their own monitors to see your lyrics, to more modern, compact systems which hook up to your smartphone or tablet so you can have more affordable and easily accessible karaoke experience.

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System - #SGTX1
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  • Only karaoke system endorsed by celebrities & featured on hit shows: SharkTank, Ellen, The View, Today Show
  • Greatest innovation to the singing experience since karaoke was invented. Only patented plug & play karaoke machine powered by live vocal effects technology once only available to the pros.
  • Helps make bad singers sound good, good singers sound amazing! Designed to feel like a concert performance & sound like a recording studio.
  • Over 300 effects. Covers every genre and generation of music. Offers 3 levels of enhancement from beginner to pro.
  • Includes natural pitch-correction, HardTune (similar to Auto-Tune), 4-part harmonies and choir effects, fun voice-morphing, gender-bending and more..Can be Combined with 2nd Speaker System
  • Custom Microphone with built-In "HIT" control activates harmonies and other effects at the touch of a button. Designed to make a chorus or bridge sound "larger-than-life".
  • Works with the thousands of FREE YouTube karaoke & lyric videos, mp3 music, and apps from your smart phone, tablet or computer.  Use an instrument in place of karaoke tracks. Sing in tune to chords played on a guitar or keyboard.


Portability is a large factor to consider when you are buying your karaoke machine. Would you prefer a stationary machine with built-in speakers and a large number of extra features or would you prefer a small and portable karaoke machine that is designed to work hand-in-hand with your electronics?

Portable models are convenient so you can bring your karaoke machine to your friend’s house or maybe a family outing and have fun singing along together.

The downside to these models is that they are usually reliant on a smart device and an internet connection or simply saved karaoke videos as portable karaoke machines often lack a large enough display screen to show your lyrics.

This relatively minor drawback is made up for by the ease with which you can use your karaoke machine in many unconventional situations in which it would normally be impossible to bring along your full-sized machine.

Connectivity & Other Aspects

Another aspect that you want to keep your eyes open for is Bluetooth connectivity. If your karaoke machine works over Bluetooth, it can more easily integrate with your smart devices because you will not need a wire running from one to the other, causing unnecessary clutter.

Many karaoke machines also feature two microphone inputs so that you can perform duets. While this is not a wholly essential feature, more and more karaoke machines are starting to be built with two microphone jacks, so it is slowly becoming the standard in the industry. Duets are always a great way to warm up if you’re feeling rusty because you have the support of your friend while singing.

Some karaoke machines come equipped with voice modulators and other effects which can be used to alter the sound of your voice. These features are usually a novelty, and while they will keep children occupied and amused, most older karaoke players can go without them.

Note, however that these are not the same systems that harmonize the pitch of your voice and improve other vocal patterns, they simply add silly or sinister sound effects to your voice.

Many karaoke machines also feature connectivity with musical instruments such as guitars or keyboards, which are excellent inclusions as you can play along with the song while singing, or you can have a friend do so. While these are not necessary, they are often an interesting way to add to the karaoke experience.

Singtrix SGTXPB1 Reviews

Product Specifications

  • With “studio” voice morphing technology
  • Comes standard with over 300 sound effects
  • 2 microphone jacks and 2 headphone jacks
  • Compatible with smart devices

Product Overview

The Singtrix karaoke machine is a portable offering from manufacturer Singtrix, the creators of the original Guitar Hero video game. They have now brought their musical expertise into the karaoke industry and introduced one of the more viable portable karaoke machines that we have encountered in a while.

It features many voice tuning variables that adjust your voice and make it sound better on the fly so you can more easily hit those tougher notes and just round out your singing overall. This product is recommended to be used with a smart device such as a phone or tablet.

Test Results

This device is rugged and compact, and features quite a few voice altering features. Chiefly advertised among them is the “studio” voice modulation which actively rounds out the pitch and timbre of your voice, easing out any imperfections and making the final sound come out a little bit smoother.

In reality, this system does not work quite as effectively as advertised, but it does have a noticeable difference in below-average singers, slightly improving the vocal quality, just don’t expect it to turn an off-key verse into Celine Dion quality, as that would be asking a little too much.

An upside to this karaoke machine being mainly used with smart devices is that you can easily play most karaoke versions of popular songs off of online music streaming services, so you needn’t worry about having to purchase and maintain a collection of CDs, CD+Gs or DVDs.

While the screen does not display lyrics, the heavily suggested usage of a smart device clears that issue right up. The portability is the strongest point of this device as its small size allows it to be used on the go.

What Others Say

After scouring customer testimonials and reviews, it seems the most common complaints are about the voice modulation and the sound effects. Many customers expected the voice alteration to be better and improve the quality of below-average singers a little more than it does in reality, but this is not a large enough complaint to warrant the dismissal of this device.

Customers also praised the device’s durability, which is a crucial aspect in such a portable device, as you never know what kind of misfortune may befall your karaoke machine when you bring it out of the house.

Buying Advice

This product retails on Amazon for just under $200, which may seem pricey at first, but once you account for the device’s features and build quality, it becomes more evident why it is a worthwhile purchase. Shipping weight is 3 lbs.

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System - #SGTX1
Price: --
(As of: 2019/07/16 3:01 am - Details
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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To conclude, this device is a perfect option for those who want a reliable and portable karaoke machine which is also compatible with their smart devices for seamless viewing and playing of karaoke videos that can be found online or in your device’s storage.

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